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Letters to the Editor Archives June - 2008

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Late fees
by ming ge
Dear Editor: I read a newspaper article a few months ago discussing about the practice that some credit card com ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1182)    Comment
User Fees for Utica Property Owners
by peter cerminaro
Dear Editor: I am very displeased with the proposal of a user fee for property owners in Utica for snow plowing and ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1483)    Comment
Daniel Morgan
by Edward J Biagini
Dear Editor: I am writing in regards to the article about the Washingtonville High School Graduation. For there ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1323)    Comment
Obama wrong stand on gas
by Albert Maslar
Dear Editor: Senator Obama is staunchly against drilling for oil practically anywhere in the USA, Offshore, and Al ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1353)    Comment
Patriotism, what does it mean?
by Sophia Augusta
Dear Editor:"Only a virtuous people are cable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more ne ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(938)    Comment
by Sophia Augusta
Dear Editor:Another shocking cause for alarm and concern regarding Senator Obamas attitude! But should this attitud ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1042)    Comment
Senator Obama
by Sophia Augusta
Dear Editor:As I sit here and listen to Senator Barak Obama, I see and understand his charismatic approach to winni ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1065)    Comment
AFMC-Dawn Of theDusk
by Dr Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: 'AFMC-Dawn Of the Dusk' is recently released fiction novel, published and available for sale at http: ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1689)    Comment
reservation in higher education
by Srikant Panda
Dear Editor:this is with reference to the news "HRD minister has injected aids into IIT,s".I want to inform those w ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1133)    Comment
Rising physical barrel
by Garima Sharma
Dear Editor: Physical barrel has touched an alarming $140 per barrel. More than demand-supply funda, I think its mo ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1111)    Comment
Kamikaze approach
by Garima Sharma
Dear Editor: It is indeed surprising that PM Manmohan Singh has to think at all about signing the nuclear deal, whi ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1256)    Comment
funeral politics
by kpbisoi
Dear Editor: End of Lion's Era and the funeral politics The lion is no more. Fate has defeated the real Hero of ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1320)    Comment
Social Issues
by Pallavi Garg
Dear Editor:issue of homosexuals and transgenders is one social problem on which the society is sitting tight mouth ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(4058)    Comment
jet 2 .com
by james p mckenna
Dear Editor: I am absolutely disgusted with Jet 2 policy toward customers and your readers should know about it. ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1088)    Comment
Reservation at IIT for Professors
by Dhananjay A. Sant
Dear Editor: I feel that was the last thing any government could have done implementing Reservation at IIT at Pr ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1276)    Comment
It's time for change
by Bahram
Dear Editor: Since the announcement of Mr. Bruno's retirement from NYS Senate as Majority Leader, we have witnes ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1071)    Comment
by M.Rama Rao
Dear Editor: Karnataka Govt.had amended the RTI Rules by adding Rule 14 restricting the applicants to seek informa ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
Cable Television
by Tom McConnell
Dear Editor: To all cable television suppliers. Why can't you do all of your customers a favor and regulate the ... .....more
JUN-30-2008  Viewd(1217)    Comment
life does not end at 80
by audrey richardson
Dear Editor: At 80 years old I've survived most of the things life can throw at you. Lead an active and interestin ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(943)    Comment
Request for email ID
by shantanu Ahemed
Dear Editor: I WOULD LIKE TO WRITE IN YOUR PAPER'S LETTER PART. In this regard, I am in need of the selected em ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1233)    Comment
Sentinel format
by Edgar B. Wycoff
Dear Editor: What I love about the Wall Street Journal is their front page thumbnails of the daily news. Amid al ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1871)    Comment
Charter Oak High School
by Kathleen Duffy Hill
Dear Editor: CLASS OF 1982 DISAGREES I heard in the news that a schools yearbook came out and some of the stude ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1595)    Comment
NHAI-Nagpur-Hydrabad Road
by Aniket Varade
Dear Editor: It seems that the NHAI has taken it granted that it's job is over after completion of the Nagpur Butib ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1369)    Comment
Nucler deal with US
by PG Ranganathan
Dear Editor: You have utilized much of your prerogatives to stall Communist Parties responsible for non-inking o ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1128)    Comment
by Donald Maguire
Dear Editor: Concerning recent gun news and court decisions. Guns kill people the same as spoons and forks make peo ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1018)    Comment
An SOS - Admissions in FYJC
by Raj
Dear Editor: SOS - Admissions in FYJC : Biased and incorrect approach of State Govt. I have gone thru your ar ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1280)    Comment
Shortage- officers in INDIAN ARMY
by major R S Shekhawat
Dear Editor: Short fall of young officers in ARMY in its Fighting Arm-INFANTRY can be fulfilled by existing,Traine ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1456)    Comment
Caution for Natural Calamity
by Dhananjay A. Sant
Dear Editor Prediction of Stocks, Monsoon and Elections in 2008 is a challenge! The stocks grew high initially and ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1138)    Comment
Oil Prices Don't Cause Inflation
by Donald L. Conover
Dear Editor: High Oil Prices Do Not Cause Inflation! I am amazed at how many times I read in the Indian press t ... .....more
JUN-29-2008  Viewd(1031)    Comment
The G-Dub?
by Jay Atkinson
Dear Editor: Your article about the George Washington Parkway left me scratching my head. I've lived along the ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1072)    Comment
Losing A Fortune
by Reade A. Hamilton
Dear Editor: Why is it that when Mike Tyson blew $300,000,000.00 he was labeled a "dumb jackass" who didn't know an ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1210)    Comment
Price of oil
by Bob Jones
Dear Editor: The article in the June 28 paper about Gary Cooper's license plate shows that he, like most other A ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1053)    Comment
DC v. Handguns
by David Mugan
Dear Editor: Having read Mr. Scalia's opinion the outcome is noteworthy and minimally correct, an improvement. ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1286)    Comment
human Embryonic Stem Cells
by Peter Falanga
Dear Editor: I'll make this brief. Geron corporation has submitted to the FDA 21,000 pages of why they should be a ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1155)    Comment
judge says Chretien did not know
by M. Bomberg
Dear Editor: Recent Globe and Mail caption: 'Chretien is not wrong' So he must be right Here is the news for th ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1054)    Comment
Patronage of religious trusts
by Hilalahmed
Dear Editor: Barkha Dutt's article on current Kashmir situation is an exemplary thought that is worth practicable. ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1025)    Comment
Dear Editor: its true that conduct of mega event would be good for the city but taking into account that india i ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1075)    Comment
Clashes in Kashmir.
by Rajesh
Dear Editor:Referring to clashes in kashmir, it is shameful for Inda & Indians. Most of Kasmiri Muslim do not want ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1112)    Comment
by Boris
Dear Editor: Please would you get across to our ex countrymen that we are not a Holiday Home, since we have emigra ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1032)    Comment
Au Revoir Sam Bahadur
by Sundari Giri
Dear Editor: Rahul Bedi's 'A Field Marshall and a Gentleman' was a well-written tribute to a soldier par excelle ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1136)    Comment
road rage
by Ayushi Khanna
Dear Editor:now a days there are so many cases regarding road rage. every day two or three cases are there to read ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(18016)    Comment
RELIANCE 'reliability'
by Natarajan
Dear Editor:I paid Rs 500 and got RELIANCE broadband & telephone on 23 May. On 20 June the telephone line was abrup ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1057)    Comment
by Arul
Dear Editor: This might sound silly, but I want get it to your notice there are people watching, nation watching ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1419)    Comment
how to approach as a new novelist
by pankaj mukherjee
Dear Editor: sir, i m an upcoming novelist from a remote place in northeast and i m not finding any contemporary w ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1038)    Comment
Mandela's 90th
by André Kruger
Dear Editor: The elderly statesman turns 90, even after an encounter with Prostate cancer while spending more th ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1035)    Comment
Dear Editor: With reference to the report "Separate at birth" (June 27),the Editor-in- chief,IBN Network Mr.Raj ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1149)    Comment
One true religion
by Barbara Jools
Dear Editor:It seems that Muslims long to see Australia as a Muslim country. They believe that Islam is the 'one tr ... .....more
JUN-28-2008  Viewd(1258)    Comment
Abnormal fee hike by Pune Univer
by rajdhar_697630@yahoo.co.in
Dear Editor: Pune university has hiked the fees for students of other states by doubling it to the fees paid by st ... .....more
JUN-27-2008  Viewd(1047)    Comment
Bill C-51 Canada's Police State
by Joe Poohachoff
Dear Editor: Please Google "Bill C-51" and have someone do a report on what this bill will mean to us health m ... .....more
JUN-27-2008  Viewd(1180)    Comment
Not Dumb Hillbillies
by Patsy Ownby
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter because I am a registered voter in Tennessee. I suppose because we are in ... .....more
JUN-27-2008  Viewd(1019)    Comment
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