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My Chennai, My Right
by Uma
Dear Editor: The Editor's note on The Hindu - front page today is most heartening. YES to all the salient point ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(529)    Comment
Dear Editor: Issues and reactions are the part of human, but when the issues grow and break into sharp conflicts ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(596)    Comment
I lead India campaign
by Vivechana Gole
Dear Editor: I want to share my Views about the Times of India campaign I Lead India.The Campaign started by You i ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(513)    Comment
The Sunday Times
by Dr OttoMeth-Cohn
Dear Editor: We subscribe to the Times and Sunday Times, having during my working life only taken the Sunday Times ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(619)    Comment
population in city schools
by Pankaj jain
Dear Editor: in today edition of Bangalore news paper, i had read about kids running to class rooms for seats, its ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(541)    Comment
by Guru Raj C
Dear Editor: Respected Sir, I have two issues to bring to your notice about our newspaper which i read everyd ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(514)    Comment
जेएनयु कुलपति के पत्र [संख्या
by Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar
जेएनयु कुलपति के प ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(567)    Comment
Dear Editor: Uttrakhand has gone through the most horrible/terrible time, since 16 June, when heavy rains and c ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(624)    Comment
iForex Advertisements -Timesofindia
by Habeebur Rahman
Dear Editor: This is to bring your notice that we are daily visiting timesofindia.com for getting updated news and ... .....more
JUN-30-2013  Viewd(622)    Comment
by Peter van den Bosch
Dear Editor: OK, so I've discovered that I can read Doonesbury on-line, and in colour no less, but what gives wi ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(940)    Comment
3rd Degree on the David Bain case.
by I C Ordish
Dear Editor: In relation to The 3rd Degree program on David Bain I make these observations. 1. Ca ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(447)    Comment
Illegal Immigrants
by Richard L Largen
Dear Editor: Sixty year ago I graduated from HTHS. We had a Country then. We did out best to obey the laws of ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(769)    Comment
Prices in general
by Timothy Hopewell
Dear Editor: I recently went to renew my license plate sticker and found out it went up in price again. And in ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(515)    Comment
Hero in Gay Rights Campaign
by Hank Hanau
Dear Editor: I'm surprised to not hear much more of Harvey Milk's part in the evolution. Milk served almost 11 mon ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(538)    Comment
Uncleanliness in our locality
by Dimple Garg
Sir, Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of Municipal Committee (Pal ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(1766)    Comment
Global Warming
by Stephen Melinger
Dear Editor: If there is a severe change in the world climate people will not be able to adapt. It is necessary t ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(1099)    Comment
Carbon tax
by Larry Powell
Dear Editor: Premier Selinger and Finance Minister Struthers had a golden opportunity to tackle this province's ... .....more
JUN-29-2013  Viewd(620)    Comment
uttarakhund tragedy
by Maj Gen S Sunder, AVSM (Retd)
Dear Editor: The disaster that has struck Uttarakhand is no doubt a tragedy of mammoth proportions and the next ste ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(615)    Comment
Ill Advised Coercion
by Dr. M.G.Deo
Dear Editor: Government?s decision to make one year additional rural posting a must for MBBS doctors to pursue p ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(568)    Comment
Casual Trading in Cashel?
by Ruth A.Barry
Dear Editor: Street trading in Cashel is a thing of the past bar a few out of towners who have diligently served ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(505)    Comment
Admitting Match Fixing -Salman Butt
by Mohammad Ashraf, Winnipeg Canada
Dear Editor: What a shame and disgrace to see Salman Butt publicly admitting his guilt for match fixing after r ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(606)    Comment
Prop 8
by Chuck donaghho
Dear Editor: Well, I guess congratulations are in order for my gay brothers and sisters. I know the struggle has ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(544)    Comment
Foo Truck Wednesday at the Market
by Donald S. Tirabasi
Dear Editor: I attended the "Food Truck Concert" last Wednesday. I hate going to festivals and outdoor events i ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(604)    Comment
Our Real Problem
by Donald W. McDowell
Dear Editor: I constantly hear on the television and radio about how our country is losing our identity. I hear ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(508)    Comment
Imported Dish Washing Machine
by T S Subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: I have just come to understand from various friends that all the imported brands like Bosch,Siemens,I ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(426)    Comment
June 28th featured letter
by Lynn Thoma Roche
Dear Editor: What a wonderful testimony that in our busy day-to-day existence in Edmonton we still managed to imp ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(506)    Comment
Dear Editor: Sir, Your correspondent Charles M. Wrigley "Adlestrop Revisited" (Letters 24 June) suggests ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(570)    Comment
by M Sworn
Dear Editor: Your articles regarding the immediate requirement to drill shale gas avoid any mention of the expensi ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(480)    Comment
Nizampet road flooded with sewerage
by Ratna Gopal
Dear Editor: The Nizampet road is flooded with sewerage water to a depth of ONE feet since TEN days. It is hor ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(553)    Comment
Rampant Incidents of Robbery
by N Chidambaram
Dear Editor: My name is Chidambaram and I am a resident of Inderpuri. On this Tuesday June 25, 2013 at aroun ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(3987)    Comment
Too publish our Press Release
by Rohit Manglik
Respected Editor, Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper 'The Times of India', we at Caree ... .....more
JUN-28-2013  Viewd(597)    Comment
Dearth of Doctors - Why?
by Garvit Chhabra
Dear Editor: It's been high time now to bring up the topic. People keep questioning as to why there is a dearth ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(440)    Comment
Wendy Davis´ remarkable feat
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Istanbul may have had the standing man protest, but clearly, Senator Wendy Davis' courageous eight ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(887)    Comment
Yellow fever vaccination Scam
by Anu Oommen
Dear Editor: My name is Anu Oommen residing in Mumbai. Recently I relocated in Africa for which it was mandatory ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(811)    Comment
Use the army but don´t Use & Throw
by Col Alok Asthana ( retd )
Dear Editor: Now that the IAF and Indian army have almost completed the stupendous task of rescue in Uttarakhand, ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(439)    Comment
prepaid taxi
Dear Editor: Government should implement prepaid taxi or auto system in all bus/rail/air terminals. Such system ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(476)    Comment
´´Increase Education Rate´´
by Changezi Sandhu
Dear Editor: ''Increase Education Rate'' It is the time of higher education. That was an old period when weapons ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(484)    Comment
No Human Rights in Hospital
by James Frank.
Dear Editor: Do the public realize that they have little rights when they go to Hospital, less than prisoners, a ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(580)    Comment
Metro water contamination
by D. Ravichandran
Dear Editor: We at lloyds road gopalaram(junction of conronsmith road and gopalapuram) are suffering for the pas ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(476)    Comment
Dance Program Coverage
by Lakshaya Gandhi
Dear Editor: We have a dance group and we are organizing a dance program on 6th July, 2013 with over 60 dancers t ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(478)    Comment
Connecting Malwani, Malad (W)
by V. Singh
Dear Editor, In a city like Mumbai where we have scarcity of space/land why are we not able to utilise whatever l ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(893)    Comment
REF: front page article 27th June
by Ponduri Tilak
Sir, In 1947, Winston Churchill leader of Britain?s conservative opposition on the eve of Indian independence, t ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(434)    Comment
Honouring Of our defence personnel
by G.Krishnamurthy
Dear Editor: honour the Defence forces that have been doing a wonderful job at Uttarakhand. I want to see to that ... .....more
JUN-27-2013  Viewd(501)    Comment
Voting Rights Act & Paula Deen
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: There is irony in John Roberts' citing of "racial progress in America," and that "our country has c ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(563)    Comment
Edward Snowden on the Run!
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Currently Edward Snowden is reported by the Russian government to be in the transit area at the Mos ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(552)    Comment
New Republican Super PAC
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Sunshine Week Editor: The Wikipedia definition of a super PAC is ?In the United States, a Political Action ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(1373)    Comment
uttrakhand tragedy
by sangita gupta
Dear Editor: i was stuck in Badrinath for seven days and it was appalling to see the total administration failure. ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(978)    Comment
Illegal construction on road
by J M Ahmed Sirajuddin
Dear Editor: We from Jamalia Nagar, Perambur, had informed the Zonal Officer Zone 6 about illegal construction on r ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(738)    Comment
Dear Editor: Stern action provided by head of state is an indication that Warren and Degodia clans in Mandera and ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(460)    Comment
Hell Broke Loose On Nizampet Road
by Ratna Gopal
Dear Editor: The Nizampet road is flooded with sewerage water to a depth of ONE feet since TEN days. It is horri ... .....more
JUN-26-2013  Viewd(512)    Comment
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