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Three Murdered Jewish Teens
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: It truly breaks my heart that the three kidnapped Jewish teens were found dead today, Buried under ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(436)    Comment
The VA
by John Esposito
Dear Editor: Can you direct this to the correct recipient " In the midst of a rash of bad press concerning the ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(403)    Comment
The Pentagon report on young adults
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: The Pentagon report states that the pool of young people for military service is declining. I would ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(380)    Comment
BET, Give African Talent Airtime
by Mukurima, Muriuki
Dear Editor: BET is all about celebrating achievements, in the entertainment industry, by black people. With thi ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(446)    Comment
A Caliphate Declared in Middle East
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: The State of Islam has been declared by ISIS or ISIL. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS. I ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(420)    Comment
A Win For Religious Rights
by David Taylor
Dear Editor: I applaud the SCOTUS for ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby. It is time for the Government to step bac ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(325)    Comment
No More Corporal Punishment
by Charles KIng
Dear Editor: Mr. James McNutty is pushing for no more Corporal Punishment ! He alludes it to "correctional impriso ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(355)    Comment
target practice
by susan paradiso
Dear Editor: the only message i get from the obscene p r actice of shooting copies of the ACA is that if you do ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(357)    Comment
Scottish Question
by Fredric Gale
Dear Editor: sir, I very much hope that Mr. Michael Gove has not conflated the words 'principle' and 'principal'. ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(366)    Comment
Not following DM order
by Shakshi Tripathi
Dear Editor: With due respect i want to state that according to DM's recent order all school in rajajipuram ar ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(432)    Comment
Water Problem
Dear Editor: This is with reference to the scarcity of water due to global warming and on the other hand the wat ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(1336)    Comment
food bureaucracy
by Judith Cordery
Dear Editor: I have literally just gone to my local Coop on the Earlham Road, Norwich and picked up a mango mark ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(476)    Comment
BBMP and BWSSB Carelesss Apathy
by Prasanna Kumar
Dear Editor: We are facing real bad crisis since the past few days. Silt is flowing through the Drainage Chambe ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(555)    Comment
Nuclear disarmament
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: The upcoming G20 meeting ought to seriously tackle nuclear disarmament.Living with nuclear weapons an ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(340)    Comment
by Sanjay Mahadeo Gadkari
Dear Editor: SUBSTITUE LEVY FOR LOCAL BODY TAX The Constitution of India under Article 243Q provides there shal ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(611)    Comment
Naidu?s Faulty Strategy
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Chandrababu Naidu?s Faulty Strategic Prescriptions Andhra ... .....more
JUN-30-2014  Viewd(570)    Comment
Camden School children protest
by Richard R. LaMarra
Dear Editor:There were pictures in the news showing Camden school age children holding placards reading we support ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(681)    Comment
Communist Van Jones Keynote Speaker
by Lucy Overstreet
Dear Editor: Communist Van Jones and former Green Czar of Obama's White House was the keynote speaker at the L ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(422)    Comment
Diet article
by John M. Raht
Dear Editor: Congratulations on your excellent diet article. It's worth noting that for the last 50 years the res ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(479)    Comment
Income Inequality, War and the 4th
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIREWORKS TO PONDER THIS FOURTH OF JULY A certain slice of our populatio ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(412)    Comment
The Dark Side of Activism
Dear Editor: We all talk about how transparent the world has become , revelations of spying by the secret services ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(415)    Comment
Pew Poll
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: A recent Pew Research poll found only 40% of liberals felt proud to be Americans and this is no surpr ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(344)    Comment
Building collapses
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: The two appalling building collapses in India,could have been partially due to the new moon,as the g ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(357)    Comment
by MIke HIllman
Dear Editor: It is time to revise our constitution. The document and its amendments have served us well but it ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(419)    Comment
Humanity and Muslim Mulanas.
by Zuber Ahmed Khan
Dear Editor: Please publish my article in your esteemed paper. In continuation of my article Muslims & In ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(747)    Comment
Silicon Valley Demographics
by Jim Shaffer
Dear Editor: You used the news hole to editorialize three times that Silicon Valley's demographics ought to repres ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(331)    Comment
Indian Borders (J&K)
by Thyagaraj
Dear Editor: I am Indian Citizen from Bangalore. Today I want to seriously take this issue of international bord ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(378)    Comment
The Word Been
by Richard Grove
Dear Editor: I have never written to the Times before, but am totally exasperated by the replacement of the wor ... .....more
JUN-29-2014  Viewd(315)    Comment
Dr Harshawardhan´s comments on sex
by chandra shekhar iyer
Dear Editor: The comments by Dr Harshawardhan on sex education in schools is blown out of proportion and it is sad ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(361)    Comment
The wrong policy for Europe
by John Benson
Dear Editor: Dear Sir Saturdays Times front page headline should make for alarming reading as the current gov ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(436)    Comment
Cynthia Heimel
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We've all heard the phrase "think before you act". well, sometimes you can express y ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(371)    Comment
wimbledon tennis
by Diana Broun
Dear Editor: As a lifelong tennis addict, I too have had to watch it, either with the mute button because of over ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(359)    Comment
Historical Perspective
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: Merely to put things in a historical perspective, the conservatives in Germany in the business commun ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(351)    Comment
4th of July Celebration
by Reed Markham
Dear Editor: Parades, fireworks, patriotic music, and family gatherings mark the annual holiday celebrating the ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(481)    Comment
Modi backtracking on AntiCorruption
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Is Modi backtracking on Anti Corruption Campaign? During the p ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(822)    Comment
Doctors secret cuts
by G.R.Kantharaj PhD (ISc, Rtd Prof, Bangalore University
Dear Editor: It is well known that doctors in private or govt. hospitals and private practitioners send their pati ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(389)    Comment
by Mike Moyle
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to advise motorists of the potential risks from potholes whilst using the ro ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(391)    Comment
When will they ever learn?
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: A popular line from a 60?s song was ?When will they ever learn?? The answer unfortunately in the M ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(424)    Comment
tatkal return journey under 5day
Dear Editor: I wish to convey a suggesion through your worthy channel for Hon'ble Rail Minister to incorporate ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(415)    Comment
Beheading for honor
by Mohammad Ashraf
Dear Editor: Another act of heinous crime. Another incident of double honor killing in Sialkot, based on trib ... .....more
JUN-28-2014  Viewd(351)    Comment
Disclosure & Barring
by Dawn Naylor
Dear Editor: I have reached the end of the line with the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). I have been waitin ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(434)    Comment
David Cameron
by Hugh Roberts
Dear Editor: Given David Cameron's latest abject failure in Europe is it not time that possession of a degree in ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(337)    Comment
Michael Weller
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Michael Weller, playwright shows how friends don't have to agree and still care for ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(373)    Comment
Fears over Junckers´ Drinking
by David Hay
Dear Editor: As my brother pointed out on reading today's headline in the Daily Telegraph, Churchill was allege ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(353)    Comment
City cleanliness - Dumping of Debri
by Surath Mukherjee
Dear Editor: I would like your paper to look into the problem of building material debris that is being illegal ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(804)    Comment
Savile and Suarez
by Hon. Sir Harry Ognall
Dear Editor: When Luis Suarez bit his fellow professional Ivanovic during a game last year (for which he received ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(526)    Comment
Australian Parliament
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Parliament reminds of that old favourite THAT's ENTERTAINMENT; the show must go on, Anything you ca ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(576)    Comment
expensive cars horrible service
Dear Editor: I had purchased a BMW mini cooper for over 30 lac rupees last year something i always dreamt of . It ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(370)    Comment
East west metro-change of route
by pradyot Kumar Chatterjee
Dear Editor: The east west metro of kolkata is bogged down in change of route issue. Through your paper I suggest ... .....more
JUN-27-2014  Viewd(526)    Comment
Sports Page
by Loka
Dear Editor: Why don't you provide the FIFA results clearly? The sports page is full of gimmicks and has a non- ... .....more
JUN-26-2014  Viewd(423)    Comment
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