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Supreme Court
by Arthur E Jackson, Jr
Dear Editor: What Just Happened? Did the Supreme Court of these United States just give equal rights to a beh ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(424)    Comment
Homosexual marriage
by Tom Kennedy
Dear Editor: Dear Editors, Homosexuality is a sin against God! Those who practice sin will not go to heaven unless ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(1550)    Comment
Greek Crisis
by Philip Rowe
Dear Editor: We are often reminded that democracy is a Greek word. So too are Chaos, drama, hysteria agony and cr ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(454)    Comment
history pt2
by ray mayfield
Dear Editor: As follow up to yesterday's letter, the actions of the so called love community are just ONE MORE EX ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(337)    Comment
by ray mayfield
Dear Editor: In regards to this right to marry ruling and the confederate flag ban, I find it interesting that t ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(355)    Comment
LGBT rights: distant dream in india
Dear Editor: Yesterday while sipping tea with my copy of The Times of India, I came across the article, ?Plaint ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(377)    Comment
a thank you letter
by Elizabeta
Dear Editor: I have a old lady who is my dear friend. She asked me to write this letter to you. As the Queen re ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(342)    Comment
One Hundred and Three Years Old
by Angela Gibbs
Dear Editor: My Father Harry Loveday (Old Uppinghamian and ex Argentine Railways) will be 103 on July 2nd. He wi ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(275)    Comment
economy subscription plan in hapur
by manmeet agarwal
Dear Editor: I am reader of your daily newspaper stay at hapur. here no of others students preparing for competi ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(336)    Comment
Greek and PortoRico defaults
by Andrew Carverhill
Dear Editor: I read that the U.S. Territory of Porto Rico is going to default. Will they be forced out of the D ... .....more
JUN-30-2015  Viewd(494)    Comment
the euro crisis
by w.s. parry
Dear Editor: The biggest supprise about the euro crisis is that it has taken so long to devellope. If as I suspe ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(441)    Comment
US history
by ray mayfield
Dear Editor: I am writing in regard to this confederate flag ban, it looks as if the progressive agenda has mor ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(375)    Comment
Name for ISIL
by michael carr
Dear Editor: Re A name for Isil May I suggest it be known as The Betrayers of Islam and be referred to as suc ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(307)    Comment
a fun goodbye
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: you have a conversation after a project is over, you have charming awkwardness and ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(249)    Comment
Defending the Indefensible
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Defending the Indefensible BJP spokespersons are merely ?Defending the Indefens ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(293)    Comment
What is it like being old?
by Nishant Singh
Dear Editorr: The world is a rough place.Many surrender to the roughness and those who survive all the hard hits o ... .....more
JUN-29-2015  Viewd(274)    Comment
Women´s World Cup
by Geoff Driscoll
Dear Editor: I am currently enjoying the Women's World Cup football enormously. However, in spite of the skill, ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(363)    Comment
by Nigel Brooke
Sir, A pre-20th century bookseller in New York, suspecting his assistant of dishonesty, left out a silver dolla ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(430)    Comment
Rsponse to George Will´s Op-Ed
by Kyle Amundson
Dear Editor: I am writing in response to George Will?s nationally published op-ed, ?The damaging doctrine of Joh ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(668)    Comment
The Helmet
Dear Editor: The order by the court on helmet mandatory is welcomed by all sects of two wheeler riders. It would b ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(290)    Comment
by Upasana Arora
Dear Editor: A famous saying goes ?A single Act of Kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots sp ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(277)    Comment
Dual degree.
by Sandeep
Dear Editor:Dear Sir, UGC had issued guidelines on dual/integrated courses. Many universities are still offering t ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(334)    Comment
digital india week from 01 july 201
by devendra kumar goyal
Dear Editor: we should make all out efforts to make a great success to digital india programme covering cent perce ... .....more
JUN-28-2015  Viewd(716)    Comment
Air linereturn of rebooking charges
by Dr.Mohan Sundareson, M.D.
Dear Editor:Etihad airways charged us $1189.92 to change our travel dates from Jan.15th,2015 to Jan.3rd ,2015( the ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(349)    Comment
by David Rupel
Dear Editor: Justice Antonin Scalia expressed my sentiments exactly as to the imperial nature of SCOTUS back in ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(560)    Comment
Gun Culture in US
by Brij Goyal
Dear Editor:Gun Culture in US The easy permission by the authorities of United States Of America to enable e ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(411)    Comment
Dear Editor:TIMES of INDIA ,JUNE 27,2015,EDITORIAL-Drop The Aam,Focus on Kaam The writer is oblivious to the c ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(269)    Comment
by Vijay Tankha
Dear Editor: DRDO as your story today reported, has been struggling with various projects over the years, espec ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(310)    Comment
Political friendships of convenience
by Rabinder Sharma
Dear Editor: A true friendship is said to be selfless forever . But friendships between political leaders , ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(265)    Comment
Tamil Nadu Traffic Police ingenuity
by SaravananR
Dear Editor: I was crossing the Chetpet signal juction from the North end, in my Tata Nano, during which time t ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(325)    Comment
India Post Recruitment
by Arciman Basu Mallick
Dear Editor: sir, I am provisionally selected in India Post as PA/SA. My written exam conducted on 25 May 14 and af ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(425)    Comment
Water Woes
by Altamish
Dear Editor: Six months back I had applied at malviya nagar water services pvt ltd for a water connection for my ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(289)    Comment
Ignored Odisha a part of India.
by Shrabani Acharya
Dear Editor: Odisha-My heroic state have produced many mighty warriors like Kharabela, Bajirout, Netaji Subhash Ch ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(334)    Comment
Hindu kids
by Saurabh Mangal.
Dear Editor: Subject: How can kids be Hindu? With reference to your today's (27th June '15) news article in T ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(373)    Comment
Save IIM autonomy
by Ar. Kapil Choudhary
Dear Editor: Change is the only unchanging phenomenon. But change should be a natural and a spontaneous process ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(353)    Comment
Learning from Charles Correa
by Ar. Kapil Choudhary
Dear Editor: The architecture fraternity today needs to learn incredibly valuable lessons from the great "intern ... .....more
JUN-27-2015  Viewd(272)    Comment
Obama´s Iran Nuke Deal
by Susan Arthur
Dear Editor: The Iran Nuclear deal that Obama is seeking to make with Iran will be a bad deal no matter which way ... .....more
JUN-26-2015  Viewd(357)    Comment
Children of the future
by Philippa Waterworth
Dear Editor: Twice in the last week I have read articles about the behavioural problems fa ... .....more
JUN-26-2015  Viewd(471)    Comment
Naarendra Modi - Agnipariksha
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Narendra Modi?s ? Agni Pariksha Narendra Modi is stranded at the crossroads un ... .....more
JUN-26-2015  Viewd(334)    Comment
device tax
by Robert Shwab
Dear Editor: There is no liberal group to lobby or protest on behalf of the medical devices that are not invente ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(437)    Comment
Increase in electricity charges
by K.K.Singh
Dear Editor: As you are aware that there will be 10% increase in electricity charges in UP from 1.7.15. this is ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(374)    Comment
Suicide of sugarcane farmers
by Upendra.k
Dear Editor: There are many agitation's going on the state government which has not yet cleared the arrears with t ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(311)    Comment
Call it like it is
by Nikki Friday
Dear Editor: Call it what it is. Society does not see a malicious, man eating tiger saunter across the road and ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(450)    Comment
Pfennig wise
by Michael Cole
Dear Editor: The suggestion that one and two penny coins should be withdrawn reminds me of my 18 year self in G ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(330)    Comment
MPs Subsidy Profligacy
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Subsidy Profligacy of Parliamentarians ? Highway Robbery Shameless Parliamentarians of India! I ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(533)    Comment
linking autism to C-section births
by Dr. Anil Shah
Dear Editor: TOI25/6/15 pg 2 The report linking autism to C-sect ... .....more
JUN-25-2015  Viewd(337)    Comment
Military Misogyny.
by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: It is with much regret that the Chief of the Defence Staff, Tom Lawson hasn't either resigned or be ... .....more
JUN-24-2015  Viewd(508)    Comment
Extraditing Lalit Modi
Dear Editor: Extraditing Lalit Modi from UK V. S. Mani ?Cases? against Mr. Lalit Modi The Indian media, ... .....more
JUN-24-2015  Viewd(349)    Comment
by udayabhaskar
Dear Editor: I have a Dish TV HD connection subscribed to HD premium pack with one Ala Carte since last 18 month ... .....more
JUN-24-2015  Viewd(303)    Comment
Church Killers for White House
by P O'Neill
Dear Editor: I stand with all decent people in sending my sympathy to those affected by the recent brutal church a ... .....more
JUN-24-2015  Viewd(393)    Comment
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