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Letters to the Editor Archives June - 2016

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Unemployment in Pakistan
by Marium Ghous
Dear Editor: The youth play an important role in every country?s success. Many youngsters of Pakistan are concerne ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(229)    Comment
by Ravier, Albert Henry
Dear Editor: I cannot understand why every body say brexit had 52%. It is a terrible mistake. Brexit had 38% only, ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(113)    Comment
Election Tory Leader.
by Dr Vinod Kumar Saksena
Dear Editor: It indeed is a pity that Mr Gove does not realise that he is being taken for a ride by Cameron & Co. ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(140)    Comment
Karachi relapsing into chaos
by Paras Ghumro
Dear Editor:Ranger's operation in Karachi was proceeding successfully in keeping the city restful but the people wh ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(156)    Comment
Free markets versus free movement
by Gordon Holdaway
Dear Editor: The Referendum was fought on three main issues ? Economic benefits of the EU ? Immigration prob ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(156)    Comment
Political parties
by Sezar9
Dear Editor:I am shocked at the selfish and nasty attitude of two main political parties. The country is in limbo a ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(90)    Comment
Increasing street crimes
by Sana sanaullah
Dear Editor I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards a very serious issue. The law and ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(123)    Comment
Freud on Fashion
by Quinton Jefferson
Dear Editor: Fashion has always fascinated me. One of my earliest memories is gazing at the Kiss Unmasked album cov ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(254)    Comment
David Camerons resignation
by Phillip Price
Dear Editor: My wife and I have been watching the moving ceremony on TV commemerating those who were present at th ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(103)    Comment
The God of Israel or the world?
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: This morning a a Palestinian terrorist broke into the home of a 13 year old Jewish girl and stabbed ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(240)    Comment
Conservative leadership
by David Beavan
Dear Editor: Sir, It has got to be TM for PM. BJ for the Brexit negotiations. Both will have my total support ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(90)    Comment
Boris Johnson
by Dr Neville Staunton
Dear Editor: Sir, I was devastated to learn the Mr Johnson will no be standing as a candidate to be leader of th ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(120)    Comment
Post referendum
by Jean Taylor
Dear Editor: The referendum has left Parliament in damaging disarray when the result means that important decision ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(153)    Comment
pleasure and pain
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Basic human behavior: we elevate towards pleasure and avoid the idea of pain. Sometimes w ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(187)    Comment
by Michael Parry
Dear Editor: As a believer in our remaining in the EU which party should I now support? The main parties have b ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(237)    Comment
by Ronald T.G Platt
Dear Editor: Your correspondent is wrong. Halifax?s suggestion that he might negotiate with Hitler was made whi ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(240)    Comment
by Alistair Sinclair (Dr.)
Dear Editor: The EU referendum result was not decisive as almost half (48%) of the electorate disagree with Brexit ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(194)    Comment
by David Haynes
Dear Editor: I am totally at a loss as to how we got into our present Brexit situation. Referenda should surely be ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(190)    Comment
7th pay commission
by kalashree srinivasaiah
Dear Editor:Respected Sir/Madam I warmly welcome the hike in central government pay. With increased salary there ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(221)    Comment
You Are Not My Daddy
Dear Editor: Free Speech AKA cornerstone of democracy. For those (In / Out / Bregretting / Confused) who ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(150)    Comment
Scarcity of Water
by Sana sanaullah
Dear EditorSCARCITY OF WATER Water is the essential element of the earth and everyone on the earth is dependent o ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(1043)    Comment
Graeme Moore yesterday 29th June
by Venetia Ross Skinner
Dear Editor: I agree with Graeme May, Boris should be made to stand up and defend his position which has led to ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(168)    Comment
Revision of Bank staff pension
by S.Narasimhan
Dear Editor: While revision of pay for Central Government staff and pensioners is welcome, the revision of pension ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(225)    Comment
by Caroline Adelmann
Dear Editor: I have read a lot letters endorsing Brexit. Attached is a letter I have written as a supporter of in ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(173)    Comment
by Roger Gates
Dear Editor: I think there is a nice analogy between Brexit and the England soccer team. Both con supporters that ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(199)    Comment
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor To all those who support same sex marriage, and you can also share the responsibility when suicide rat ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(363)    Comment
Appointment of coach for national c
by Ashish Shukla
Dear Editor, This has reference to non appointment of Mr Ravi Shastri as coach of Indian cricket team and his subs ... .....more
JUN-30-2016  Viewd(291)    Comment
freedom to choose thier own career
by nadeem
Dear Editor: Its a common practice in India that parents decide their child's career. Right from their birth , Par ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(280)    Comment
Unemployment in Pakistan
by Marium Ghous
Dear Editor: The youth play an important role in every country?s success. Many youngsters of Pakistan are concerne ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(168)    Comment
Leaving the European Union
by Edward Vickerman
Sir, The constitution of this country, unwritten though it is, requires that laws are enacted by the sovereign i ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(179)    Comment
by Lesley Anne Eccleston
Dear Editor: I am English. I have eight grandchildren. Eight of them are English. Five of them are Scottish. T ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(471)    Comment
by FM Tomlinson
Dear Editor: Do not Messrs Bush and Blair realise they got rid of two monsters but in their wake created another hu ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(150)    Comment
4th of July: At Time to Reflect
by Reed Markham
Dear Editor: Florida families and friends will be gathered together to celebrate the birth of our country. In a ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(214)    Comment
by John Chalmers
Dear Editor: Have you seen the latest poll. 99% of respondents with good teeth voted to stay. Unfortunately they o ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(120)    Comment
Election Reforms
by Navneet Gupta
Election Reforms Recently Prime Minister has suggested that elections to the national and state legislatures, ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(131)    Comment
by Camilla Dennis
Dear Editor: Perhaps the Europeans are witholding their weather.? Who can blame them? I certainly don't! ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(120)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Silence can cause so much damage. In our busy lives we don't take the time to see that peo ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(195)    Comment
Do votes count ?
by Christopher Mulholland
Dear Editor: Last year the Conservatives received 11 million votes and they formed a Government. Labour received 9 ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(87)    Comment
by robert b mcnamara
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, why after having a referendom does the PM resign. He is our PM surely he should have accepte ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(93)    Comment
Brexit and its consequences
Sir, I am writing to you both bewildered and appalled by what is happening. Bewildered because the future of the ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(195)    Comment
The future for Britain
by David Baty
Dear Editor: The salubrious result of the Referendum has provided hope that, as Mr Coughlin asserted, we may event ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(78)    Comment
by Anonymous civil servant
Dear Editor: The ?sovereignty? argument is a complete shambles. The people of Europe are actually better represen ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(88)    Comment
Migrant Attacks
by Alan Harniess
Dear Editor: During the recent TV debates leading up to the EU referendum politicians of all parties were willing ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(432)    Comment
by Stephen Richard Brown
Dear Editor: The approbation heaped upon the older demographic of willfully or cavalierly depriving the yo ... .....more
JUN-29-2016  Viewd(127)    Comment
Muslims love/hate relation with UK
by John "Jack" Woodall
Dear Editor: The media are full of interviews with Muslims complaining about being the targets of hate and discrim ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(215)    Comment
by John Hodge
Dear Editor: I must be missing something. Why ever does the UK need to agree a trade agreement with the EU? We expo ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(124)    Comment
Bitter truth about chicken
by Basma suleman
Dear Editor: Sir. I am here to tell you about chicken feed which is unhygienic because the stuff using to grow in ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(357)    Comment
Interesting Times
by Giles Gibbons
Dear Editor: We live in interesting times. There's an enormous amount we still don't know about how the fallout ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(219)    Comment
Chennai rains and Roads
Dear Editor: We live in Ramapuram Road( also called Valluvar salai) under Valasaravakkam postal code. During 20 ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(263)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: People find so many ways to fight boredom. Some are creative ways and others are more harmf ... .....more
JUN-28-2016  Viewd(228)    Comment
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