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Letters to the Editor Archives July - 2009

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Airlines Request to Govt of India
by V.K. Raman, Retd S&P GM, Indian Airlines
Dear sir, I wish to share my anguish over the stepmotherly treatment given to the aviation industry since its in ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(947)    Comment
ETS - too complex
by Alan B. Goulding
Dear Editor: You always reach a point where complexity becomes fraud. The highly complex ETS is indeed a very com ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(975)    Comment
Canadian Seal Hunt
by David Short
Dear Editor: It is rather ironic that member states in the EU have voted to ban Canadian seal products. During th ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(830)    Comment
The Gates Crowley incident
by Robert Kauffman
Dear Editor: Referring to the article written by co authors Fausset and Huffstutter regarding the confrontation be ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(896)    Comment
Religion & national interests
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor:Can we use Religion for national interests? National issues can be a friendly neighbourhood which is ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(1051)    Comment
letter regarding B.Com
by Arun Bsht
Dear Editor: this to inform you sir that i am a student of XII std in Notre Dame School. I would like to tell you ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(940)    Comment
Politicians are CreditCrack Pushers
by Steve Gillespie
Dear Editor: Like a Crack Addict our economy has developed a self-destructive demand for Credit. Forty years ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(909)    Comment
Why Ontario is a have not Province
by Steve Bennett
Dear Editor:P Hi Steph Murphy I grew up in Ontario but have been away for 40 years. I recently went for a visit ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(932)    Comment
False Parking Tickets
by Hal Christiansen
Dear Editor: I write this knowing that it's a wholly uninteresting subject, but one that frustrates me completel ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(1107)    Comment
Repression in Iran
by Kashi N Pandit
Dear Editor: Taking Iranian history and civilization into account, her Islamic revolution of 1979 was an aberratio ... .....more
JUL-31-2009  Viewd(2587)    Comment
Health Care- My message to Congress
by Terry Frady
Dear Editor: My message to Congress: Keep your hands off my health care! ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(913)    Comment
by Daniel Remy
Dear Editor: Page 425 of the proposed healthcare reform bill puts seniors at risk by creating control over e ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(919)    Comment
Health Dept. Does it Again
by Pearl Munak
Dear Editor: This year the Santa Barbara County Health Dept. is requiring all us farmers at the farmers marke ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(1277)    Comment
President Obama and Israel
by Leonard
Dear Editor: Why are you letting Pres. Obama push around Israel like he does. Stand up and be counted. Until th ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(830)    Comment
You have lost another subscription.
by Bill Klatil
Dear Editor: I have been a subscriber on and off for 15 years. Your constant left leaning views have finally push ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(1001)    Comment
Health Care Bill
by Fredrick von Coelln
Dear Editor: As a senior citizen and taxpayer, I would like a summary of the proposed Health Care Bill to better u ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(877)    Comment
Health Care Program - same for all?
by Thomas Davis
Dear Editor: I would like to know if all Government employees, including elected officials, will be required to ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(936)    Comment
Footpath Encroachment for 10 years!
by Philips
Dear Editor: I am a resident of Mumbai, doing small food business having a shop near Sidhivinayak Temple, dadar. L ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(1156)    Comment
Professor Gates - manufactured fuss
by James Antonio
Dear Editor: If professor Gates had any class and presence of mind he should have thanked the police officers fo ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(1273)    Comment
Operation Chaos revisited by Republicans?
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor:During the last Nat'l election season a certain Ultra Neo-Conservative far Right Wing Famous radio talk ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(946)    Comment
Democrats are......DUUUMB!!
by Louis Derosa
Dear Editor: You have to hand it to the republicans. They are doing something extraordinary in the playing field o ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(879)    Comment
True Indian entrepreneurial skills
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: One of the Real Life Leadership situations which I encountered was the case of Ramesh Sojitra who as ... .....more
JUL-30-2009  Viewd(1032)    Comment
Baseball Commentators
by Ms. Del Lancaster
Dear Editor: While watching the Yankee vs. Tampa Bay baseball game to-night on ESPN, the sports commentators dis ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(914)    Comment
Health Care Reform- Real Life Story
by Karen Weber
Dear Editor: With the debate that is going on about health care reform, I want to share a real life story of the c ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(905)    Comment
Sugar, Corn Syrup & Health Care Debate
by Michael Haworth
Dear Editor: With the revelation that 10% of all health care costs are directly related to obesity, or some $225 b ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(1009)    Comment
Might is Right
by J. Patel
Dear Editor, It is shocking to find that the law and order situation in our country has totally broken down. Mig ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(884)    Comment
Malnutrition in India
by Veena
Dear Editor: It is shameful and sinful for the National newspapers not to run a series of articles on the front pa ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(1119)    Comment
by Willis Blackwell
Dear Editor: Hillary, CINCPAC, and the U. S. 4 star in S. Korea should devise a plan to respond to the forthcomi ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(936)    Comment
by Willis Blackwell
Dear Editor: Everybody missed a golden opportunity to teach Americans and show support for police. Police go in ... .....more
JUL-29-2009  Viewd(1266)    Comment
National Night Out Aug. 4th 6 pm
by Sonny
Dear Editor: Katelyn Payne - Moultrie's Down Town Idol Winner, Christian Recording Artist and Lead singer in th ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(1249)    Comment
Foreign oil dependency
by Roger D. Foulks
Dear Editor: It is high time that the United States makes a decision to get off of foreign oil dependency. We hav ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(1025)    Comment
Health Care Reform
by Norm Blanco
Dear Editor: According to The World Health Organization the U.S.A. ranks 37th in providing health care, 24th in l ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(1066)    Comment
Indiana´s Forgotten Warriors
by George A. Ellwood
Dear Editor: There is a group of forgotten warriors called the WWII Merchant Marine. Their service is overlooked a ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(1391)    Comment
Rain causing havoc in Delhi
by Satish Chander Bhrara
Dear Editor: The first heavy showers in the capital have thrown the whole city into endless ordeal for all type ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(978)    Comment
A Short Poem on Recent Incidents
by Jyothsna Sravanthi
Dear Editor: I wrote a short poem on the recent incidents of people throwing shoes and microphones. Earlier ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(959)    Comment
Role of Indian Television Industry
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: The Indian Television Industry has been in existence since last 4 decades and have grown leaps and bo ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(961)    Comment
India sitting on Time Bomb
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: The world has a population of 6 billion. As of March 2001, the total population of India was a little ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(926)    Comment
Continental Airline´s Apology to Kalam
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor:Continental Airlines Inc. Wednesday apologized to India's former president, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, for fri ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(937)    Comment
Obama puts off the racial flare ups
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: Obama has invited Massachusetts cop Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard don Prof. Henry Louis Gates, w ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(1328)    Comment
Income of working NZ people
by Brian. Derbyshire.
Dear Editor: Thank you Sue Bradford for if nothing else - consistency. Here are two beneficiaries whinging about ... .....more
JUL-28-2009  Viewd(907)    Comment
Obama´s comment/Cambridge police
by Michele Bradley
Dear Editor: After the Press Conference last week and Obama's comment regarding the "Stupidity of the Cambridge ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(1006)    Comment
by Connie Gist
Dear Editor; I thought that the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) was not going to happen and that taxpayers would no ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(999)    Comment
Private Social Security
by Ian Stafford
Dear Editor: The letter from James Ray on Monday July 27, 2009 "Where are those who wanted to privatize Social Sec ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(885)    Comment
The Wounded Need a Sense of Humor
by John R. Carson
Dear Editor: Thanks to Christian Davenport of the Washington Post for a moving story about how our severely woun ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(901)    Comment
Henry Louis Gates and racism
by Rolf McEwen
Dear Editor: Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates accused a group of Cambridge police officers of racial profiling ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(1340)    Comment
War on Terror
by Kashi N Pandit
War in Waziristan Dear Editor: This refers to Pakistani Pledge to Rout etc. . July 27. Pakistan's argument ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(2130)    Comment
configuring social transfers
by dr. anshu
Dear Editor: In the first lap of 21st century, we faced with an economic crises and other challenges, threatening ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(885)    Comment
by Ankit kumar.
Dear Editor: The launching of India's first indigenous built nuclear powered submarine is a pride for the nation, ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(891)    Comment
Affordable Houses
by K.R. Upadhyaya
Dear Editor: Sir, I have written a letter to the Editor, Times of India, New Delhi for publication in one of th ... .....more
JUL-27-2009  Viewd(937)    Comment
Free Leonard Peltier
by Jackie Thurman
Dear Editor: On July 28, 2009 Leonard Peltier will go before the parole board after spending 33 years in a federa ... .....more
JUL-26-2009  Viewd(1008)    Comment
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