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Most Ethical - Most Transparent
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: Remember Bill Clinton saying that his would be ?the most ethical Administration?? And Barack Obama ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(499)    Comment
Stolen Bikes at Main Public Library
by Renate Whitlock
Dear Editor: I am a Middle Aged Mother who is very upset about Bikes being Stolen at the Vigo County Public Librar ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(656)    Comment
A tribute to Ustad Mehdi Hasan
by Vijay Pargaonkar
Dear Editor: A tribute to Ustad Mehdi Hasan ?Dono jahan teri mohobbat me haar ke; wo ja raha hai koi shab-e- gha ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(1128)    Comment
by Joe Prussing
Dear Editor: WHEN MYTH BECOMES FACT? ?Crito, we ought to offer a cock to Asclepius. See to it, and don't forg ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(628)    Comment
Power Concerns in Greater Noida
by Rajiv S
Dear Editor: I have been a resident of Greater Noida for the past 10 years and have started to feel being cheate ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(1328)    Comment
Is it a porn site?
by Pradeep
Dear Editor: I found links like 1. Poonam flaunts cleavage 2. Child directs sex scene 3. Desi hotties flaunt c ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(684)    Comment
United India Ins Cancels Mediclaim
by Shantanu Saha
Dear Editor: My sister was a kidney patient on dialysis since 2008 Nov. She had a Mediclaim policy from United ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(682)    Comment
HSBC scandal.
by Paul Hughes
Dear Editor: The employment of Michael Geoghegan by NAMA and David Hodgkinson, by Allied Irish Bank is nothing les ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(559)    Comment
by Earl Cameron
Dear Editor: Watching the Olympic Games this week, particularly the swimming, I can?t help wondering if our Olym ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(903)    Comment
For Indian women in America, a sea
by S.Chandrasekar
Dear Editor: When a bride-to-be selects a bridegroom employed in U.S, she carefully analyses all pros and cons b ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(580)    Comment
Dear Editor: The big question this time is arising is that for how long is the government going to ignore the f ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(733)    Comment
by colonel nirmal mahajan
Dear Editor: Love them, adore them!!!!! (Colonel Nirmal Mahajan, EME,) Thanks to my domestic help Mithun ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(600)    Comment
Colorado shooting
by Bruce Kenyon
Dear Editor: The event that transpired this last week in Colorado is a real tragedy. The suspected gunman in the ... .....more
JUL-31-2012  Viewd(1090)    Comment
Why I Voted Against the TSPLOST
by Samuel C. Beamer
Dear Editor: The current Georgia Government - starting with the Governor, who campaigned against raising any tax ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(589)    Comment
America, your crime has come
by Ron Charach MD psychiatrist
Dear editor: In 2003 I wrote for a medical literary journal an essay called "Kids, Guns and Plagiarism" (available ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(540)    Comment
by J.Fancis Bernard
Dear Editor: ANOTHER ?FINAL SOLUTION?? They say you can?t know where you?re going, unless you first know where ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(712)    Comment
Tamil Nadu Express
by S R Venkatesan
Dear Editor: Tamil Nadu Express fire accident This ghastly accident is a gory scene leaving the kith and kin ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(865)    Comment
by David McAulay
Dear Editor: With the fast sport of table tennis going on in the Olympics,with matches not lasting longer than a ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(614)    Comment
Attacks on girls in Mangalore
by Sheetal
Dear Editor: As a student from Mangalore, it pains me to see young women get abused and beaten up thoroughly in f ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(536)    Comment
humanities mentors
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: If you you take an individual child and teach that child about the arts that child will ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(766)    Comment
Best wishes for Team India at olymp
by Apeksha Verma
Dear Editor: Through your prestigious newspaper, I would like to wish Team India at Olympics all the very best w ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(749)    Comment
compulsory dog licencing
by Gail Woolfenden
Dear Editor, I write at a time when our government is considering repealing the law which protects stray and unw ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(637)    Comment
by John Walker, Esq.
Dear Editor: Perhaps your readers would appreciate a view from an educated American professional to the appearan ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(795)    Comment
Dangerous Stereotyping of Religion
by Gagan Preet Singh
Dear Editor: The Ajay Devgun starrer movie- son of sardar seems to be showing the Sikh religion in extremely unp ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(592)    Comment
Secularism in India
by Rajesh Chandra, Kolkata
Dear Editor: Hi; Sir, I am amazed to understand the meaning of secularism among the political classes in our cou ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(646)    Comment
president visit
by Hanny Lentsch
Dear Editor: Last Tuesday July 24th the people of Seattle encountered another form of why the federal meant and th ... .....more
JUL-30-2012  Viewd(509)    Comment
Ryan C. Crocker retiring
by Leonard Rodgers
Dear Editor: In Alissa J. Rubin's article about Ryan C. Crocker she mentions the slaughter in Lebanon in 1982 of ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(701)    Comment
Gun control over the internet
by Daniel Allison
Dear Editor: There is a scheme to bury an anti-gun amendment in the so-called ?Cybersecurity Act.? This amendmen ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(870)    Comment
No Offshore Drilling
by Lewis D. Williams, Jr.
Dear Editor: I strongly believe that the time for "gradually" phasing in wind and alternative energy projects ha ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(655)    Comment
ŽBeyond 7 billionŽ
by Jaidev P. Rao
Dear Editor L.A.Times: When the above 5 part article focused on India it did not mention India's achievements. ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(541)    Comment
Local NA Needs Place to Meet
by Kirk Carrow
Dear Editor: When I got clean in 2006, I did not know if I could change my life and stay clean. Narcotics Anonymou ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(831)    Comment
Geography - Israel in Europe?
by Stanley H. Hellman
Dear Editor: Since when is Israel in Europe? In the list of non-medal winning countries,, Israel is listed as bei ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(532)    Comment
Advise to the aged readers 80 -90 .
by Bob Alexander
Dear Editor: AS a member of the age group 80-90, I have rarely been able to find any reference to this group in ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(511)    Comment
Maintain K.R Puram Hanging Bridge
by Parthiban
Dear Editor: The K.R Puram bridge was build few years back. 1000 of vehicles using this bridge daily. This famous ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(530)    Comment
Khap Panchayat
by Harish K Monga
Dear Editor:Dear Editor, The article ?Simmering identity crisis at Khaps? by D.R.Choudhry (July 27, 2012) is ap ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(594)    Comment
Middlemen nuisance
by Ashfaque
Dear Editor: Middlemen (Brokers) intruding in-between the affairs of service seekers & service providers has rea ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(642)    Comment
Mr. N.D Tiwari?s right of privacy
by Om Prakash Vishnoi
Dear Editor: I write to congratulate you on a very apropos news item published on page number 8 of Times of india ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(599)    Comment
How Sad
by Richard T. Tracy Sr
Dear Editor: There never was a doubt how the Arizona Bar Association and Maricopa County Judges Ethics case agai ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(521)    Comment
Dear Editor: Now India has finally got and old but brand new president in Pranab Mukherjee.I always wonder why th ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(779)    Comment
NPR cards
by Mahesh Chandra
Dear Editor: Home ministry has started issuing NPR Cards to all the citizens.The purpose of issuing these cards is ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(554)    Comment
India discomfited for women
by Purnima
Dear Editor: The recent case of the Assam's girl exploit made me feel unnerved, that over these years the state ... .....more
JUL-29-2012  Viewd(615)    Comment
Just repeating not reporting
by Pat Messing
Dear Editor: I am very upset with all media in general. The ads run by the Romney campaign are seldom if ever crit ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(595)    Comment
Oil Prices
by Subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: I think Rs 100 per ltr is not far off. Now the question is why all these companies have huge budget ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(683)    Comment
I?m 72 Years Old and I?m Tired
by Bobby W. Miller
Dear Editor: I?m tired of listening to the British whine. So long as it was the British beating the unarmed citi ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(946)    Comment
Why Medical Costs Are So High
by Roger Grebel
Dear Editor: On Sunday 7/22/12 I order a prescription refill of a compound called ?Magic Mouthwash? from CVS pharma ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(649)    Comment
July 27, Bush and Aids
by Victor M. Corbett
Dear Editor: Bush's efforts in fighting aids may deserve some praise, but as exposed by Rolling Stone magazine ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(716)    Comment
Price Hike even in Damaged SItes
Dear Editor: Recently the Sporadic violence hits Kokrajhar in Assam. Due to the mutiny between the two ... .....more
JUL-28-2012  Viewd(878)    Comment
Nassau County Budget
by Gene Clark
Dear Editor: Truth be told, if Nassau County Republican Leader, Joe Mondello would stop granting costly p ... .....more
JUL-27-2012  Viewd(541)    Comment
Racism Quotations
by Derek McColl
Dear Editor: I have just received another email, much along the same lines as the supposed French Prime Ministers ... .....more
JUL-27-2012  Viewd(575)    Comment
Bad Ad
by Vijaya Koteeswaran
Dear Editor: I find the new ad by HeroMotoCorp for its scooter Maestro called a ?boy thing? in bad taste and degra ... .....more
JUL-27-2012  Viewd(1360)    Comment
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