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Letters to the Editor Archives July - 2016

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reeling under floods
Dear Editor: Recent floods in the metro cities are result of the unplanned concrete jungles at the cost of green ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(202)    Comment
An immodest proposal
by Walter Hartung
Dear Editor: I have an immodest proposal to make for the perfect dream ticket for the upcoming election: Trump-Hil ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(190)    Comment
Front cover page
by Derek Caron
Dear Editor: Regarding your August 1, 2016 issue cover page, I can not remember a photograph that depicts at a g ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(205)    Comment
EU Referendum
by Sqn Ldr Bill Kelly BSc CENG MIMech MAPM RAF (Rtd)
Dear Editor: I believe that the referendum vote to leave the European Union was a disastrous and unnecessary sor ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(197)    Comment
Severn Barrage
by Bill Clyne
Dear Editor: Britain?s energy future undoubtedly lies in a diversity of sources, but recent debate consistently om ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(223)    Comment
Stop Cow Vigilantism
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: My appeal to Hindutva fringe radicals is simple. Stop cow vigilantism or ?Gau Raksha?. I am bor ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(200)    Comment
by Aman Agarwal
Dear Editor: I Have written this poem and I would Be Glad if you take this poem through the column of your esteeme ... .....more
JUL-31-2016  Viewd(145)    Comment
isolated no more
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: You choose an area and you try your best and want to be excellent and you work and work a ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(183)    Comment
Shaby road work in Hyderabad
by Dileep P
Dear Editor: This it to bring a shaby fresh road construction work in Hyderabad. The road no 1, KPHB, Hydera ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(529)    Comment
Road construction
by Vijaykumar H K
Dear Editor: Why Roads can't be constructed utilizing industrial wastes along with Plastic waste? We know that ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(290)    Comment
Social Mobility
by Rachel Glenny
Dear Editor: If Theresa May wishes to have an impact on the life chances of under privileged children (Ryan S ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(589)    Comment
Karan Thapar Arrogance AFSPA Debate
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Karan Thapar?s debate over AFSFA and blatant vilification of armed forces over continuance of AFSPA ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(183)    Comment
Karnataka has become Kashmir!
by Sadhana Shivadasani
Dear Editor: There is an emergency situation in North Karnataka, as armed reserve police and state police are indu ... .....more
JUL-30-2016  Viewd(126)    Comment
anti-smoking and cancer awareness
by Nilakanta Siva
Dear Editor: I am absolutely sure that all my doctors and the entire cancer community will rejoice at our having ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(272)    Comment
Police assassinations
by William Coste
Dear Editor: We have become an apathetic nation. Our humanity has become measured and governed by our expect ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(301)    Comment
let it shine
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We don't know the impact we have until we have a response from other people. We can work ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(168)    Comment
Hillary is the Choice
by William R. (Bill) Conner
Dear Editor: Donald Trump's campaign utterances continuously reflect severe personality disorders and arrested p ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(194)    Comment
The Olympic Dress
by Georg Christensen
Dear Editor: Re Life, July 29: Excuse me, but what is that Russian flag doing on the T-shirts of the US olymp ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(201)    Comment
Amarchist Arvind Kejriwal
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Anarchist Arvind Kejriwal Ironic and unfortunate, people of Delhi opted for self sty ... .....more
JUL-29-2016  Viewd(135)    Comment
what you love
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: People will see something inspiring and there's a message that we need instant results or we w ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(192)    Comment
Trump a Danger
by Roger W. Eschliman
Dear Editor: Republicans have been playing a flimflam con game on the American people for years. All of that t ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(256)    Comment
I look to WSJ for all the news.
by Jay Sorensen
Dear Editor: As a business person, I was looking forward to an article on Bloomberg's speech at the DNC. I just ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(316)    Comment
Correct English
by Ginette Whitehead
Dear Editor: Please, please differentiate between floor and ground in your articles. Floor is within a building ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(197)    Comment
by David R.A.Pearce
Dear Editor: Sir, A distinction has to be made, and quickly, between ?good? Muslims and vile Muslims. The good ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(410)    Comment
by Nilakanta siva
Dear Editor: Our thanks to Vijay TV. Although we didn't get to the hot seat we still earned a slot at the end to ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(194)    Comment
Dear Editor:The Turkish Coup attempt is amazingly used by mainstream media to slander President Recep Tayyip Erdoga ... .....more
JUL-28-2016  Viewd(141)    Comment
by Marilyn Hershberger
Dear Editor: Colleen McCain Nelson and Janet Adams have succeeded in insulting all women voters by being surprised ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(259)    Comment
by Svetlana K. Rozovsky
Dear Editor: The Blessing of Being an American Citizen Most people take things for granted. This is human natur ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(249)    Comment
by Quinton Jefferson
Dear Editor: I?m a country boy at heart. A yokel really. Nothing pleases me more than seeing the progress in downto ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(193)    Comment
A comment on Jobs
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(260)    Comment
An Open Letter to the DNC
by Cheryl Lynn
Dear Editor: This letter is adressed to the DNC. When this election was still in it's infancy, I registered as ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(200)    Comment
Mayor DeBlasio
by Sylvia Egelberg
Dear Editor: I cannot understand why Mayor DeBlasio goes to the YMCA in Brooklyn with his entourage for protect ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(187)    Comment
by Philip Mercer
Dear Editor: With all the talk about Openreach I am amazed to find that the permanent repair to my business line i ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(150)    Comment
by Richard Matthews
Dear Editor: Dear Sir I have noticed people (e.g Stella Creasy MP) on TV asking 'what does Brexit mean?' and ge ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(230)    Comment
Gun laws
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Tight gun laws are desirable,but a Japanese man has managed to kill 19 people with a knife. ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(154)    Comment
Budge Budge Trunk Road
by Ravindran
Dear Editor: Could you please highlight the plight of people travelling through Budge Budge Trunk Road, Kolkata ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(144)    Comment
calling for help
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: It is said many times if you want to help yourself then help others... and that can be tr ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(185)    Comment
by Julian Stone
Dear Editor: By choosing a mainstream Republican as his running Donald Trump has provided voters with an easy way ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(182)    Comment
Poor Education System
by Sadaf Arshad
Dear Editor: I am on my summer vacation . One thing that has disturbed me greatly is the poor education system . W ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(590)    Comment
Official Land looters or Grabbers
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Land pooling is the latest phenomenon in the name of development ? special economic zones or indust ... .....more
JUL-27-2016  Viewd(157)    Comment
by Nilakanta siva
Dear Editor: It would be almost criminal on my part if I did not mention the Guest Relations team at the Vijay T ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(189)    Comment
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Boys are boys, girls are girls, men are men and women are women, male is male and female is fe ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(448)    Comment
Brexit and Juncker
by Virginia Webb
Dear Editor: In view of our country's referendum vote, is it not time that the Brexiteers acknowledge that their ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(245)    Comment
Amazon Drone Delivery
by Gilly Greaves
Dear Editor: Has the CAA and the government really thought about the future implications of fleets of drones deliv ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(335)    Comment
University not publishing results
by Madhav
Dear Editor: Andhra University, which is placed in the QS University BRICS ranking has failed to publish distance ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(167)    Comment
An Eerie Silence!
by Deedee Johnson
Dear Editor I do so love the song of the blackbird and the thrush, especially in the early morning and evening, b ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(282)    Comment
Brexit letters
by William Robinson
Dear Editor: I have read the "your letters page"since the result of the Brexit and the lead up to to the voting ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(190)    Comment
too easy to criticize
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Often we are taught to criticize others and often it is out of defense and sometimes it' ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(218)    Comment
Olympic protest
by Jonathan P Dale
Dear Editor: As many, I am appalled at the IOC decision to permit Russia to compete in Rio. As a student of the ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(169)    Comment
Modi ji Wake up - Lead from front
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Time is overdue for Modi to wake up; and lead from the front decisively. Otherwise, he too would go ... .....more
JUL-26-2016  Viewd(173)    Comment
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