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Letters to the Editor Archives August - 2010

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Terrorism & War
Full-Body Scanners in Airports
by Bradley Bourdon
Dear Editor: It?s time to face the fact that the terrorists are getting smarter. They have developed tactics and ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(1054)    Comment
Subsidy for the Senator Theatre
by Jeffrey Meyers
Dear Editor: I am at a total loss to understand why the City of Baltimore, the Baltimore Development Corporation an ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(919)    Comment
Postcard: Dry Tortugas
by Neil Gallagher
Dear Editor: What does the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise use for fuel? Most likely petroleum based diesel f ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(1037)    Comment
Obma the bore
by Rex Howard
Dear Editor: Obama is a bore. He can't even read the teleprompter with enthusiasm and his writers are worse tha ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(769)    Comment
Political signs = visual pollution
by Carl Whitley
Dear Editor: As in most locales, Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida localities remain peppered with political ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(946)    Comment
Support for the Global Fund
by Carol Reinhart, Nurse
Dear Editor: In a recent op-ed, Archbishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa) described the U.S. waning support for the ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(766)    Comment
Obamaīs Mortgage Reduction Plan
by CJ Griffin
Dear Editor: Just what kind of a bad joke is Obama dumping on the citizens of this country? His bail outs have ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(767)    Comment
by Joe Fleming
Dear Editor: While the President and members of our Government are trying to adopt 18 million illegal citizens th ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(883)    Comment
Praise for Hilltop Staff
by Ellie Minett
Dear Editor: On August 24th, I attended a wonderful fashion show sponsored by Christopher Banks Clothing store a ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(863)    Comment
Obamaīs Afghanistan Dilemma
by Nitish Chakravarty
Dear Editor: I view the sacking of Fazel Ahmed Faqiryar, Afghanistan's deputy attorney general, by President Ha ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(845)    Comment
Money - the liquid of commerce
by Greg MacDonald
Dear Editor:As a Submariner I was forced to be aware of the problem that fluids impose on ships. Nature wants not ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(810)    Comment
Anchor Babies
by Charles Walton
Dear Editor:To the Editors: Shame on you!. How many of the persons listed as ?Anchor Babies? ( p.52 of your Sep ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(969)    Comment
Pakistan Cricket Scandal
by S. Hassan
Dear Editor No doubt that this poor nation has to face another disaster in the form of the cricket scandal, but ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(1437)    Comment
Kennebunkport Historical Society
by Carl (Rip) Emerson, Jr.
Dear Editor: The Kennebunkport Historical Society has been a part of the Town since 1952 and has the best source ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(1064)    Comment
Securing India
by Latha Ravi Nair
Dear Editor: Apropos to your editorial(Aug 27) It is felt that a major stumbling block in effectively countering ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(693)    Comment
Judgement on accused
Dear Editor: After nearly 10 years the Supreme Court has at last confirmed the death sentence on three accused in ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(717)    Comment
To get rid of Terrorism in Karachi
by Afifa Ahmed
Dear Editor: I want to draw the kind attention of the respective authorities concerned through your newspaper. Ka ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(728)    Comment
Parking Signs in Hampton
by John Azar
Dear Editor: When did the selectmen of Hampton start worrying about who could read English and who can't. T ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(794)    Comment
Pathetic working methods of MTNL
Dear Editor:My name is Abhishek Krishna. I stay at Karol Bagh. I would like to draw your attention towards the path ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(945)    Comment
Drug Abuse in minors
by Krish Vasudevan
Dear Editor: The article on drug abuse by minors was quite shocking and eye opening .Most of the affluent parents ... .....more
AUG-31-2010  Viewd(2859)    Comment
Grim Natwick article
by Judy Ahrens-Sather
Dear Editor: My Mother's father was Grim Natwick's brother, which I guess makes me and my siblings his Great newphe ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(922)    Comment
Hispanic Heritage Month
by Alberto O. Cappas
Dear Editor: In preparation to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month during the month of September, I challenge Lati ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(827)    Comment
by Cmdr Rakesh Jaggi
Dear Editor: Apropos " 7 Pak Players accused of fixing" on 30 Aug 10. The story made aan interesting readi and, alt ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(876)    Comment
by Barbara J. Gibson-White, Wilmington
Dear Editor: I am always very sad when I read/hear of the continuance of racist. Racism & bigotry, for any reason, ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(990)    Comment
Race For Michigan Governor
by Mark Barringer
Dear Editor: Based on recent polls pertaining to the race for Michigan?s next governor, it is clear to me a larg ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(775)    Comment
Keswick Fair
by Pat Waugh
Dear Editor:I can't imagine who chose the front page of the paper for Monday. I'm sorry but a little boy(cute as it ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(1464)    Comment
Cricket - It is no longer about the sport
by Deepak Dewan
Dear Editor: The latest scandal involving the Pakistani Cricket team is just another pointer to how far removed ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(1008)    Comment
Condition of Buses between Mumbai Pune
by Arpit Agarwal
Dear Editor: This is to bring to your notice the poor condition of buses plying between Mumbai & pune. The priva ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(3317)    Comment
Indian Brides -the IEIC Syndrome
by vasudevan
Dear Editor: I am a thenkalai Iyengar from srirangam looking for a bride for my younger brother ,working in Abu ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(860)    Comment
Timing of alleged video?
by Imran Lakhani
Dear Editor: Whilst the allegation on our cricket team is in progress, I would like to draw your kind attention to ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(869)    Comment
Only one conviction for BLOGO?
by David Lagerstedt
Dear Editor: Congratulations to the BLOGO jury; after millions of your tax dollars spent by the Federal Goverment ... .....more
AUG-30-2010  Viewd(817)    Comment
Khan Academy in Fortune September 6
by Ajay Singh
Dear Editor: I greatly puzzled by your article on Khan Academy. Mr. Gates, who happily burns 850 M$s of his ow ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(1030)    Comment
To stop target killings in Karachi
Dear Editor: I shall be thankful if you very kindly publish this letter in the columns of your esteemed daily. It ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(2038)    Comment
What is happening to Canada?
by Lee
Dear Editor: I was born and raised here in Edmonton. I was recently laid off six months ago. I have yet to find a ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(763)    Comment
NYS Poor Legislators
by Robert & Margaret Youngmann
Dear Editor: Only working PART TIME!! Out of 240 days of this year, they were in session for 80. If we were to ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(754)    Comment
Mike Allen
by Jeanette Allen Krizak
Dear Editor: Thank you so much for the coverage of my beloved Uncle Mike (Allen) who left us too soon. He has alwa ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(792)    Comment
Thinking Outside the Library Box
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: I love the library. I actually live within walking distance of one. And now that vacation tim ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(823)    Comment
Cricket scam
by S.P.Nayak M.D.,FACS
Dear Editor: The Scotland Yard should have waited until Monday and let Pakistan team play without any duress. The ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(935)    Comment
The Ghost Writer Movie Review - 4/4
by Chris LeMaire (15)
Dear Editor: Anytime I hear the words "political thriller", I cringe. The thought of having to sit through two hou ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(824)    Comment
TheVancouver Canadians
by S. Regimbel
Dear Editor: Okay you disgruntled B.C. Lions fans, I have the perfect remedy for you. Boycott future Lions games ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(783)    Comment
Good Bye Old Friend
by Mark Stevens
Dear Editor: The Los Angeles Times has been in my California home since my family moved here some 52 years ago. I ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(793)    Comment
Mosque and Ground Zero
by Gord Adams
Dear Editor: Douglas Todd's article should be required reading for all Christians. The intolerance demonstrat ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(913)    Comment
Let freedom ring
by Marc Daniels, Chairman Weed-Out-Hate Initiative
Dear Editor: Forty seven years after Dr. Martin Luther King gave his speech to the nation, much of his vision, h ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(772)    Comment
PUZLN 1-9 (registered trademark)
by James W. Liber
Dear Editor: A new numbers puzzle has been created for the fan of SUDOKU, math puzzles, numbers puzzles and all ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(1174)    Comment
Contribute to the Pakistinis
Dear Editor: It is terribly shocking and pathetic to hear about the plight of millions of Pakistanis who have lost ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(809)    Comment
Rehabilitation Of Pakistan Flood Victims.
by Afifa Ahmed
Dear Editor: I,on behalf of citizens of Pakistan,beg to approach the concerned authorities for kindly rehabilitate ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(2746)    Comment
Don?t cheer the 2010 loot-fest
by Vineet Mathur
Dear Editor: I read with dismay, Chetan Bhagat?s article titled ?please don?t cheer the 2010 loot-fest? in TOI of ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(1033)    Comment
hike in mpīs salary
by bodhisattwa shendre
Dear Editor: Oh God MPs are poor! It is the perceptions of MPs of India. They have decided to take 300 percent h ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(820)    Comment
Is It Cricket?
by Colonel Nirmal Mahajan, EME, Veteran
Dear Editor: One got up in the morning on Sunday with breaking news that " seven top Pakistani cricket players, in ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(864)    Comment
Why do Indians still value Cricket?
by Amlandeep Bhattachayraa
Dear Editor: Sir, it is heartbreaking to see that even after spending millions of rupees the Indian cricketer's a ... .....more
AUG-29-2010  Viewd(743)    Comment
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