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Flash Mobs and Sharia
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: Prediction: There's going to be an increase in ?flash mobs? of blacks upset over cutbacks in entit ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(669)    Comment
Congressman Southerland of Florida
by Gilly, Nicole M.
Dear Editor: I have read the remarks Congressman Southerland made in Tallahassee about what a burden it is for him ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(1184)    Comment
American for America: Start Hiring
by Beatrice Almeida (a concerned senior citizen)B
Dear Editor: The United States has always been so quick to respond to any country in crisis. Well, the crisis is h ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(688)    Comment
Article by Errol Nazareth of Aug 31
by Mike Gaensslen
Dear Editor: Interesting reading and about the same I have feared for years. What about Canada? Aren't we in ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(622)    Comment
Luverne Health & Rehab Center
by Carol Jordan
Dear Editor: My husband, Foster Jordan, was diagnosed with Pick's dementia in 2005. I kept him at home and cared ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(693)    Comment
Letter to Rahul Gandhi
by Nitesh Jain
Dear Editor: Rahul Gandhi: "I feel ashamed to call myself an INDIAN after seeing what has happened here in UP". ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(887)    Comment
Debt & Tea Party
by Robert Smith
Dear Editor: Some have expressed the view that opposition to increasing the Federal debt is playing politics. The ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(699)    Comment
kaun banega karodpati
Dear Editor: India is a country obsessed with economic disparity. Poor are lured with many schemes - mostly gambli ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(834)    Comment
Hurricane Damage
by Danny Oliver
Dear Editor: I would like to know what to do when you exhaust all options that are before you. I know of an elder ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(653)    Comment
A Present for Independence
by Tyrone Corbin
Dear Editor:One wonders whether the recent cabinet reshuffle was done with the SOE in mind. Of greater interest how ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(957)    Comment
foriefn aid
by William Kimber
Dear Editor: Wake up Washington! Stop sending aid to Pakistan for a dam,that wont be helpful.Send that money to F ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(668)    Comment
corruption at defence
by KD Mrinal
Dear Editor: I am a regular reader of your news paper.Today Col. Patil wrote regarding the corruption in defence ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(798)    Comment
Dangerous pollution in food
by P..K.Garg
Dear Editor: I read an article in Dainik Jagran in Meerut section whereby after testing food samples taken from ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(648)    Comment
Rick Perry - the Marlboro Man
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: "Is Rick Perry to execute an innocent man" is one of top topics being read in some of the papers to ... .....more
AUG-31-2011  Viewd(738)    Comment
Waste Management in Chennai
by Ashok Joawn
Dear Editor NEEL METAL FANALCA who are responsible for solid waste management in the ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(2866)    Comment
searching for HYvonneeart Recipient
by Yvonne
Dear Editor: in Search of |Heart Recipient On Jan. 5/6 of this year, my 19-year old son was accidentally hit by ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(555)    Comment
Thrown out in the Storm(Allegation)
by jackie s. holland
Dear Editor: I am a former member of the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office (retired) and with over 30 years of law en ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(622)    Comment
PM Harper & Make Work Projects
by Jim Suderman
Dear Editor: It seems that PM Harper is a Keynesian economist after all. At least I know of no other way to e ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(619)    Comment
Ruining Tailgating
by Carol Gioia
Dear Editor: Tailgating at Candlestick is ruined by Jim Mercurio, VP Stadium Ops. His failure to provide adequat ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(764)    Comment
Mortgage Fraud
by Andrew Lehr
Dear Editor: Gov. Tom Corbett?s hand-picked successor as Attorney General appears to be doing nothing to stop j ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(651)    Comment
Is the Law just and equal for all?
by Vinod Tirthani
Dear Editor: Cicero said long ago, " The rigor of the law is the height of oppression." Is Law applied justly an ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(572)    Comment
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: THE POINT TO LOOKOUT For a day or two, the nation's eyes were t ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(666)    Comment
Re: Beijing´s Nightmare City
by Shahid Mahdi
Dear Editor: Weiwei's idiosyncratic (and somewhat iconoclastic) depiction of his dystopian capital doesn't come ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(723)    Comment
Changes to the NHS.
by Edward Davies
Dear Editor: Independent lawyers acting on behalf of the pressure group 38 degrees have identified major problems ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(809)    Comment
10th Mountain Division
by Gregor F. Gregorich
Dear Editor: Your facts are wrong in the article on the 10th Mountain Division Hut system (Sunday, August 21, Tra ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(690)    Comment
Treasure Islands.
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: It has the universal application independent of the types of religion one preach , may/ may not prac ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(586)    Comment
Food Security Bill
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: I am of the view what ever may be the shortcomings at this stage let the food security bill be passed ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(622)    Comment
Sports Bill
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: Sports Ministry is right on track. Yes such bill is called for to reign in non-sports persons capture ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(563)    Comment
BC/OBC merger
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: If a few lacs at Ramlila in support of Anna Hazare can bring UPA II govt to its knees what will happe ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(626)    Comment
What´s bothering BJP?
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: It seems Congress has finally checkmated BJP on the Gujarat Lokayukt appointment. Till now BJP was sh ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(555)    Comment
In Search of a True Friend
by Vishwani khanna
Dear Editor: The good news for Facebookers is that they are now not limited to only 5000 ?friends?, they can hav ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(749)    Comment
Vadodara streets.. now full of cows
by Partha Dey
Dear Editor: Why entire Vadodara city streets are full of cows these days? Hundreds of cows are there on busy ma ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(635)    Comment
Shawn Glen
by Charlene Anderson
Dear Editor: The reason most people do not care for Shawn Glen, is that she does the job she was elected to d ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(793)    Comment
are politicians theives?
by vinod shetty b
Dear Editor: Now a days people not believing politics.Because politicians' group forgot that they are servant of ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(628)    Comment
curropt auto drivers
by Nupur Bhade
Dear Editor: The auto drivers in Bangalore are very corrupt. They take Rs20 since Rs17 is an odd number and say t ... .....more
AUG-30-2011  Viewd(729)    Comment
Republicans Against Science
by Jack Wagner
Dear Editor: There are those who believe that a man can transmute a wafer into the flesh of the "Son of Go ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(712)    Comment
the Anti corruption movement
by Ashok Joawn
Dear Editor: We have at last come to the end of a peoples struggle against corruption and the successful coercio ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(742)    Comment
Expanding Telegrap Street
by Loueen Anderson
Dear Editor: Kudos to the road crew that is working on widening Telegraph Street in the city of Washington! They ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(628)    Comment
Media Bias
by Mark Homrich
Dear Editor: In Ronald Reagan's 1984 re-election campaign over 90 percent of his media coverage was negative. De ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(698)    Comment
Bravo to the Mayor
by Howard Anders
Dear Editor: I am quite amazed by the lack of intellect expressed by a vocal number of New Yorker's. Had Mayor Bl ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(689)    Comment
Perry´s Piety
by Robert Brooks
Dear Editor: Gov. Perry would do well to hear the words of Jesus in Matthew 6: 5 ? 6. If Perry should be elected, ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(658)    Comment
Recall of Governor Walker - mindless.
by Norman B Haan
Dear Editor: Well, the mindless mob is still at it. They have their mindless mind focused on a recall of Govern ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(747)    Comment
issue of my pass port
by Gopal Shevelly
Dear Editor: I have submitted my documents in full shape to get my pass port in e-seva centre at Sanjeeva Reddy Nag ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(658)    Comment
Irene - the only honest actor?
by Henry Smith
Dear Editor: There's no doubt hurricane Irene did real damage. She was worth taking notice of, and preparing for. ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(739)    Comment
BMTC bus stop on kalyan nagar 80 ft
by T R Vasudevan
Dear Editor: consequent to the partial opening of the Kalyan nagar flyover , BMTC buses are operating over the ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(717)    Comment
Governor Christie´s Intolerance
by S. Chelemer
Dear Editor: I read with alacrity Governor Christie's comment that "Second guessing will not be tolerated" with re ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(730)    Comment
Fundaments Shift Electoral Reforms
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: ?Where elections end, there slavery begins? Anonymous Need for Reforms India's democracy is ... .....more
AUG-29-2011  Viewd(4727)    Comment
A place for everyone !!
by Christine L. Bird
Dear editor, Too many people are living alone with barely any contact with others . Whether this is due to a ... .....more
AUG-28-2011  Viewd(821)    Comment
Neighbours´ Day Celebrations
by A. Hamid Javed, Ph.D.
Dear Editor: With the present situation of conflicts among the human family (ideologies, interests, countries, co ... .....more
AUG-28-2011  Viewd(717)    Comment
Anti Corruption-Topi And the Taqiya
by sandhya sinha
Dear Editor: Anna Hazare Topi and the Amir Khan Taqiyah Shahi Imam Bukhari tells the Muslims to keep aw ... .....more
AUG-28-2011  Viewd(1001)    Comment
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