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GOP disaster movie starring Clint
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Here's a recipe for disaster, GOP-style: Take unprecedented heat waves, droughts and floods that ma ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(592)    Comment
animal cruelty
Dear Editor:I think the senseless shooting of the dog in Buffalo was terrible, I have 2 dogs and if strangers came ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(693)    Comment
Veterinarians being too expensive
by Kendra Pople-Easton
Dear Editor: I agree wholeheartedly concerning Barbara McArthur's letter to the editor on 'Veterinarians being t ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(636)    Comment
Big business hurting Americans
by Richard Spiegel
Dear Editor: I read an article by Stephen Goldstein in the Sun Sentinel titled, " Big business hurting Americans". ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(603)    Comment
Gunman kills two in New Jersey
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Had the gunman killed two in a New Jersey supermarket immediately before Governor Christie went on ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(568)    Comment
City borrowing from restricted funds
by Joe Zellmer
Dear Editor: Say an article the the L A Times that the City of SXan Bernardino is contemplating borrowing from r ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(546)    Comment
Plea for Support
by Manoj Kumar Iyer
Dear Editor: I believe you would have heard about the recent news about London Met loosing its highly trusted sp ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(614)    Comment
Air Pollution
by Omaima Jehangir Mirza
Dear Editor: There are lots of pollution in our country like noise pollution, air pollution and drain (waste of wa ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(5703)    Comment
Misfortune of Masters in Biotech
by Deepak Kumar
Dear Editor: I am Deepak Kumar, and "masters in biotechnology". Several times in the editorial column of TOI i hav ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(674)    Comment
Clint Clean up your Act
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: Clint Eastwood, better known as "Dirty Harry," can really attest to that name now ? Can't believe ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(599)    Comment
What white men want
by Ed Figlar
Dear Editor: White male voters all want to know that "government" is not the solution to everything... You hav ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(600)    Comment
Pornization of Bangalore Times
by Jitun John
Dear Editor: The contents of the supplement paper (Bangalore Times) seems to be moving in the direction of bec ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(608)    Comment
Chennai Airport
by M.S.Raju
Dear Editor: We had occasion to travel to and from the new terminals of Chennai airport along with some overse ... .....more
AUG-31-2012  Viewd(804)    Comment
by John Bruk
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(663)    Comment
Politics & News
by Kirk Bryson
Dear Editor: For the last four years President Obama has been blaming his predecessor and insisting he "in ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(493)    Comment
TV Coverage - security in risk
by S.Raheja
Dear Editor: i agree with what Supreme Court has said on on LIVE TV Coverage that put National Security in Jeop ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(626)    Comment
Know your Party
by Ed Brennan
Dear Editor: While listening to the Republican National Convention, I was struck by the story told by Governor S ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(531)    Comment
BMW-The Ultimate Driving Machine?
by Jeff Dihl
Dear Editor: Is BMW really the ultimate driving car? I am not so sure after purchasing a pre-owned 3 series in J ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(665)    Comment
by Dr Peter Pitt
Dear Editor: Sir-What a lovely month we have had. Beautiful green grass and no wasps to share our Pimm's and so no ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(538)    Comment
Selection of a good leader
by Omaima Jehangir Mirza
Dear Editor: I am very disappointed to say that i have not seem a good quality leader after Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(564)    Comment
letter in Wed. (8/29) paper
by Ronda Shuler
Dear Editor: In comment to a letter from a Hannah Patterson from New Concord, I respectfully disagree with ne ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(786)    Comment
Issac and RNC
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: While night after night at the RNC speakers extol the hegemony of America's exceptionalism, Issac ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(638)    Comment
Apathy still been carried
by suman dey
Dear Editor: Of late,we do have gotten an outcome of pertinent justice of different cases viz. Naroda killings and ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(595)    Comment
Wealth tax
by Barry Dawson
Dear Editor: What concerns me about Nick Clegg's proposal for a new wealth tax is his use of the beguiling open-e ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(550)    Comment
Misleading information
Dear Editor: I am regular reader of your T OI Calcutta , It is surprising to note that you are unnecessarily targ ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(635)    Comment
Shoul Kasab be hanged
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Should Terrorist Kasab be Hanged? The answer to ?should terroris ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(757)    Comment
Tab water gives life or takes it?
by Wafa Baloch
Dear Editor: Mostly people use to drink a tab water because they can not able to afford mineral water, and the w ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(642)    Comment
Plight of a common man
by Pankaj
Dear Editor: I want to highlight the plight of a common man in this country. The PM of this country himself involv ... .....more
AUG-30-2012  Viewd(658)    Comment
Letter to the Prime Minister of BD
by Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE
An Open Letter to Sheikh Hasina, Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Regarding Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(926)    Comment
bell mobillity
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(631)    Comment
Open Letter to Women
by Lee Kirkwood
Dear Editor: OPED I am a wife, mom, grandmother and most importantly I am a woman. I am a woman like so many wh ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(709)    Comment
Property Ladder
by Carolyn McCue
Dear Editor: Is it not about time that this government did something to help the poor souls trying to get a foot o ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(545)    Comment
GOP vs Democratic taxes
by Linda De Forrest
Dear Editor: Re. Clinton tax rates 8-27 -I read the Inane rant's of Paul Ryan . About republican's living in a fa ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(514)    Comment
His Greatness that drives the Fans
by Apoorva Khare
Dear Editor: I just felt an urge to write down a note here to somewhat recognize the day, 29th August 2012 in my l ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(586)    Comment
Western culture on our society
by Omaima Jehangir Mirza
Dear Editor: Society plays a great role in developed countries and state people are recognised by their societies, ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(714)    Comment
Nepean Redskins
by Robert C. Mercier
Dear Editor: I am quite irritated with this very small tempest in a teapot. One person is upset, so a whole tradi ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(622)    Comment
West Coast Main Line
by Edward Glynn
Dear Editor: The debacle over the West Coast Main Line is yet another example of bad decision making by this Gov ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(572)    Comment
Risky contributory pension
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Bizarre is the decision of the Kerala Government to replace statutory pension scheme with the contr ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(512)    Comment
CPM Kangaroo court
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The Kerala CPM have made an introspection about the violence they organised in connection with the ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(537)    Comment
It is ugly politics.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: It is not green or greedy politics in Kerala but ugly politics. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(719)    Comment
Liquor tourism in Kerala
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: ?If bar timings are imposed here, it will be a death knell for the tourism industry? is the view of ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(620)    Comment
Mani in British Parliament !
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: If anyone has uncertainty about the intellect of British Cabinet ministers, Lords, MPs, eminent pro ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(883)    Comment
Disrespect to the National Flag
by A S Basak
Dear Editor: This is to draw your attention towards the aloofness of the common mass of the respect which our Na ... .....more
AUG-29-2012  Viewd(531)    Comment
shortage of water supply
by Ulfat baloch
Dear Editor: As we all know that water is very essential for every living thing and with out water we can?t abl ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(21863)    Comment
Crumbling Capitol Building
by Margaret Martin
Dear Editor: Before the United States sends another penny to a foreign country we owe it to ourselves to repa ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(569)    Comment
Imagine if the GOP wins
by Richard Spiegel
Dear Editor: I read an article in the Sun Sentinel titled, " Imagine if the GOP wins". The writer states that he h ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(556)    Comment
Mass. senate race
by robert g. cohen
Dear Editor:I write to criticize Senator Brown for his campaign commercial featuring the medal of honor recipient. ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(894)    Comment
Mann Cup
by Dorothy J. Cruickshank-Banika
Dear Editor: I wrote a letter to the editor one year ago regarding the cost of tickets for the Mann Cup. At the ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(792)    Comment
Blame for Coalgate
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Coalgate ? Who are to be blamed? Who should people blame ? Congress or BJP ? for the Co ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(747)    Comment
historical halloween
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Halloween is around the corner and instead of traditional monsters and the latest pop culture ... .....more
AUG-28-2012  Viewd(542)    Comment
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