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National Interest: Dear Narendrabha
Dear Editor: This is in reference to the article by Shekhar Gupta "National Interest: Dear Narendrabha" As us ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(436)    Comment
Regarding Juvenile conviction
by Abinandhan
Dear Editor: The judicial system as a whole must start giving importance to spirit of law rather than the letter o ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(481)    Comment
The vote on Syria
by John Berwald
Dear Editor: Sirs What the result of the vote regarding military action in Syria clearly illustrates is that Mr ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(482)    Comment
Syria gassings
by Robert Kloster
Dear Editor: While any attack on one country on another is not to be taken lightly but I am appalled by the ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(482)    Comment
Land Acquition Bill - Fraud
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Land Acquisition Bill ? Fraud on Farmers On 30 August, 2013, Lok Sabha approved th ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(652)    Comment
products selling more than MRP
by ratala lavanya
Dear Editor: I am lavanya from hyderabad. I am facing this problem recently in every place in hyderabad. Not only ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(554)    Comment
Syria Chemical Terror
by Paul Carleton
Dear Editor: Agent Orange, is a chemical,it killed or maimed tens of thousands in Vietnam! Clearly an Orange Li ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(458)    Comment
new book
by itzhak begerano
Dear Editor: I'm Isaac goldone(pen name),author from Israel. Can you announce my new book for your readers (al ... .....more
AUG-31-2013  Viewd(553)    Comment
Dangerous Rainwater Harvesting pits
by P S Iyer
Dear Editor: Dangerously dug Rainwater harvesting pits turn Methodist Colony in Begumpet, Hyderabad into a ..... ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(652)    Comment
by Kate condon
Dear Editor: Words, distinctive , rare with careful placement Delight savants - penthouse suite to basement. ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(432)    Comment
Mumbai Rape
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Mumbai Rape ? Media Hype? Can ?Media Hype? and civil society activism change the way ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(596)    Comment
by Nicky Matthews
Dear Editor: I have a problem: I am a woman with a painfully, passionate love for her children. The only women w ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(502)    Comment
A Letter on Women´s Safety
by M.K Hafeezuddin Owais
Respected Dear Editor: The condition of women in India has always been a matter of grave concern. Recent inciden ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(720)    Comment
A dirty joke is a joke ,is it ..?
by Ashish Mathur
Dear Editor: Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention that how silly things ro ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(452)    Comment
by Rex Howard
Dear Editor: Syria is not a U. S. Security issue and should not be attacked illegally by the United States. If ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(599)    Comment
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: A lot of the commentators on the settlement with former players are asserting that it was a more ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(591)    Comment
Intervention in Syria
by A G Lester
Dear Editor: I found Thursday evening's vote in the Commons to be a sad example of political inertia. The only ex ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(524)    Comment
Labor Day
by R. W. Loesch
Dear Editor: LABOR DAY IS NOT EVERYONE'S DAY. It is a day for the men and women who built the middle class. If you ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(521)    Comment
by Charles Dilworth
Dear Editor: Why? Why do our politicians feel we have to war against any country that abuses their own people? ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(509)    Comment
Obamacare Facts
by Tony
Dear Editor: Here are some facts on the beneficial of Obamacare. - Obamacare provides lower prescription drug ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(598)    Comment
syrian crisis
by M. Jameel Ahmed
Dear Editor: I vehemently oppose the imminent US military intervention of containing the Syrian governmen ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(514)    Comment
outside art
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: There are so many artists and so much space not being used. There are neighborhoods that could ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(618)    Comment
Tasers are not the answer
by Ron Charach MD
Aug 30, 2013 re "Expanded taser use called "knee-jerk" reaction", Aug 28 The answer to defusing violence is not ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(584)    Comment
the syrian crisis
by John Davis
Dear Editor: Today the USA says that " it is not going to have its foreign policy dictated by the UK" -This is the ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(493)    Comment
Commons Debate on Syria
by Joseph Scanlon
Dear Editor: I just happened to catch the start of the debate in the Commons Thursday went home, turned on the TV ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(447)    Comment
Frequent Power cuts
by Shiva Kumar
Dear Editor: I am writing this from Nilambur, Malappuram district, Kerala. I would like to bring to the author ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(3261)    Comment
Shahjahan and UPA govt.
by rohit gupta
Dear Editor: The current UPA govt. is playing like what Shah-jahan did in his last years.They both had personal ag ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(426)    Comment
Yasin Bhatkal?s Arrest?Few Realitie
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Yasin Bhatkal?s Arrest ? Unknown Realities Who is Yasin Bhatkal? Is he the co-founder of t ... .....more
AUG-30-2013  Viewd(694)    Comment
How to Start a Revolution
by The Man In Black, Johnny
Dear Editor: Will it be printed? Will the people of America read it? Well, who knows, but it must be said. We ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(503)    Comment
Town of South councilperson race
by Kathy Gunderman
Dear Editor: I Live in the town of Southport. I am supporting incumbents Glenn Gunderman and Joe Roman for town Co ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(579)    Comment
serving our country
by Bob& Claire Cantwell
Dear Editor: To all who have served, are serving, and will serve to keep us all living in the land of the free ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(714)    Comment
Churchill- ´OMG´....!
by Kate Condon
Dear Editor, Winston Churchill - OMG..! -------------------------------------- 'OMG' is annoying , not obsce ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(456)    Comment
The Syrian Crisis
by Mr.Tony Matthews
Dear Editor: History teaches us that we do not learn from history. 900 years ago we were fighting the crusades ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(518)    Comment
Sale of Post and Sun
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: "THE POST" THAT COMES WITH "THE SUN" UP Around the time the Ba ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(484)    Comment
CUBA, the vessel captured
by Tonn Pastore
Dear Editor: What has been the disposition of the ship captured in the Canal headed to Korea? thanks ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(451)    Comment
Syrian Crises
by Mohammad Ashraf, Winnipeg Canada
Dear Editor: On going Syrian crises has come to a point of red-line crossing as perceived by some in the West du ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(504)    Comment
Prisons don´t work for drug offende
by Joseph A. Kaplan
Dear Editor: Regarding the article "Prison doesn't work for drug offenders" by Howard Finkelstein, Broward County ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(477)    Comment
Isostacy is Geological Myth
by Richard Guy
Dear Editor: I would like to enlist your aid in exposing the myth of Isostacy often referred to as Post Glacial R ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(773)    Comment
Music for a Bake Off
by george Lang
Dear Sir Mr Watson's concerns about the Hallelujah chorus are well taken. The piece is rather triumphalist for a ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(693)    Comment
Suggestion regarding Elections
by Manish Prasad
Dear Editor: With Current Account Deficit being so high and very heavily impacting Indian economy, why can't we ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(514)    Comment
Advisors, govern thyself
by S. Kirthy Vasan
Dear Editor: It was very interesting to watch 29th Aug, Bloomberg TV?s back to back discussions with Harish Salve ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(421)    Comment
Being Human in Office
Dear Editor: In most of the public offices, we generally face inhuman faces as clerks and bureaucrats. In stead ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(564)    Comment
Red Tapism: A Curse in Beaurocracy
by J N Pareek
Dear Editor: Red Tapism has been a menace, in bureaucracy for the general public in the developing countries like ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(683)    Comment
High speed Rail link
by Richard Nordber
Dear Editor: High speed link ? What a misnomer, High Speed compared to what? I cannot believe that a 21st Centur ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(462)    Comment
Dear Editor: TEACHERS? DAY SPECIAL AN APPEAL Teacher?s day is celebrated in our country every year with great ... .....more
AUG-29-2013  Viewd(1434)    Comment
Indian Economic Situation
by T S Subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: It is pathetic to see all the opposition parties calling for the present Government to step down wh ... .....more
AUG-28-2013  Viewd(451)    Comment
Austerity Measures
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: When there is economic gloom or doom has overtaken India with the Rupee ... .....more
AUG-28-2013  Viewd(541)    Comment
Babbage the bear
by Malcolm Jackson
Dear Editor: I can't believe that you have missed the Babbage Story - about the teddy bear that beat Felix Baumg ... .....more
AUG-28-2013  Viewd(8054)    Comment
Transit Palestine Ads.
by Joy Johnston
Dear Editor: Greetings to the Chairperson and Board of Translink Thank you for posting the information on Israe ... .....more
AUG-28-2013  Viewd(444)    Comment
Federal Government´s Responsibility
by Stephen Melinger
Dear Editor: Many conservatives would say the government has imposed itself too much into our lives. What exactly ... .....more
AUG-28-2013  Viewd(500)    Comment
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