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Letters to the Editor Archives September - 2008

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Amendment 1 on November Ballot
by Rita Acoba
Dear Editor:Amendment 1 Relating to Property Rights/Ineligible Aliens I am voting YES on amendment 1 to remove t ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1283)    Comment
Solution to current problem
by jpgupta
Dear Editor: I am 62 year old engineer and wish to make humble suggestion which may help solve the present hous ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1061)    Comment
by Nil Naiman
Dear editor, Post-traumatic stress in adults and children can express itself in a variety of ways. One of these ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1001)    Comment
Bail Out Fiasco!
by Johnny Rivera
Dear Editor: I oppose the proposed bailout plan because it protects the rich and the powerful not the people. The ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(973)    Comment
by Trevor Craft
Dear Editor:Letters to the Editor I would like to make comment about the rumoured take over of the recently fl ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1185)    Comment
Japanese apology
by Nily Naiman
Dear Editor This is a letter of protest on behalf of the Asian women who were forced to serve the Japanese arm ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1080)    Comment
McCain is the one to lead our natio
by Sandralee Nordquist
Dear Editor: I was aghast at how Obama continually interrupt McCain during the debate. The moderator was just as d ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1067)    Comment
700 billion bailout...what a joke
by joe shea
Dear Editor: why don't the country give each of the 300 million people in the u.s.1 million each total 300 million ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1112)    Comment
Bail Out
by Gita Govahi
Dear Editor: We have been going round and round over the past week to decide if we "as a nation" should bail out ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1126)    Comment
by Nick Kaplanis
Dear Editor: Hands off the economy! Those in power only end up screwing things up, it makes me sick. Let the marke ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1001)    Comment
Bailout American People
by Bob Benter
Dear Editor: What would you do with $1,000,000? The $700 Billion dollar bailout of Wall Street did not pass. ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1095)    Comment
Bail Out of Wall Street
by Nachael Foster
Dear Editor: American was founded by leaders who refused to allow the rich and powerful to threaten the average ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1018)    Comment
Inclusive Growth and social harmony
by DR.TV.mathew
Dear Editor: In neoliberalist phase in India our growth is not sufficiently 'inclusive'. In spite of accelerated ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(943)    Comment
Indian Corporate Honchos-.wake up!!
by Raja N
Dear Editor: It is time you think of Corporate Political Responsibility rather than Corporate Social Responsibilit ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(969)    Comment
Fron the frying pan into the fire.
by Eve Lyons
Dear Editor: In these turbulent economic times and our nation at threat from Islamic fundamental terrorists ,we ne ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1044)    Comment
Dems Facilitate voter Fraud
by D. Lamp
Dear Editor: I've been a democrat for 30+ years and I am embarrassed by Janet Brunner and the dem party's franti ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1000)    Comment
BMC: Is there anybody out there
by Prashant Shah
Dear Editor:Sir, this refers to another rather sad episode in the functioning of Mumbai's BMC. It is now over very ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1131)    Comment
stock market fix
by dan messer
Dear Editor: We feel that we have a solution to stop the stock market crash. Please send it to everyone in your ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(3712)    Comment
Bailout Bullchips
by Doc Schultz
Dear Editor: Why are the decent members of the US Congress and Senate allowing the financial institutions and th ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(861)    Comment
by Col PK Nair (retd)
Dear Editor, The issue is about parity of ranks not pay. No government can one fine morning change the status of a ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1125)    Comment
Tax Payers are angry
by J. Clark
Dear Editor: In recent years some social scientists have warned that if the discrepancy between the rich and poo ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(869)    Comment
Reaction to eve teasing b4 Pujas!
by Joseph Azavedo
Dear Sir, It was this Saturday Night, barely a few days away from the Eid and Durga Puja festivities that a lady f ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(2036)    Comment
Financial Bailout and Barny Frank
by Ken Dean
Dear Editor: Representative Barney Frank is the chairman of the House banking committee which has over site resp ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1704)    Comment
bailout defeat
by marylin g. house
Dear Editor: Why is it that we are not hearing anything in the media about nancy kaptur's clear and excellent re ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1062)    Comment
Cartels:Unauthorised parking lots
by Anuj
Dear Editor: I write to draw the attention of the powers that be towards the ever mushrooming number of "authorise ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(993)    Comment
Philanthropy or Lunacy
by Christopher Neal
Dear Editor: The United States has spent $585bn on 'Nation Building' in Iraq, the final bill is likely to exceed $ ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1941)    Comment
Bailout Package
by Randell D. Short
Dear Editor: Since the main issue of this crisis is focused on bad bank debt, the government needs to assume it ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(980)    Comment
Are we being stooger??
by Laurel Bullock
Dear Editor: I'm mad! I can't believe what I'm hearing, at a time of crisis the Republicans still point the fin ... .....more
SEP-30-2008  Viewd(1085)    Comment
Congressional recess
by Robert A. Livingstone
Dear Editor: I find it very disturbing that in the middle of a national financial crisis with a lifeline bill ha ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(867)    Comment
Open letter to Senator John McCain
by Dana L. Stern
Dear Editor: I'm just a tree falling in the forest. To: Senator John McCain Sir: You are a hero and ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1184)    Comment
by Nimmi Harisinghani
Dear Editor: The new religion of the 21st century is undoubtedly Terrorism. One wonders at the power it holds o ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1156)    Comment
Thank You from LEADS
by Marilyn Schnee, Board Secretary
Dear Editor: On behalf of LEADS (Lancaster Action for Downtown's Success), I want to thank the community for their ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1349)    Comment
by The Federal Farmer
Dear Editor: Through the subordinate position relegated to us in our representative democracy, we send e-mails t ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(941)    Comment
by Ron Sharp
Dear Editor: We are seeing times like have not been seen since the 1920's. The economy is in a shambles. The natio ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(928)    Comment
Bailout scam defeated!
by Dana L. Stern
Dear editor: The Wall Street Scan to fleece seven-hundred billion dollars from the taxpayers has been defeated. My ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(961)    Comment
by ijeoma okwaraibekwe
Dear editor: I'm very proud with senator Clinton in her decision on supporting senator obama in his presidential ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1019)    Comment
let them sink
by David Viveiros
Dear Editor: During a recent web search I found a resource for information related to contributions made to p ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1038)    Comment
Save the U.S. Economy $700B Plan
by Rex Howard
Dear Editor: Congress is great a spending tax dollars that have no return on investment. Now that the Economy is ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(857)    Comment
$700 Billion Bailout - Solution
by Annette M. Vanderzon
Dear Editor: Here are two solutions: 1.) Give every American (300 million) $233,333.00 This would allow mos ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1096)    Comment
New Layout of Chicago Tribune
by Dennis Sneyers
Dear Editor: I am disappointed in the new layout of your newspaper. It looks cheap and disorganized. ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1747)    Comment
Gandhi Jayanthi-2008
by S.N.Lakshminarayana
To, The Editor, Times of India, Bangalore Sir, You know? This man walked with us. He wore only a loin c ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1194)    Comment
Dear Editor: Like many,I am deeply troubled about the latest horrific terrorist attack ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
John McCain Then and Now
by Vernel Harris
Dear Editor: The Happy Warrior It was unfortunate and very sad to watch the fall of a magnificent man who once ex ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(854)    Comment
Change an Income-Tax Rule
by Surya N Patnaik
Dear Editor: There are numerous reasons for the down slide of the stock market. Consider for example, an investo ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1033)    Comment
Presidential Debate
by Richard Barone
Dear Editor: Some say John McCain didn't go face-to-face with Barack Obama during the first debate because he didn ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(828)    Comment
No Discrimination
by Arshia Kazimi
Dear Editor: In ref. to the letter Mr. B. N. Gururaj, Bangalore on 29-9-2008 This is my message to all the Indi ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(887)    Comment
by Lois Buckley
Dear Editor: Why is it that even on expensive clothing, button stitching unravels almost the first time a garment ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(999)    Comment
Rosie O'Donell Fake service dogs OK
by Jewl Wall
Dear Editor: Video of her making these statements. http://tinyurl.com/3uxnhw I can not believe the nerve ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1132)    Comment
Auspicious Puja In Bengal
by Pulama Saha
Dear Editor 'Rani has got 14 dresses, and me only two!' argues a sobbing child. She curses at her ill-fate and gr ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1032)    Comment
State/Federal assitance programs
by Johnny Wheeler
Dear Editor: As you know if I apply for a job to support my family most employers require that I take and pass ... .....more
SEP-29-2008  Viewd(1093)    Comment
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