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Letters to the Editor Archives September - 2009

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Climate change and the economy.
by Alan B. Goulding
Dear Editor: Scientists around the world now acknowledge that climate change is progressing far more rapidly than ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(927)    Comment
by Kathy
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(905)    Comment
Health Care bill
by Frank Schleicher
Dear Editor: I am mystified. I see lots of people supporting the healthcare bill, but do any of them really know ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(1038)    Comment
by Marie Morrison
Dear Editor: There is only one reason for rejecting the requirement that immigrants provide a photo ID to receiv ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(971)    Comment
New Strategy for Iran:
by Roger Bates
Dear Editor: We are pursuing the wrong strategy with Iran. Yes we should make every effort to stop yet another ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(874)    Comment
Poverty in pakistan
by sidra naeem
Dear Editor:Deeply linked to the massive debt and poorly educated people, is the large portion of Pakistan's popula ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(922)    Comment
Education problem in pakistan
by sidra naeem
Dear Editor:Perhaps the greatest loss comes in the area of education. Whether or not this is a direct result of Pak ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(2498)    Comment
Prevailing hazards in cities of Pakistan
by sidra naeem
Dear Editor: I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the problem of Prevailing hazards,Over l ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(924)    Comment
Nuclear-free World
by S.H. Jafarey
Dear Editor: The resolution passed unanimously by the Security Council for a nuclear-free world is a welcome dev ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(800)    Comment
Rise of infalation in Pakistan
by rutaba khan
Dear Editor: I want to highlight the issue of expenses which are increasing day by day, and badly hits large numb ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(888)    Comment
by CK Rao
Dear Editor: I am a Numerologist who writes replies to many people over the email for free of cost. I want to displ ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(1083)    Comment
Justice For Anthony Lewis
by Angelik Mitchell
Dear Editor: To the driver & occupant(s) of the blue jeep that drove downtown Syracuse on August 15th, 2009, the n ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(898)    Comment
Compromise between Media and Lawyer
by Syeda Fariha Zehra Zaidi
Dear Editor: I beg to state that the lawyers have taken very ridiculous steps in the previous days, as they attack ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(940)    Comment
Reaction to John Shimkus
by Tom Hardesty
Dear Editor: I as a life long citizen of Collinsville am outraged by the recent disgraceful actions of Rep ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(1322)    Comment
Health Care Reform as Patriotic
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Here's a sure fire way to get the public option included in any health care reform bill and counter ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(955)    Comment
Poor execution of infrastructure
by Sridharan Ramkumar
Dear Editor: I would like to bring out the common woe of all residents of Noida, Delhi NCR, India . Mayawati' ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(978)    Comment
giving birth
by julie morgan-thomas
Dear Editor: I wish for australia to know that if a baby is not given to its mother after he or she is born it is ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(981)    Comment
Amendment in the Finance Act 2009
Dear Editor: As per Section 56 of the Income Tax Act an amount exceeding Rs.50,000/- received from a non-relativ ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(914)    Comment
Debt and the Australian Economy
by Alan B. Goulding
Dear Editor: If we actually understood how we got to this place in the so-called boom-bust economic cycle, we'd s ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(929)    Comment
Rate of Exchange Rs vs $
by N.Dharmeshwaran
Dear Editor: To be specific,applicable in general, the rate of exchange of a US$ rests on its financial prowess ... .....more
SEP-30-2009  Viewd(958)    Comment
Dementia and the NFL
by Susan Saint-Amour
Dear Editor: I was interested to read your article about a number of retired players of the NFL developing demen ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(813)    Comment
Glenn Beck angry politics
by Rick Cacciatore, Ian Kuhn, Tampa, Florida
Dear Editor: In the article "The Agitator" Mr Von Drehle shows that he is very perceptive in that he seems to hav ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1368)    Comment
Disgusting Doonesbury cartoon
by Shiv K Bajaj
Dear Editor: Your Doonesbury cartoon in the LA times on Sunday, Sept. 27 drawing a parallel between The Nazis & ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1026)    Comment
Biala Hostel - False economy
by Judith Bennett
Dear Editor: As reported in The Australian newspaper on 30th Sept, financial experts have looked at the occupanc ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1163)    Comment
View preservation ordinance - Ventura Co
by Carol Hamilton
Dear Editor: In the City of Camarillo and Ventura county there is an area of property value at risk. The value of ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1407)    Comment
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: While watching a programme recently on a local TV, the hosts stated that very soon, (immediately on r ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(909)    Comment
Hand bags snatching in Karachi
Dear Editor: I belong to Karachi and I have been observing the changes which has taken place in the environment of ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(969)    Comment
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: Currently there is much talk on Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan by all and sundry. I have ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(933)    Comment
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: Till the launch of operation Rah-e-Rast, any drone attack by the Americans was feebly protested by ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(920)    Comment
Advising creditors canīt pay
by Georgianna Campanozzi
Dear Editor: THEY say if you can't pay your bills notify your creditors & try to work with them. WRONG! As soon ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1026)    Comment
Mockery of Justice
by siddharthadixit
Dear Editor: This is in the reference with on going trial of dangerous terrorist 'Ajmal Amir Kasab'.Nearly one yea ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(837)    Comment
Rest Stops and Governorīs Race
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: What's Virginia to Do? Bob McDonnell pledges to reopen the now 19 closed rest stops within 9 ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1325)    Comment
PIA fares
by Syeda Um e Asma kazmi
Dear Editor: I WOULD like to draw the attention of the government towards the unfair policy of the Pakistan Intern ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1114)    Comment
Concrete curing
by Syeda Um e Asma kazmi
Dear Editor: ON working days I daily cross Tohkar Niaz Baig in the morning and the evening. A much needed overhead ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1034)    Comment
Transport Fares & Sindh Government
by Syeda Um e Asma kazmi
Dear Editor: The Sindh Government has announced reduction of one rupee in transport fares. The citizens of Karachi ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(928)    Comment
Traffic hazards
by Syeda Um e Asma kazmi
Dear Editor: There is no respite from the surprises that confront drivers such as speed-breakers, potholes, and ... .....more
SEP-29-2009  Viewd(1434)    Comment
Malafides of Sharad Pawar
by J.K.Khanna
Dear Editor: It is now clear that whenever Sharad Pawar speaks, he speaks not for any public good but to serve the ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(1010)    Comment
Kashmir Problem
by N.Dharmeshwaran
Dear Editor: Madam Soinia Gandhi with her maternal charisma and pol,itical will,a rare combination with her wonde ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(961)    Comment
Pakistan is making a fool of india & US
by Pradeep agroi
Dear Editor: This is in reference to recent tactics played out by Pakistan in the form of Framing charges against ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(1005)    Comment
by Maria Gul
Dear Editor: Through this letter i want to draw your attention towards the money making business - PRIVATE SCHOOLS ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(1208)    Comment
by Maria Gul
Dear Editor: According to international standard, the area having a population of one hundred thousands must hav ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(953)    Comment
by Maria Gul
Dear Editor: Through this letter i want to grab your attention towards one of the basic problems of Karachi , TR ... .....more
SEP-27-2009  Viewd(9364)    Comment
Who Cares?
by Waseem Malik
Dear Editor: WHO CARES ? I tried to reach Prime Minister of Pakistan on phone and called several times to convey ... .....more
SEP-26-2009  Viewd(1009)    Comment
The fed
by John S Caro
Dear Editor: The only 'mysterious' thing about the fed is your and the rest of the media in not disclosing the ide ... .....more
SEP-26-2009  Viewd(1003)    Comment
Susan Atkins Obituary
by Debbie Abitz
Dear Editor: Professionals who work with criminals and the public have long espoused that we should minimize the ... .....more
SEP-26-2009  Viewd(915)    Comment
To serve or to be served
by Akshit Agarwal
Dear Editor: i have a question,why these political parties spend so much of time and money on 'Prachar'. if they ... .....more
SEP-26-2009  Viewd(902)    Comment
strenghening Indias ties with US
by anand
Dear Editor: the move put forward by US ambassador with india is welcoming and encourag ... .....more
SEP-26-2009  Viewd(766)    Comment
NASA Found Ice on Mars
by joseph s. eason
Dear Editor: I am so excited NASA found ice on Mars. Let's spend 100 billion dollars and go get some. Oh, I'm s ... .....more
SEP-25-2009  Viewd(1190)    Comment
Door to door sales
by Ralf Hoffmann
Dear Editor: My elderly mother recently had a very upsetting and frightening experience due to a door to door sale ... .....more
SEP-25-2009  Viewd(1280)    Comment
by laurel Frawley
Dear Editor: Re The koalas are dying. They are victims of disease (this could be prevented with research), bu ... .....more
SEP-25-2009  Viewd(1105)    Comment
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