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2 parts to Hindus, 1 part to Muslims
by Baldev Singh
Dear Editor: Sir, The headlines, "2 parts to Hindus, 1 part to Muslims" was not in good taste to say the least ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(753)    Comment
Chicago Gun Law
by Ryan Erangey
Dear Editor: The new gun law of Chicago Illinois is going to and already has caused many problems. It only Costs a ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(845)    Comment
poverty and slot machines
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(784)    Comment
American Schools inhibited education
by Ron Diamond R.Ph.(retired)
Dear Editor: PTA?s in America are such ultra, right-winged religious fanatics that if they were around at the ti ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(777)    Comment
Jerry was Jerry and Meg was Meg:
by sandra ballatore
Dear Editor: George Skelton, who is calling the winner of the governor's debate as Jerry Brown, in the LA Times, i ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(703)    Comment
capitol theatre
by Justin Galpin
Dear Editor: As a child I went to movies at the capitol, "Return of the Jedi" I was only 3 or 4, and its my first ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(830)    Comment
John Marshall High School
by Lynn Hemmelgarn
Dear Editor: I read the article about John Marshall High School and I am pleased that they have made some change ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(817)    Comment
RTE Act-2010 flouted, Delhi Govt
by shashi
Dear Editor: Right to Education Act-2010 has now a reality. But it is unfortunate to say that Many teachers in Di ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(1562)    Comment
November Ballot Amendments 5 and 6
by Kathe D. Thompson
Dear Editor: "Districts shall not be drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal opportunity ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(687)    Comment
by Dorothy M. Clifton
Dear Editor: Since music and theatre were a part of my school's curriculum in England, including festivals with a ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(740)    Comment
Poem onAyodhya Verdict/Aman ki Asha
by Amrutha Ramachandran Iyer
Dear Editor: Kindly publish this short poem on National Integrity Iswar Allha tero naam, kyu choda hai humne ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(864)    Comment
Incomplete Reporting - a Disservice
by Dawn Leverington
Dear Editor: The news stories about ?The Police Officer versus the Nurse,? are doing the public a great disservi ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(977)    Comment
This IS a class war,
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: This next election is not about the 9.0% unemployment rate! It is, pure and simply, a vote to keep t ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(791)    Comment
Absconding Volunteers of CWG
by Priya Pandit
Dear Editor: A news item in today?s newspaper has forced me to put pen to paper. We have been deluged with stories ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(851)    Comment
Ayodhya issue ;The Verdict
by Anandhanatarajan K
Dear Editor: Time to Move On: Ayodhya Verdict: The basic underlying principle lies in every religion "Be it H ... .....more
SEP-30-2010  Viewd(782)    Comment
Save the Captiol Theatre
by Breannah Deschaine
Dear Editor: It has been brought up to everyone's attention that we might be losing our capitol theatre. The capit ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(928)    Comment
Unemployed People
by Mary Smith
Dear Editor: I have sent out over 4,000 of my resumes to companies, Temp Agency, EDD website, I have my resume o ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(935)    Comment
Capitol Theatre
by Bonnie Deschaine
Dear Editor: I am writing this as a parent with daughter that has been in 2 plays the past 2 years at the Capitol ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(1154)    Comment
David Miliband
by phillip nixon
Dear Editor: My faith that politicians seek to serve their country, rather than themselves, is fragile at best. Bu ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(860)    Comment
Responsible for the Constitution
by Curtis
Dear Editor: This state is besieged by federal employees that act outside of their jurisdiction and outside of the ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(811)    Comment
Religious Tolerance
by Gary Kaufman
Dear Editor: A recent visit to the Touro Synagogue in New Port, RI brought some clarity to the debate of whether t ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(1457)    Comment
Regarding D.G.C.A Exam during CWG
by Jacob John
Dear Editor, I am doing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and our exams are conducted by CEO D.G.C.A. They are goi ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(840)    Comment
by Col S N Aggarwal-Veteran
Dear Editor: Mr Raja,s refusal to abide by Supreme Court directive to REPLY TO CAG observation is the least s ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(721)    Comment
Is abortion murder?
by Vicki Gerding
Dear Editor: The headline in the 10/29/2010 paper reads: "Man charged in murder of girlfriend, unborn baby." The ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(852)    Comment
comment on article
by sreejith, kochi
Dear Editor: This is in reference to your article in Kochi edition Indian express dated 19 sep 10 about Witchcraft ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(817)    Comment
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(912)    Comment
Dems fear Latino no-show,
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: Read this article "Dems fear Latino no-show," in a local Los Angeles Newspaper and I was compelled ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(901)    Comment
CWG, Tummy and Walking
by A.K. Bhattacharyya
Dear Editor: Congratulations Delhi Administration. At last we are emerging like a great Country, emerging like ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(828)    Comment
ETS safety:what about passangers
by Jessica
Dear Editor: I was riding on Edmonton transit Monday night about 9:30pm after work and witnessed something that I t ... .....more
SEP-29-2010  Viewd(868)    Comment
Pay Us To Shut Down the Oilsands
by G. Cameron Donald
Dear Editor: So Ecuador wants us to pay for them not to drill for oil in their National Park and the United Nati ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(897)    Comment
Ideas to Rebuilding California
Dear Editor: IDEAS FOR THE STATE OF CALIF. 1) Lets Double our Agricultural Output by Getting the Farmers ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(737)    Comment
District#8~Tennessee Congressional Race
by Don Jones
Dear Editor: What Do You Think ? Roy Herron or Stephen Fincher ? I have been trying to keep up with the news ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(758)    Comment
ī$500 bil Medicare cutī is a lie.
by Carl Camenzind
Dear Editor: The "$500 bil cut to Medicare' that we hear in recent can republican ads is a lie. Although indicted ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(815)    Comment
CWG - it is a matter of pride
by Sara Chandy and Smita Shah
Dear Editor: The greatest threat to the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi is outbreaks of infectious diseas ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(1244)    Comment
Baltimore Orioles radio broadcasts
by George C. Rush
Dear Editor: The September 28 edition of the Baltimore Sun touched on which radio station will be the flagship out ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(733)    Comment
The Presidentīs Illegal Aunt
by Ida M Temple
Dear Editor: The President's Aunt, Zeituni Onyango from Kenyan, portrayed herself resides in public housing and ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(716)    Comment
Politics - Obama
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: DIVORCE, American Style I know something about it, Having stayed married for twenty ye ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(790)    Comment
Dover GOP campaign
by Elena Ball
Dear Editor: My name is Elena Ball and I met Frank Guinta at the Dover GOP campaign headquarters opening recentl ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(953)    Comment
National Memorial Arboretum
by Ray Hutchins
Dear Editor: The National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire was designed to honour the services of th ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(962)    Comment
Maine governorīs race
by Brenda Theriault
Dear Editor: In recent weeks we have been exposed to politics at it's worst and the obvious media bias against t ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(1491)    Comment
Please, no more flaky female candidates
by Shannon Lowe
Dear Editor: Thank you Susan Reimer for writing, "Please, no more flaky female candidates". You've finally said ... .....more
SEP-28-2010  Viewd(838)    Comment
a way to control pollution
by pooja garg
Dear Editor: I would like the government to take notice of it. What if the time gap between yellow and green traf ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(838)    Comment
Violation of California VC
by Terry Kuta
Dear Editor: The following is a copy of an email I sent to the CHP and their response. ...why doesn't someone or ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(856)    Comment
Banning listening to music on road
by Ted, Zhang
Dear Editor: It should be banned that listening to music while walking on the road. It seems that it is so cool ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(846)    Comment
Dr. Kalisī ad about Zack Space
by Ellen Brozio
Dear Editor: Thanks to Dr. Kalis for speaking the truth. Mr. Space lied to us on August 4, 2009 in an on-line to ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(793)    Comment
Carol Shea-Porter
by Elizabeth Arnold
Dear Editor: I am supporting Carol Shea-Porter in the upcoming election. I have many friends who have children ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(894)    Comment
the great CWG Mockery
by Arushi and Indian
Dear Editor: I am sitting extremely far from my country , and I miss it and I need to talk to my friends . I am ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(781)    Comment
Dis-ban Indian Administrative Services
by haridas mandal
Dear Editor: By one master stroke India can achieve wonder. Disban IAS.COM and then followed by all the administra ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(866)    Comment
Front page photos
by Marjorie Pollock
Dear Editor: With all the poverty in this country, I think that a photo should be published on the front page of ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(883)    Comment
Colbert on Immigration...Brillian!
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: Everyone is chastising the senate subcommittee for bringing Colbert front and center to speak on the ... .....more
SEP-27-2010  Viewd(1178)    Comment
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