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Letters to the Editor Archives September - 2011

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Patriotic Millionaires
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: Back in November of 2010 the Washington Post had an article in their newspaper posted on November ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(796)    Comment
A freedom of choice
by Jim Honey
Dear Editor: The idea that our Liberal government has deemed it illegal for an educated Ontarian to purchase a lit ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(667)    Comment
AP State Road Transport Corporation
by Dr. Palanki Balakrishna
Dear Editor: Privatise now! APSRTC has done great service to the State by providing economical transport to a ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(653)    Comment
Californiaīs Governator
by Shirley Sprague
Dear Editor:According to Vanity Fair, Arnold Schwarzenegger , California's former governator, is now their intimi ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(679)    Comment
Strike or Lockout
by Theda L. Knight
Dear Editor: You and many of your correspondents seem unaware of the difference between a strike and a lockout ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(673)    Comment
Mr. Brad Trost MP
by Mrs. Sheila Crosthwaite
Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Mr. Brad Trost MP regarding his opposition to funding for Planned Parentho ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(647)    Comment
America in Decline
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: I am convinced that America is in demise because people in authoirty know the right thing to do, bu ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(586)    Comment
kmss tv
by Gordon Reynolds
Dear Editor: Since kmss tv does not listen to those that watch sports, maybe you can get a list of those places ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(719)    Comment
Classwar? Bring it On!
by Louis A. DeRosa
Dear Editor: The new world order under GOP Tea Party rule will be a world where America resembles CHINA! Low wages ... .....more
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(647)    Comment
SEP-30-2011  Viewd(867)    Comment
Discouraging Poets,Metro Trivandrum
by Dr.Mary Annie A.V. (anna maria )
Dear Editor: An ambiance that discourages Indian writing in English is prevailing in Kerala. And the latest proof ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(1120)    Comment
media and its negative impacts
by Danielle Punkryte
Dear Editor: I am a student from High School grade 11 I feel that the media in society is not portraying a positi ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(993)    Comment
USFSPA Whitehouse Petition
by William Sterling
Dear Editor: MILITARY PERSONNEL NEED YOUR HELP I am writing in an attempt to get public support for a petition ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(1279)    Comment
Brad Trost and IPPF
by Fr Jeffrey Stephaniuk
Dear Editor: The new International Planned Parenthood Federation funding does not meet the criteria of the Muskoka ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(667)    Comment
Owning property in Florida
by Donna Patterson
Dear Editor: I recently returned from Florida where my condo had been sold in a Tax Sale. How can that happen you ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(643)    Comment
Re: President Obama is not to be blamed
by Robert Brooks
Dear Editor: My wife and I went shopping for clothes the other day (not something we do often these days, but so ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(696)    Comment
Oil to Antony is Gold coin to a cat
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: I condemn the damages done to the country by Opposition parties on hearing the hike of petrol price ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(621)    Comment
Womenīs Code Bill-an insult
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Old age makes one sans sense. Seemingly this is applicable to chairman of the 12-member committee w ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(691)    Comment
satellites projection by China
by Amit
Dear Editor: Tiangong is the very ambitious project of China and will proved milestone in preparation of starwar.C ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(599)    Comment
Neglected Park in Garden City
by Vivek
Dear Editor: I wish to bring to your attention the neglected condition of a triangular park which comes under th ... .....more
SEP-29-2011  Viewd(739)    Comment
Vermontīs Governor
by Frank Romano
Dear Editor: I am appalled and astounded that our Governor said that Vermont's policy on illegal immigrants is ".. ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(711)    Comment
Our Politicians
by JENNIFER larson
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(1382)    Comment
late delivery
by Robert L. Davis
Dear Editor: I got the Oct. 3rd. edition on Sept 26th. It is Sept. 28th and I get the 5th. an ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(826)    Comment
Practitioners Pleased to Have Recognition
by Christopher Savard
Dear Editor: Nurse Practitioners (NPs) were pleased to have recognition by Dalton McGuinty in the debate. NPs in ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(933)    Comment
plum trees for firefighters
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: I think we should thank firefighters by sending them plum trees. Then they have a little something ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(604)    Comment
by Allison Kozolanka
Dear Editor: I am not entirely convinced that Hudac has Ontario's families best interests at heart with his propose ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(620)    Comment
Approval Ratings by Ailes!
by Louis A. DeRosa
Dear Editor: Obama's approval rating is at an all time low and falling. I wonder why this illegal alien, Communist ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(554)    Comment
Recycling Police
by Diane Fleming-Myers
Dear Editor: I hereby christen Philadelphia the "finest" city toward its over taxed, over fined population. The Nu ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(662)    Comment
Affordable Caribbean secrets reveal
by Ari Rothberg
Dear Editor: After many years of research and traveling I have learned there are lots of lies out there. Cruises a ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(561)    Comment
How to fix the economy fast
by Ari Rothberg
Dear Editor: The answer to fixing things are not easy but solutions do exist. First off by adjusting congressional ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(742)    Comment
Why Not Herman Cain?
by Tony Calabrese
Dear Editor: While inside the beltway pundits on both the left and the right downplay the significance of He ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(1260)    Comment
Deficet reduction
by david barter
Dear Editor: Taxation is the method by which the members of society make a financial contribution in order to live ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(757)    Comment
Dear Editor: As too many forget, "The Affordable Care And Patient Protection Act Of 2010" was enacted into law b ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(713)    Comment
100 SMS per day
by Sriraam
Dear Editor: I am not going into the subject of restriction but the Mobile Service providers were very intellige ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(690)    Comment
No more than 100 sms per sim is a m
by Anagh Saha
Dear Editor: This letter is intended to bring to your kind attention the menace that this ban on more than 100 s ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(742)    Comment
To Be Or Not To Be Responsible
by Ray Gardner
Dear Editor: So much is in the news these days concerning bullying and people taking 'matters' in their own hand ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(667)    Comment
Passport Delayed
by Praveen
Dear Editor: I have applied for Passport Renewal on 26th of April,2011. But I didn't receive my passport. Below ar ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(695)    Comment
urine overflowng on street @Ejipura
by Panchamee
Dear Editor: I would like to bring this to your notice that commuters on the outer ring road, Koramangala have bee ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(578)    Comment
by Colonel Nirmal Mahajan, EME, Veteran
Dear Editor: Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink too much. Then again, don't drink too little. ... .....more
SEP-28-2011  Viewd(615)    Comment
Casey Anthony Cover
by Patti Towers
Dear Editor: I just noticed your current issue with Casey Anthony's face on the cover at my local newsstand. I wa ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(1056)    Comment
padistrain crossing
Dear Editor: I want to draw the attention of concern authorities towards the traffic rush & the problem facing on ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(759)    Comment
Junk food ban in high schools
by Olga Nelson
Dear Editor: So called intelligent people have come up with some silly ideas but the food ban is the silliest I've ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(1200)    Comment
Jacques vs The Canada Trust Co 2011
by Timothy Fellowes Q.C.
Dear Editor: Having read the decision in Jacques vs. The Canada Trust Co., Re Hipel, 2011 ONSC 5259 (CanLII) & as ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(766)    Comment
China is Stealing our JOBS.
by John J Pino
Dear Editor: So, jobs are the number one priority of the Obama?s administration. Then, why is it that the presid ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(601)    Comment
Coimbatore Rly Station
by Gopalakrishnan
Dear Editor: The main Rly station in Coimbatore is without lift facility for the last one year. Many old people wh ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(799)    Comment
Administration issues in government
by Ricky Gupta
Dear Editor:I went to Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi the best college in India to get my final mark sheets. Ge ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(862)    Comment
Lack of Courtesy
by Fred Fass, Denton, TX, USA
Dear Editor: In August of this year my wife and I (we are both Caucasian and live in Texas) returned to England fo ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(687)    Comment
Crude Oil Pipeline
by Ronald Whitehorne
Dear Editor: Yesterday we had a protest on Parliament Hill against a future crude oil pipeline which is to be co ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(1168)    Comment
by Mohammed Rafiq
Dear Editor: BBMP should do something to catch or isolate stray cows also in Bangalore. We are not able to walk ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(598)    Comment
Passport Delayed
by Ramakrishna Goud Akkala
Dear Editor: I have applied passport 16-06-2010 and police enquiry is over Two times and the status now saying " ... .....more
SEP-27-2011  Viewd(852)    Comment
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