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Terrorism & War
Harper´s theatre of the absurd
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Re. In place of answers over Canada?s anti-ISIS mission, we got vaudeville from the Tories We ha ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(532)    Comment
Allegation against an article pub
by Nadunayagam
Dear Editor: This is regarding an article published in Times of India on Sep 20, 2014 titled "Whistleblower move ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(471)    Comment
Failure of Leadership
by Bob Walton
Dear Editor: Once again President Obama, when asked about issues relating to National security and the threats of ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(413)    Comment
John ford Noonan
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: How do you deal with the daily frustrations of life if they don't change? John Ford No ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(1026)    Comment
Mario Scavello is the right Choice
by Peter Gallagher
Dear Editor: Knowing Mario from his days owning the bagel shop, to being Mayor of Mount Pocono, Monroe County Co ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(417)    Comment
Give seniors a dignified lunch hour
by Debra-Ann G. Raymond, Director of Dartmouth Council on Aging
Dear Editor: The Letter to the Editor in the September 30, 2014 paper needs some facts corrected so readers get a ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(426)    Comment
Dear Editor: OH GOD , WHERE ARE YOU ???? (Colonel Nirmal Mahajan) Out side our office, on Canal Road, there is ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(374)    Comment
In defence of TOI against Deepika
by Anthony Adiga
Dear Editor: Application to Ms Deepika Padukone requesting consent for publishing her pictures Over the years I h ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(421)    Comment
by g.krishnamurthy
Dear Editor: I am a regular subscriber to your daily for the past 25years and ofcourse i want to express my views ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(340)    Comment
Bullet Train Not The Best Solution
by Nixon Dsilva
Dear Editor: The Modi government has announced that they are planning to have high speed trains in India, beginn ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(410)    Comment
Complaints registered to IR Portal
by Sukumaran U K
Dear Editor: I have made a complaint and also a reminder to the same on the Indian Railways Portal (website: htt ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(432)    Comment
Mother Earth
by neena parekh
Dear Editor:We call her Mother Earth?.she supports us in many ways?she lets us grow food on her,she lets us make ou ... .....more
SEP-30-2014  Viewd(378)    Comment
Great job Senator Toomey
by Brian Grevious
Dear Editor: As a Vietnam Era military veteran who is also the son and grandson of WWII and WWI veterans respect ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(514)    Comment
Many thanks
by Margo Lane
Dear Editor: Thank-you to whomever turned in my handbag at the Northside Market. I am visiting from Vancouver, an ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(464)    Comment
by rhonda wainshilbaum
Dear Editor: When we respond to terror, no outcry. But there?s outrage when Israel defends itself. Even more te ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(396)    Comment
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(350)    Comment
by Rahul Khanna
another MOM MODI ON MADISON ! the madison garden chameleons have fallen in love with the big Indian brother ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(380)    Comment
Irrregular Leave during Durga Pujas
by Rajat S.Das
Dear Editor: In West Bengal, the Central Government Co-ordination Committee decides on the list of holidays app ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(418)    Comment
Lynn Siefert
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When people are trying to figure out who they are they will experiment with their personal ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(534)    Comment
by Ramanathan N.S.
Dear Editor: Thanks for the present tense and future uncertain by Ms. Neerja Chowdhury but please take care abou ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(350)    Comment
The Armed Man- The Royal Albert Hal
by Deborah Beasant
Dear Editor: What a triumph yesterday! The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins at the Royal Albert Hall .The photography o ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(439)    Comment
Ryder Cup
by Ian Daly
Dear Editor: Following another victory by the Europeans in the Ryder Cup is it time for the USA to consider invi ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(386)    Comment
Travel to Tenerife
by Jane Moll
Dear Editor: My parents who are 90 this year used until 3 years ago to spend the winter in Tenerife. They would li ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(383)    Comment
On-Line Betting Adverts
by Lt Col (Retd) Guy Bettesworth
Dear Editor: Sir, what is it with the plethora of betting company advertisements that have sprung onto our telev ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(547)    Comment
Ryder Cup
by Chris Daughton
Dear Editor: The USA may have lost the golf match but in dress sense they completely outshone Europe. The combin ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(391)    Comment
Guns and Canadian tourism
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Do the residents of Miami believe that 100 shots ringing out at a nightclub packed with teenagers i ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(942)    Comment
Poor service of call taxi
by Nagarajan
Dear Editor: Dear Editor: I would like to bring to the public the pathetic experience I had on booking taxi f ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(481)    Comment
Sports vs ISRO Achievements
by Seetaramanath
Dear Editor: Recently when Sania Mirza won in some tournament , a state government announced a cash award of Rs. ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(505)    Comment
Jayalalitha´s Conviction
by Prof J A K Tareen
Dear Editor: Indictment and verdict on Ms Jayalalithaa's DA case is though historic,if it has not shaken the sou ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(518)    Comment
An Open Letter to our leader
by Devu R Nair
Dear Mr Narendra Modi, I am writing this letter on two accounts, one because I am an Indian and secondly for sha ... .....more
SEP-29-2014  Viewd(435)    Comment
by Mary Kirk
Dear Editor: I wish to thank a thorough Scottish gentleman who drove miles out of his way to take me to Mona Val ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(554)    Comment
The next General Election
by Martin Palmer Air Cdre (RAF Rtd)
Dear Editor: It ought to be incredible that the Labour Party is ahead in the opinion polls with regards to the nex ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(559)    Comment
Withdrawal of Medical facilities
by Dr. D. K. Jain, CGHS Benefgiciary - Pensioner
Dear Editor: This is regarding withdrawal of medical facilities to CGHS Beneficiaries - pensioners and working em ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(378)    Comment
letter regarding danger of dog-bite
Dear Editor: Dog bite increase day by day.In bhopal this problem is at a serious stage.After the 10 pm at night it ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(593)    Comment
Hashtag Modi At Madison
by Roshni
Dear Editor: Narendra Modi's speech was captivating. Was it the famous hashtags in social media or the well-craf ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(445)    Comment
Phony War
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: The air ?war? against ISIS is a cheap political trick to raise Mr. Obama?s poll numbers. The targets ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(439)    Comment
AR Gurney
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: How do you get success? You can't get it alone. You get help from other people. AR Gurn ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(457)    Comment
National dishonour.
by Mack
Dear Editor: Our country's national anthem was sung for more than a minute in the recent pm's address at madison s ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(361)    Comment
Save the Delhi zoo tiger (Vijay)
by Svetlana Josua
Dear Editor: My name is Svetlana and I'm 18 years old. I would like to request the readers to read this poem and th ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(428)    Comment
by Ronald Cherella
Dear Editor:Uncle Sam Loves Us On September 16, 2014 the Center of Disease Control released the findings of a 12-y ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(659)    Comment
by Suraj & R.Kapoor, Solan H.P.
Dear Editor: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in English at the Indian Space Research Organization?s mission con ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(450)    Comment
FDI and India
by Chitta Ranjan Mishra
Dear Editor: Modi's First Develop India (FDI) theory would enhance the economic condition of our country. It was a ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(382)    Comment
Maharashtra breakup politics
by Kumar Anip
Dear Editor: Maharashtra was thrown into a state of political turmoil as two of its lo ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(334)    Comment
Hong Kong democracy
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Beijing should agree with the Hong Kong student movement,and deliver complete democracy to Hong K ... .....more
SEP-28-2014  Viewd(349)    Comment
Matt Ridley In
by Richard Robinson
Dear Editor: Reference Matt's column in "The Week" "We're being fed one eco-lie after another" Please tell him ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(406)    Comment
Back to business for scotland
Dear Editor: As the managing director of a global drilling engineering consultancy based in Scotland, I urge both ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(665)    Comment
by James M. "Chip Kinne
Dear Editor: Ask yourself this... Why would the state legislature and the Governor of New York pass a bill gi ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(993)    Comment
Congresss failure to vote.
by Paul Foley
Dear Editor: The President has been goaded by his enemies in Congress and the Senate to act on the ISIL action t ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(427)    Comment
Noise is human disease
by William Pitt
Dear Editor: The Noise Control Act of 1972 established a national policy to promote a healthy, noise-free enviro ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(444)    Comment
Lanfod Wilson
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When someone is falling apart they will cling to anything. Lanfod Wilson wrote a play ... .....more
SEP-27-2014  Viewd(506)    Comment
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