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Letters to the Editor Archives September - 2015

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Jeremy Corbin
by John Sullivan
Dear Editor: Mr Corbin will happily sing The Red Flag but has trouble with God Save The Queen. Says it all really. ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(242)    Comment
Dooming of Manufacturers
by Vishal Agarwal
Dear Editor: Manufacturers contribute in many basis to the nation and public welfare, employment generation, ris ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(253)    Comment
No Water supply from 6 am to 7 pm
by Gulobi Fernandes
Dear Editor: The Times of India, Mangaluru edition carried the captioned news item on Wednesday, 30 September in ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(438)    Comment
Beware you are on the risk due to p
by Zuber Ahmed Khan
Dear Editor: Beware you are on the risk due to pollution. 21st century have big challenges for the country an ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(333)    Comment
Coverage of Corbyn´s opening pitch
by Reverend Marcus Purnell
Dear Editor: The front page article on Jeremy Corbyn's opening speech (published on 30th September) made a grea ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(219)    Comment
Can Humans usurp role of Almighty?
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: A thought occurred as to what have the Scientists and Doctors achieved out of their experiment coup ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(420)    Comment
Times 2
by John Woodard
Dear Editor: Has the time come for Times 2 to sold separately from the main paper on the top shelf in newsagent ... .....more
SEP-30-2015  Viewd(219)    Comment
Rate cuts
by A.V.Subramanian
Dear Editor: BJP government had done it. It had cut down the interest rates drastically to improve the national ec ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(194)    Comment
someone special
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: when someone special comes into your life you will do anything for that person. Richard Wesley ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(227)    Comment
Our Heroes in Blue
by David A. Beck
Dear Editor: Real Heroes in Real Life There are heroes we all like to root for in movies, TV, a ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(363)    Comment
the moon
by Dr. Geoffrey H Baker
Dear Editor: The man in the moon was obviously tickled pink to be on TV ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(229)    Comment
Modi Statesman or Showman
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Modi ? Statesman or Showman? Is Modi a statesman or showman? What is the reality? ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(277)    Comment
Life mystery & Immortal Soul
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: As everyone is aware, millions of species are in existence in our Planet Earth ? both overland and ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(211)    Comment
Water in Mars
by B.S.Raman
Dear Editor: This has reference to the news item of NASA team finding evidence of water in Mars. We Indians call ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(211)    Comment
Jeremy Corbyns Age?
by Clive Smith
Dear Editor: Jeremy Corbyns age is routinely given as 66. Why does he not correct this? I ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(292)    Comment
Urgent Need of Nationalism
by Himlove Miradwal
Dear Editor: Today, when the citizens and media of world's greatest democratic country is trying to classify the d ... .....more
SEP-29-2015  Viewd(278)    Comment
Role Of English Medium
by Pradeep VM
Dear Editor: I would like to post my suggestions on the artile about the English Education. Role of a global L ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(400)    Comment
English here to stay
by noel ajoy william
Dear Editor: The British might have left in 1947 but they have left us a rich and opulent legacy that has proved ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(374)    Comment
by Abhishek Jandial
Dear Editor: India inspite of being the f ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(1714)    Comment
admitting there´s a problem
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We are told that life is a certain way and that's it. What if we have a problem with what' ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(223)    Comment
by Dr. Daya Ram Isardas
Dear Editor: Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack) is a medical emergency and urgent treatment is required to save ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(255)    Comment
Being dark Skinned in India
by Michael Thevar
Dear Editor: Every time my plane touches down in India, I feel a quick surge of excitement. My heart beats faste ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(372)    Comment
Protect Planet´s eco-systems
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: We, the human beings, are wholly relied on the Mother Nature?s non-renewable resources of fuel and ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(500)    Comment
Human action or inaction
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: We, the human race, considered to be superior compared to other living beings, ever thought or by ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(570)    Comment
Currency Cleanliness Drive
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: Being an Indian national and as I had occasion to work/travel in many countries and out of the ex ... .....more
SEP-28-2015  Viewd(406)    Comment
Pope Francis´s Visit to the US
by Richard Sussman Attorney-Mediator
To the Editor: Theologically, Pope Francis' appeals to Congress, to the UN, and to the millions who witnessed hi ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(375)    Comment
against the odds
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: If people decide you can or can't do something maybe they need to mind their own business. ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(208)    Comment
Kudos to Counsilor-ward12
by Dr.P.Lalitha
Dear Editor: Dear Sir/Madam I registered a grievance regarding health and sanitation problem in our area-K K ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(420)    Comment
History Misrepresented!
by Dr.Sandeep Kumar Kar
Dear Editor: There is lot of hue and cry regarding the robust role of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in pushing ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(297)    Comment
New online edition
by Jeremy Monk
Dear Editor: Having been very happy for some 2 years with your previous offering, now I am inflicted with the new ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(230)    Comment
Denned conveyance
Dear Editor: Recently I read a article where in Our respected CM has passed a ordinance regarding clearing the d ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(270)    Comment
by Joann Emerson
Dear Editor: Sir, I would not need to put my waste bin out for collection for at least 6 months if I could re-cyc ... .....more
SEP-27-2015  Viewd(274)    Comment
52, blind and regretting it.
by Walter R. Rowland
To the Editor; Is the country so broke that it can't take care of it's citizens? I am blind, 52 years old, and di ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(371)    Comment
by Raghunath
Dear Editor: The Make in India Project has been launched with great fanfare,however we seemed to have missed a c ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(319)    Comment
fear change
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: do you fear change? maybe change is inevitable. Barbara Lebow wrote a play and two people are ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(250)    Comment
by Raghunath
Dear Editor: It is with utter dismay that I write to you regarding the politicization of Language in the state. ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(366)    Comment
Dear Editor: DESTINATION WEDDINGS When I was a young boy, growing up in Lutyen?s Delhi, Festivities connected ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(335)    Comment
Battle of Britain memorials
by Graham REID
Dear Editor I am most concerned that the designer of the Spitfire R J Mitchell was hardly mentioned during the day ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(427)    Comment
Request to start democracy section
by Viral Mehta
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, Considering the image and deeds of the Group, I need following help for betterment of ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(241)    Comment
Violence against women
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: As power shifts to women,there will probably be more male violence against women. ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(261)    Comment
Homes in highly Floods Area.
by Trilochan Sahu
Dear Editor: My Purpose to write letter you is to inform you about a place Called Khamba Gaon, located in Shah ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(282)    Comment
The new Teletgraph App is Terrible
by G D Nair
Dear Editor: The latest Telegraph app an awful. It takes ages to download. In fact I'm still waiting for this Satu ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(270)    Comment
Consumer Forum
by Soumya Sagar Mohapatra
Dear Editor: As you know that the consumers are many time have issues on different services, for which they are ... .....more
SEP-26-2015  Viewd(276)    Comment
responding to panic
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When we panic sometimes we will do irresponsible things and have some consequences to pay fo ... .....more
SEP-25-2015  Viewd(203)    Comment
Michigan Irish Musical Festival
by Eileen Grunstra
Dear Editor: Once again the Gate Volunteers at the Irish Music Festival did an outstanding job. You kept the li ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(452)    Comment
Dear Editor:Sphere Ccalculation short cut for GEOMETRY: old formula v=4/3hpi2 other formula was v=4/3pi3 pack an 8 ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(373)    Comment
VW Scandal
by Richard Newman
Dear Editor: There is a deafening silence from all the other worlds marques of cars following the disclosures by V ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(291)    Comment
what bonds your friendship?
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Great friendships have personal activities and secrets gluing the friendship together. ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(237)    Comment
regarding SUDOKU (24-09-15) in Hyd
by Vinod Kumar
Dear Editor: The SUDOKU game in Hyderabad Times dated (24-09-2015) has two answers , where as the game rules spe ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(226)    Comment
Dear Editor: Ro·man num·er·al noun plural noun: Roman numerals any of the letters representing numbers in the ... .....more
SEP-24-2015  Viewd(443)    Comment
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