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Letters to the Editor - AZ Shooting

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AZ Shooting
Arizona shootings
by Brandy M. Owens
Dear Editor: I am writing to you in regards to the shootings that took place in Arizona. I think it ...more
FEB-03-2011  Viewed(1129)    Comment
Hanging Witches
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: Like the puritans before them, the fanatics of the religion of liberalism are hanging ...more
JAN-20-2011  Viewed(1144)    Comment
Targeting People
by Mark Stuhlfaut
Dear Editor: I found it ironic that 13 pages before David von Drehle noted the polarizing use of the ...more
JAN-27-2011  Viewed(961)    Comment
Tucson Arizona Catastrophe
by Don Bitler
Dear Editor: We should all abhor, no matter what political party, the fact so many in the liberal media ...more
JAN-17-2011  Viewed(1059)    Comment
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
by R.L. Greenfield
Dear Editor: The magic of words. I love you, Miele. Those words in perfect combination for me ...more
JAN-17-2011  Viewed(881)    Comment
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
by Ruth Dills
Dear Editor: It has now been over a week since the Congresswoman was wounded in Arizona, and we have ...more
JAN-24-2011  Viewed(927)    Comment
Think! America
by Arthur Simpson
Dear Editor: As a St. Louis expat living in Hawaii, I still regard St. Louis as a barometer of sorts, ...more
JAN-17-2011  Viewed(993)    Comment
Richard Cohen - The Gun did it
by Gunther Monteadora
Dear Editor: Mr. Cohen's article "The gun did it" borders on the insane. A gun, an inert object, did ...more
JAN-17-2011  Viewed(1278)    Comment
Guns and Violence
by Michael Diamant, MD
Dear Editor: Today, in my Sunday, USA Weekend supplement to our local newspaper, there is a full page ...more
JAN-16-2011  Viewed(1024)    Comment
Response to Jared Loughner article
by Mary Bushnell
Dear Editor: Having just finished your deeply researched article on Mr. Loughner's complex and troubled ...more
JAN-23-2011  Viewed(1125)    Comment
by Rich Samples
Dear Editor: While there can be no doubt that divisive, vitriolic hate speech (whether from the right ...more
JAN-16-2011  Viewed(1105)    Comment
Time Cover
by sue johnson
Dear Editor: Why of why the photo of the murderer on the cover? That is exactly what they crave, ...more
JAN-22-2011  Viewed(917)    Comment
After Tucson, Time, January 24, 201
by Philip Rice
Dear Editor: Dear Richard Stengel, Regarding your recent article , "After Tucson", I find it odd that ...more
JAN-15-2011  Viewed(1082)    Comment
Memorial at Tucson
by Ruth Schneider
Dear Editor: Six people were murdered by a psychopath in Tucson. All six were Christians who look to ...more
JAN-15-2011  Viewed(1082)    Comment
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