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Letters to the Editor - Air Terror

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Air Terror
Screening at our airports
by Kay Connors
Dear Editor: I keep reading about our citizens complaining about the screening processes going on or ...more
JAN-15-2010  Viewed(1087)    Comment
Travel in the Future?
by Lloy A. Keeling
Dear Editor: I can envision a future air travel scenario such as the following: hundreds of barefoot ...more
JAN-20-2010  Viewed(1186)    Comment
Airline security
by Phillip M. Baer
Dear Editor: I watched the ongoing saga debate over scanning at an airport on the world news. When a ...more
JAN-06-2010  Viewed(1380)    Comment
The Bureaucracy
by Kamal
Dear Editor: The Detroit debacle was the failure of the intelligence and bureaucratic departments. Even, ...more
JAN-03-2010  Viewed(1070)    Comment
GOP Seizes On Security
by Sue Marts
Dear Editor: The GOP once again seizes on security as issue. During the past GOP administration ...more
JAN-02-2010  Viewed(1103)    Comment
Airline Bombers
by Daniel J Doyon
Dear Editor: These Jihadists should not be criminally charged; acts of terrorism against unarmed ...more
DEC-31-2009  Viewed(1326)    Comment
Airline Travel Safety
by Rosemarie Dios
Dear Editor: I advise having bomb sniffing dogs on board on all flights. Nothing would give me more ...more
DEC-31-2009  Viewed(1454)    Comment
New Terrorism safeguards proposed
by John-Arthur Daley
Dear Editor: It has been recently reported that International airlines will now not permit passengers to ...more
DEC-28-2009  Viewed(1449)    Comment
Cheney ,Terrorist banker dad ties
by L. DeRosa
Dear Editor:I have heard that Dick Cheney has direct or indirect ties to the banker, who's son just tried ...more
DEC-28-2009  Viewed(1262)    Comment
Better Airport Security
by Charles Levine
Dear Editor: In "More Questions on Why Terror Suspect Was Not Stopped," published online in the New ...more
DEC-28-2009  Viewed(1387)    Comment
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