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the simple dreams
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Sometimes we wait to be asked to do something because we think it's somehow ...more
DEC-30-2016  Viewed(83)    Comment
by Hadi Bakhash
Dear Editor:Culture might be characterized as an essential entire which influences human ideals,actions ...more
DEC-22-2016  Viewed(71)    Comment
Masterpiece:Au Hasard Balthazar
by Jeanine Lissauer
Dear Editor: How could a film about the torture and death of a helpless donkey be considered a ...more
OCT-31-2016  Viewed(123)    Comment
The igNobel Prize for literature
by Peter Stark
Dear Editor: What an unedifying spectacle the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature is to Bob Dylan, ...more
NOV-05-2016  Viewed(62)    Comment
Bob Dylan
by John Dobby
Dear Editor: It is somewhat ironic for the Nobel awarding committee to accuse Dylan of arrogance because ...more
NOV-01-2016  Viewed(66)    Comment
Does Bob Dylan deserve Nobel Prize
by Nipam Kumar Saikia
Dear Editor:Being a great songwriter and musician, Bob Dylan undoubtedly deserves the Nobel Prize for ...more
OCT-15-2016  Viewed(195)    Comment
Musical consequences
by David Pettitt
Dear Editor: Sir Grateful to BBC Ceefax for alerting us to the dangers of Bagpipers' lung. The ...more
AUG-31-2016  Viewed(158)    Comment
creative ideas
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: If you have creative ideas on how to improve the current state of things and ...more
AUG-03-2016  Viewed(329)    Comment
art wedding
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: For a themed wedding, what if you had your guests create art for your wedding? ...more
JUL-11-2016  Viewed(245)    Comment
Harappa: older than we thought?
by Varghese
Dear Editor: It is conjectured that humans settled in India in waves dating back at least 60000 years ...more
JUN-01-2016  Viewed(305)    Comment
Characteristics of Pakistan Culture
by sualeha khan
Dear Editor:Culture may be defined as an integral whole which affects human ideals,actions and modes of ...more
MAY-27-2016  Viewed(377)    Comment
Cultural and Art Museum
by Julie Shepherd
Dear Editor: Today I visited this great museum in Covina CA at 170 E. School Street. It displays art ...more
MAY-13-2016  Viewed(372)    Comment
self made art
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Would you like to decorate your home with art? then make the art yourself. You ...more
FEB-14-2016  Viewed(516)    Comment
Lawren Harris
by Frederic Schroeder
Dear Editor: James Adams informs us that Canadian art has up until now not enjoyed abroad the high ...more
NOV-28-2015  Viewed(537)    Comment
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