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Letters to the Editor - BP Oil

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BP Oil
National coverage on BP oil spill
by Tornika Ingram
Dear Editor: As soon as BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, ...more
NOV-17-2010  Viewed(1189)    Comment
British Patroleum
by Jonathan Gardner
Dear Editor: In light of the BP disastrous oil spill and destruction of the entire gulf coast life ...more
JUL-17-2010  Viewed(1389)    Comment
Tort Reform
by Gary T Bennett
Dear Editor: It is clear that one good thing that should come out of the Gulf BP disaster is that Tort ...more
JUL-11-2010  Viewed(1384)    Comment
Lack of information about the Gulf
by Todd
Dear Editor: We really need to see more coverage on this story, it should be the biggest story right ...more
JUL-09-2010  Viewed(1334)    Comment
The oil crisis in the Guld of Mexico
by Eddy Widmer
Dear Editor: The dimensions of this environmental catastrophe grow daily in the light of ...more
JUL-07-2010  Viewed(1367)    Comment
The Ongoing Gulf of Mexico Tragedy
by Howard B. Hassman
Dear Editor: With no play on words intended, very disturbing information has just surfaced about the ...more
JUN-30-2010  Viewed(1399)    Comment
BP and Toyota
by Homer Manautou
Dear Editor: BP & Toyota-Different Disasters Same Response: The similarities between what Toyota and ...more
JUN-30-2010  Viewed(1583)    Comment
BP Oil Disaster
by Chris Morton
Dear Editor: Letter to the Commonwealth Office Dear Mr. Jordan, Thank you for your response, ...more
JUN-28-2010  Viewed(1439)    Comment
President Obama mislead by a myth?
by Philip Pearce-Smith
Dear Editor: Presidents apparent hostility and inquisition of Tony Hayard of BP linked ...more
JUN-28-2010  Viewed(1414)    Comment
Incompetence in the White House
by Rex Howard
Dear Editor: I?ll focus with the big chief, Obama. Our economy continues to fail; unemployment is ...more
JUN-28-2010  Viewed(1329)    Comment
BP Oil Criticism Double Standards
by Philip Pearce-Smith
Dear Editor: as a brit excuse the phrase " kettle calling the pot black" ; but when President Obama ...more
JUN-28-2010  Viewed(1626)    Comment
The suicide of captain kruse
by Dr. Robert T. Rinaldi
Dear Editor: Gush, spew, ooze gush, spew, ooze the media helped kill poor Captain Kruse ...more
JUN-27-2010  Viewed(1272)    Comment
BP Oil Spill- Help for Residents
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Poetic Justice: Making "Small People" Music to THEIR Ears When I ...more
JUN-27-2010  Viewed(1402)    Comment
Joe Barton: Modern Day Wayne Morse?
by Jeffrey M. Shear
Dear Editor: I believe many of Joe Barton (R-Texas)?s critics & proponents are missing the point about ...more
JUN-26-2010  Viewed(1255)    Comment
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