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Letters to the Editor - Brexit

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Boris again
by C Tollemache
Dear Editor: Is Boris Johnson trying to sabotage the UK?s negotiations with the EU? (after he ...more
FEB-23-2017  Viewed(5)    Comment
Boris Johnson
by David Goodall
Dear Editor I have long had a grudging admiration for Boris Johnson.It has been ...more
FEB-22-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
by Dr Anthony Owen
Dear Editor: Leave voters are concerned about the cost of Britain?s membership of the EU, but is this ...more
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
Toney Blair
by Ted Wood
Dear Editor: Tony Blair has the bare faced cheek to ignore the will of the British people and campaign ...more
FEB-19-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
T Blair and Brexit
by Alan Foster
Dear Editor: Let's not kid ourselves. TB might be many things but not a fool. He knows there is no ...more
FEB-18-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Blair on ŽBrexit
by Tony Court
Dear Editor: Boris Johnson criticises Tony Blair for his comments on 'Brexit on the ...more
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
The Arrogance of Tony Blair
by Richard Adcock
Dear Editor: The arrogance and conceit and deceit of Tony Blair never ceases to amaze us. During his ...more
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment
Brexit - Tony Blair
by Phillip Jones
Dear Editor: Tony Blair caused unrest in the world when Prime Minister and now seems determine to try ...more
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Tony Blair and Brexit
by Donald Kent
Dear Editor: So, Tony Blair has given his opinion and advice on Brexit. What a pity he didn't ...more
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(75)    Comment
political cartoons
by Jan Free-Gore
Dear Editor: Congratulations to Bob, what a find he is. His political cartoons are spot on, pertinent ...more
FEB-05-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment
Naive Thoughts
by Michael Clayton
Sir, It appears to me that the government at the time of the referendum could not disclose or ...more
FEB-10-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Brexit Vote Let Down by Labour
by John Wealthall
Dear Editor: Perhaps now that MP's have overwhelmingly voted to progress Article 50, those people who ...more
FEB-02-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
by Jacquelyn Miles
Dear Editor: I am a woman ?of pensionable age? born in London and brought up in Cornwall by right wing ...more
FEB-02-2017  Viewed(33)    Comment
by Philip Pyke
Dear Editor: Ken Clarke does not speak for me, nor 17 million other people. ...more
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(50)    Comment
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