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Cameron Resignation
by Anthony Wagg
Dear Editor: Why are modern-day Prime Ministers too grand to sit on the back benches? ...more
SEP-12-2016  Viewed(398)    Comment
David Cameron
by Mary Whitehead
Dear Editor: Does today's announcement from Mr Cameron signal a senior City posting, publication of ...more
SEP-19-2016  Viewed(333)    Comment
Levinson´s Victims
by Michael Lynch
Dear Editor: In the light of the revelation that the News of the World did not delete messages from ...more
DEC-12-2011  Viewed(982)    Comment
We´re fuelling the speculation
by Shahid Mahdi
Dear Editor: True, the News of the World's illicit methods of acquiring info deserved dissassembly and ...more
NOV-24-2011  Viewed(980)    Comment
The Press, Levinson and Mrs Sempril
by Michael Lynch
Dear Editor: It's about time the press stopped whining and took notice of the serious damage the ...more
NOV-22-2011  Viewed(1073)    Comment
Re:Ms. McCartney:Phone Hacking
by Shahid Mahdi
Dear Editor: Ms. McCartney's juxtaposition of the News of The World scandal with the rest of the ...more
AUG-21-2011  Viewed(971)    Comment
Phone Hacking by Murdoch Organisation
by Brian Isherwood
Dear Editor: The phone hacking scandal has given MPs, along with the media, a wonderful opportunity to ...more
JUL-29-2011  Viewed(1037)    Comment
Cameron embarasses Britain
by John Holland
Dear Editor: Mr Cameron in attempting to duck questions put to him by the BBC in South Africa passing ...more
JUL-21-2011  Viewed(1110)    Comment
Neuharth on Public Appetite
by Stephen E. Chalmers
Dear Editor: Regarding Al Neuharth's Fulfilling public's appetite (July 15) I believe a strong press ...more
JUL-27-2011  Viewed(958)    Comment
Journalists scared?
by Shirley Sacks
Dear Editor: I watched the grilling of the younger and older Murdochs. James said that pay offs to ...more
JUL-27-2011  Viewed(933)    Comment
The Murdoch Saga
by David Moffat
Dear Editor: What is becoming of us? Have we lost all sense of decency and honour? When is a man ...more
JUL-27-2011  Viewed(1010)    Comment
coming to Rupert Murdoch´s defense
by Ron Charach
Dear Editor: "I would just like to saye one sound bayte, er, one sentence. This is the most humbling ...more
JUL-27-2011  Viewed(1125)    Comment
UK Police Resignations
by JS Gillam
Dear Editor: Since when has it been deemed appropriate under law in the United Kingdom for a ...more
JUL-25-2011  Viewed(1016)    Comment
Politics in UK - who is responsible?
by Ingé Eveleigh
Dear Editor: Back in 1997 Roy Greenslade wrote a very telling article on the forthcoming marriage of ...more
JUL-25-2011  Viewed(1034)    Comment
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