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Letters to the Editor - Canada Election

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Canada Election
Conspiracy in Canada
by Khadijeh Chahrour
Dear Editor: The Conservatives have won again, but could this election have been a conspiracy? Stephan ...more
MAY-11-2011  Viewed(1166)    Comment
Canadian Politics
by Robert Errity
Dear Editor:I must reply to the letter from Kevin James O"Mahoney from California regarding the recent ...more
MAY-13-2011  Viewed(1680)    Comment
Will History Repeat Itself
by Richard Pickett
Dear Editor: Any Canadian who was around in the 50?s will surely see many parallels between the ...more
MAY-05-2011  Viewed(1524)    Comment
television election coverage
by Mary Dooley
Dear Editor: I watched the CTV television coverage of the recent election campaign and was disappointed ...more
MAY-11-2011  Viewed(1028)    Comment
Canada elections results
by N. Howard
Dear Editor: Was the NDP result really so stunning? Excepting the Bloc voters jumping ship to the NDP, ...more
MAY-04-2011  Viewed(1109)    Comment
Your editorial: Conservative majority
by Geoff Costanzo
Dear Editor: A majority must be earned, by the party and its leader earning the trust of the people. It ...more
MAY-01-2011  Viewed(1078)    Comment
Alternative Vote
by Evelyn A.R. Ward
Dear Editor: The Alternative Vote ( AV) can only "work", in a truly democratic way, if only the 1st ...more
MAY-01-2011  Viewed(1159)    Comment
Conservative Majority
by Leo Boissy
Dear Editor: While I would never have expected The Sun to do anything but support the Conservatives I ...more
APR-30-2011  Viewed(1287)    Comment
headline Jack Laydon in a bawdy show
by Marilyn J. Murray
Dear Editor: I have never voted NDP but your cover page on this morning's newspaper is nothing but bad ...more
APR-30-2011  Viewed(1097)    Comment
May 2nd election
by David Beveridge
Dear Editor: When British columbians cast their votes on May 2 nd, I hope they remember the first NDP ...more
APR-29-2011  Viewed(1125)    Comment
Leaders disappoint
by Ruth Campling
Dear Editor: I am the mother of two young women who have been of voting age for a few elections, but ...more
APR-28-2011  Viewed(1255)    Comment
Mr. Harperīs economic record
by Dr. R.J. Adderley
Dear Editor: Do we really want massive spending on prisons and military hardware, so that Mr. Harper ...more
APR-28-2011  Viewed(1091)    Comment
NDP Successes in Quebec
by William Roe
Dear Editor: Look at who Jack Layton is courting in Quebec - all of his old separatists buddies from ...more
APR-28-2011  Viewed(1083)    Comment
Spoiled Quebec NDP Voters
by Wayne Weeks
Dear Editor: As a western Canadian in Edmonton, Ab. I wonder what the interest of Quebec could possibly ...more
APR-28-2011  Viewed(968)    Comment
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