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My article-1
by sadhana devi chauhan
Dear Editor: I could not finish my issue in mere 250 words that's why mailing in parts, kindly once go ...more
JAN-22-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Incorrect ladders in Trains for Upp
Dear Editor: I was travelling in a train 17652 Hyd/Chennai express recently. We had two berths one ...more
JAN-20-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Hospitals- The outwardly show
by Binu Dutta
Dear Editor: HOSPITALS-GREEDY GOOD DOERS With the advancement in medical science, it is an honor that ...more
JAN-19-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
by S Balagangadharan
Dear Editor: On 3rd January 2017, I made some purchase in T Nagar Shop and offer for cashless payment by ...more
JAN-20-2017  Viewed(45)    Comment
Chaos with Indian PIO Cards
by Dr. Ranjit B. Mazumder
Dear Editor: The good intention of Prime Minister Modi to foster the relationship between persons of ...more
JAN-12-2017  Viewed(44)    Comment
Mandatory Aadhar in schools?
by Rahul Kulkarni
Dear Editor, I am writing to you as a parent of two school going children whose school is making it ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(114)    Comment
Wrong charges by ICICI Credit Cards
by Rahul Shah
Dear Editor: ICICI Credit card sold me their card saying the lounges are free, which they are. Now, ...more
JAN-08-2017  Viewed(45)    Comment
ACT Fibernet
by Gayathri V
Dear Editor: ACT Broadband internet went off on 12th Dec 2016 in most of Chennai owing to Vardah ...more
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(50)    Comment
Open letter to Uber management
by Aish Sinha
Dear Editor: it would be great if you could please publish this open letter to Uber management. I ...more
JAN-13-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
by Jennifer Correya
Dear Editor My father aged 93 year went GPO Chennai to collect his pension for Dec 2016 they gave him ...more
JAN-03-2017  Viewed(186)    Comment
exchange of old Rs.500/notes
by Balasubramanian.
Dear Editor: On 2/01/17 I had been to RBI Bangalore to exchange old Rs.500/notes and around 500 people ...more
JAN-03-2017  Viewed(87)    Comment
Nuisance car parrking
by Residents, Shanthi Nagar Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai 600088
Dear Editor: Adambakkam shanthi Nagar area, Chennai 600088 is pure residential area. There are nearly ...more
JAN-02-2017  Viewed(304)    Comment
Surcharge in credit cards
by K.R.Narasimhan
Dear Editor: While the Govt is pushing for e transactions, the credit card service providers still ...more
JAN-02-2017  Viewed(45)    Comment
ACT Internet Service Chennai
by Venkat
Dear Editor: We all know about the Vardah storm in Chennai. ACT internet service was disrupted heavily ...more
DEC-28-2016  Viewed(49)    Comment
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