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Petrol and Diesel Price in India
Dear Editor: We take pride in projecting our country as a much better progressing economy than many ...more
JAN-06-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Loot of Coal
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Loot of Coal Coal is yet another significant ...more
DEC-31-2016  Viewed(28)    Comment
Smart meter wrong readings
by Patrick Sinker
Dear Editor: Over the past 3 years I have had 3 occasions when the electricity supplier fitted a smart ...more
DEC-29-2016  Viewed(221)    Comment
Letter to Modi - Loot of Strategic
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Open Letter to Modi Ji - Loot of Highly ...more
DEC-26-2016  Viewed(70)    Comment
Finding energy
by Paul Giggs
Dear Editor: With fossil fuels disappearing and unpopular these days, the search is on for a ...more
DEC-14-2016  Viewed(37)    Comment
How About a Green Wall?
by Kevin J Cogan, Colonel, U.S. Army (retired)
Dear Editor: How About a Green Wall? There has been a lot of talk about building a 2000 mile wall and ...more
DEC-03-2016  Viewed(77)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: In agreeing to cut oil production,OPEC oil producing nations are rigging the global oil ...more
DEC-01-2016  Viewed(27)    Comment
Gas and electricity problem in city
by Kinza Shahzad
Dear Editor: As you know electricity problems in Karachi is so common from couple of years but there is ...more
NOV-27-2016  Viewed(233)    Comment
Real Academia, Industry Linkages
by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Suleman Tahir
Dear Editor: "Real Academia, Industry Linkages and Economic Stability" We are living in a ...more
NOV-23-2016  Viewed(65)    Comment
Load shedding
by maniyal abeer
Dear Editor: I'm a citizen of Karachi and i want to gain your attention towards load ...more
NOV-28-2016  Viewed(52)    Comment
Nuclera Brinkmanship
by Kelvin Benny
Dear Editor:The ongoing visit PM Sri.Narendra Modi to Japan is crucial for India's dream in Nuclear ...more
NOV-14-2016  Viewed(53)    Comment
Energy Crises
by Sana sanaullah
Dear Editor: An energy crises is any great shortfall (or price rises) in the supply of energy ...more
NOV-13-2016  Viewed(99)    Comment
Complaint Of Load-shedding
by Sarim Sana Chatha
Honorable Editor, Will you favour me by allowing some space for my letter ...more
NOV-05-2016  Viewed(232)    Comment
by Leigh Mendelsohn
Dear Editor: If the government and the fracking companies are so sure there is no danger to homes, ...more
OCT-06-2016  Viewed(161)    Comment
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