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by colin murdock
Dear Editor: When we want to do all we can to help British farmers it amazes me that M&S are selling ...more
JUL-18-2017  Viewed(23)    Comment
What Cookies and Meth Have in Common
Dear Editor: Re: "What Cookies and Meth Have in Common" Opinion by Richard A. Friedman. ...more
JUL-05-2017  Viewed(93)    Comment
Vicious cycle of Loans & Waivers
by Hemant Dixit
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, This has reference to recent farmers agitation in various parts of India. In ...more
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(62)    Comment
Farmer Crisis
by Prem Kumar
Dear Editor: Why Wolds Oldest Occupation ? Farming may die soon ? Farming is the oldest known ...more
JUN-22-2017  Viewed(76)    Comment
Obesity Problems of India
by Drishti Jain
Dear Editor: Obesity problems in India is more than anywhere else. Although,obesity problems are ...more
JUN-27-2017  Viewed(69)    Comment
Article on recent strikes In M.P
by Vipul Raj Soni
Dear Editor:I am Vipul Raj Soni, a agribusiness trader of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is known for its ...more
JUN-09-2017  Viewed(80)    Comment
Cows: Star animals in India
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: If the slaughtering of cows is an offence in Modi?s India, then what about the ...more
MAY-31-2017  Viewed(110)    Comment
Breakfast Cereals
by John Turner
Dear Editor: As a Type 1 diabetic and father of two young children, I take an interest in the sugar ...more
MAY-20-2017  Viewed(142)    Comment
by Jean Bennett
Dear Editor: Skate is my favourite fish so I was interested to read letter from Paul Gilson on 23rd ...more
APR-27-2017  Viewed(132)    Comment
Donīt run after those eating beef
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: The ruling party politicians in India are more concerned about the slaughter of cows ...more
APR-21-2017  Viewed(151)    Comment
school fee paying parents
by Anne Wells - Reading
Dear Editor: Is Jeremy Corbyn unaware that parents who have chosen to send their children to Independent ...more
APR-06-2017  Viewed(162)    Comment
Vegetables a source of disease
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor:I would to draw the attention of all our readers to our daily intake of vegetables .Most of ...more
MAR-31-2017  Viewed(192)    Comment
Slaughter house
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor I appreciate UP chief minister's decision to shut down unlicensed slaughter house .This is ...more
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(185)    Comment
Hygiene in food
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: We do eat in different eating places other than our homes .But do you think the food is ...more
MAR-23-2017  Viewed(252)    Comment
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