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Letters to the Editor - Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage
Homosexual Marriage
by Donald Martin
Dear Editor: The word is HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE, not GAY. The solution is clear: If people are practicing ...more
MAY-17-2012  Viewed(2367)    Comment
Gay marriage
by Barbara Kaplan
Dear Editor: To all the evangelicals who insist that the purpose of marriage is procreation, I suggest ...more
MAY-13-2012  Viewed(1966)    Comment
Same-sex marriage
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Same-sex marriage is fair to homosexuals and should assist in mainstream inclusion,but ...more
MAY-13-2012  Viewed(1862)    Comment
Same-sex marriage
by Jerry Steinberg
Dear Editor: Nowadays, families come in all shapes and sizes. There are families with a mom and a ...more
MAY-12-2012  Viewed(2034)    Comment
Romney is the wrong candidate
by Ilya Rubinstein
Dear Editor: With great interest I read an article by Kathleen Parker ?Evolving Narratives Miss the ...more
MAY-12-2012  Viewed(1035)    Comment
Gay Marriage
by Lewis Giles
Dear Editor: In the May 11,2012 edition of the DMN, there were two interesting articles on gay ...more
MAY-12-2012  Viewed(1275)    Comment
Faith: Obama vs Romney
by robert Brooks
Dear Editor: I do not believe in same-sex marriage, but neither do I recognize Franklin Graham as ...more
MAY-11-2012  Viewed(1006)    Comment
Gay Marriage Is Wrong Subject
by Charlotte Alexander
Dear Editor: Gay marriage isn't the conversation Americans need to be hearing about from our ...more
MAY-18-2012  Viewed(1200)    Comment
GAY MARRIAGE... well, never mind.
by Joe Prussing
Dear Editor: Okay, so Joe (Plugs) Biden put his foot in his mouth, again, by prematurely announcing ...more
MAY-11-2012  Viewed(1055)    Comment
gay marriage
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: In my small capacity, I want to say something. The energy, financial ...more
MAY-11-2012  Viewed(1262)    Comment
gay marriage via President Obama
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: The President of the United States approves gay marriage. I don't see this so ...more
MAY-10-2012  Viewed(1220)    Comment
gay marriage
by Joel Eigen
Dear Editor: I was not surprised to read Congressman Pitts's observation that he thought the president ...more
MAY-10-2012  Viewed(1106)    Comment
President Obama´s recent interview
by BARBARA C. Friedman
Dear Editor: I am so proud to be an American today! Ignorance and bigotry have lost and civil rights of ...more
MAY-09-2012  Viewed(1012)    Comment
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