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Letters to the Editor - Gaza

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Everyone a looser
by Julian Sorsby
Dear Editor: So, it would appear that 51 days of death and destruction are over. What is the final ...more
AUG-28-2014  Viewed(898)    Comment
by Colin Hamer
Dear Editor: The BBC headlines their website world news this evening (19 August) with: "Israel hits ...more
AUG-19-2014  Viewed(742)    Comment
by jillian white
Dear Editor: Now let me get this straight: Australian Muslims get stern warnings about being terrorists, ...more
AUG-18-2014  Viewed(984)    Comment
IS War Crimes
by Michael R Miles
Dear Editor: The violence committed by IS in Iraq appears to constitute the war crime of genocide. ...more
AUG-16-2014  Viewed(831)    Comment
by Terry Schwartz
Dear Editor: ISIS is more barbaric than the Nazi's, are we as the civilised world, not just the U. S., ...more
AUG-13-2014  Viewed(841)    Comment
Straight Talk
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: President Obama is sending more ?advisers? to Iraq despite his promises of ?no boots on the ...more
AUG-13-2014  Viewed(781)    Comment
Missed Opportunities!
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Threats against the United States of America must be taken seriously these days. Osama ...more
AUG-13-2014  Viewed(872)    Comment
Boots on the Ground
by Joe Leadbeater
Dear Editor: It seems we should not send our regular troops to Northern Iraq. I agree but how about ...more
AUG-13-2014  Viewed(781)    Comment
A Simple Soultion for ISIS or ISIL
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Historical Background: In World War II General Douglas Macarthur and President Truman ...more
AUG-12-2014  Viewed(751)    Comment
When did Britain lose faithin Israel
by pam hardyment
Dear Editor: It is impossible to take Benny Morris at all seriously as a historian when he fills his ...more
AUG-12-2014  Viewed(827)    Comment
Baroness Warzi´s resignation
by Alan Share
Dear Editor: Baroness Warzi is rightly concerned about civilian casualties in Gaza. She should also ...more
AUG-11-2014  Viewed(738)    Comment
Open Letter to Baroness Warsi
by Rabbi Michael Boyden
Dear Editor: Dear Lady Warsi, I have read of your decision to resign from the UK Government in ...more
AUG-18-2014  Viewed(751)    Comment
by Stuart Field
Dear Editor, It is difficult to know where to start in responding to the various reports on the ...more
AUG-10-2014  Viewed(911)    Comment
Obama´s War
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: In a classic example of too little, too late, president Obama is attacking ISIS with a ...more
AUG-10-2014  Viewed(904)    Comment
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