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Letters to the Editor - Global Warming

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Global Warming
Steps to slow down Global Warming
by Nakul Gureja
Dear Editor: Steps to slow down Global Warming 1-Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a ...more
MAY-21-2010  Viewed(7682)    Comment
Lets assert our power
by James Packard
Dear Editor: As Copenhagen shows, our nation's government is hopelessly deadlocked in partisan politics. ...more
DEC-21-2009  Viewed(2009)    Comment
Copenhagen Meeting of World Leaders
by Kathleen Donelly
Dear Editor: The recent meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen reveals the obvious - that they do not ...more
DEC-21-2009  Viewed(1982)    Comment
by Gordon Pelletier
Dear Editor: The blame for the Copenhagen failure lies with China - not any other country. If Obama, ...more
DEC-26-2009  Viewed(1482)    Comment
Australians love of persecution
by John Owens
Dear Editor: The jury is definitely out on whether we or others will drown from man made carbon ...more
DEC-18-2009  Viewed(1753)    Comment
On controlling GHGs
by Jennifer Cluse
Dear Editor: I was at a non-demanding task today, just thinking; With the wind-up of the Copenhagen ...more
DEC-23-2009  Viewed(1508)    Comment
Climate Change
by Tom Edward
Dear Editor: If Ontario, Quebec and BC are sincere in believing Canada should use its resource industry ...more
DEC-17-2009  Viewed(2089)    Comment
Capitalism & Global Warming
by Richard V. Godsell
Dear Editor: Lately, I've been reading many letters about Global Warming and for the most part I agree ...more
DEC-17-2009  Viewed(3068)    Comment
Urgent for Copenhagan Summit
by Veronica Betros
Dear Editor: The further technology advances, the greater the risks we incur to our environment?and ...more
DEC-17-2009  Viewed(3800)    Comment
by Amit kumar N Thakkar
Dear Editor: Sir, i am a researcher working on a seasonal crop. Recent climatic changes shows that our ...more
DEC-16-2009  Viewed(3092)    Comment
Climate - Kevin Canute
by Richard B Jones
Dear Editor: King Kev Many years ago, there was a king Who tried to do an amazing thing On a beach he ...more
DEC-16-2009  Viewed(1479)    Comment
Climate legislation now.
by Bryan Wither
Dear Editor: With world leaders hammering out a deal in Copenhagen to reduce their greenhouse gas ...more
DEC-15-2009  Viewed(1603)    Comment
No Cap and Trade
by Sandra Vasquez
Dear Editor: I am against the Cap and Trade and see everything as, all of us as citizen's especially ...more
DEC-15-2009  Viewed(1422)    Comment
We Can Afford It
by Lyle Paul
Dear Editor: In the interest of saving the environment your editors can use an economy of words. ...more
DEC-13-2009  Viewed(2152)    Comment
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