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Letters to the Editor - Gun Control

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Gun Control
Sandy Hook remembers
by Kathryn Miiller
Dear Editor: I think the parents of Sandy Hook victims might be thinking: so now you know how it feels ...more
JUN-14-2017  Viewed(64)    Comment
Shooting of Congressman
by David Schonberger
Dear Editor: Did anyone but me make an immediate connection between those that condon the behavior of ...more
JUN-21-2017  Viewed(11)    Comment
Gun control
by Jack Riddle
Dear Editor: The vast majority of firearms related incidences occur in large cites such as Detroit, ...more
AUG-10-2016  Viewed(889)    Comment
Second Amendment Rights
by Gracia Fay Ellwood, Ph.D.
Dear Editor: In recent months, mass murders, and racially-charged police shootings of unarmed citizens ...more
JUL-30-2016  Viewed(645)    Comment
Gun ban hypocrisy
by Dorothea Dorenz
Dear Editor: Hi, I would like to know if the Times will do an article about the obvious hypocrisy of ...more
JUL-18-2016  Viewed(632)    Comment
speaker of House of Representatives
by Tom Donaldson
Dear Editor: Hey fellow Americans...I'm asking for your help in getting Paul Ryan to stop pushing gun ...more
JUL-11-2016  Viewed(493)    Comment
Gun Control
by Nevada Adams
Dear Editor: Five cops shot and killed with at least 7 wounded in Dallas Texas by a crazed black ...more
JUL-08-2016  Viewed(558)    Comment
Gun Control and Values
by Herb Mayr
Dear Editor: Enough is Enough ! Every year hundreds of thousands in the United States are ...more
JUN-27-2016  Viewed(907)    Comment
Orlando vigils, concerts, etc
by Pinchas Schoenfeld
Dear Editor: Perhaps someone will be able to address my query. Concerning the tragedy, the death of ...more
JUN-17-2016  Viewed(547)    Comment
by Frank Murray
Dear Editor: Why doesn't the government ban the sale of all assault rifles? You don;t need an AR-15 ...more
JUN-22-2016  Viewed(534)    Comment
A Measured Response
by Dan Fraser
Dear Editor: According to the NB Fish and Game Act, Firearms Regulations, a firearms owner is required ...more
JUN-03-2016  Viewed(602)    Comment
Second Amendment
by Thomas Ragusa
Second Amendment The indiscriminate right of all to bear arms does not supersede the right of one to ...more
JAN-29-2016  Viewed(882)    Comment
Gun laws based on fact or emotion?
by Linden Kunz
Dear Editor: Due to the lack of news worthiness, the 1,500,000 times in 2014 a gun was used to stop a ...more
JAN-25-2016  Viewed(829)    Comment
NRA at war
by Jerome McCollom
Dear Editor: So the NRA, which represents the best interests of the gun makers of America, is at war ...more
DEC-23-2015  Viewed(751)    Comment
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