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Letters to the Editor - Haiti

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Hike for Haiti
by Mr. Simon M. Di Castri
Dear Editor: This is the story of the little school that could. St. Joseph?s Elementary School in ...more
FEB-16-2010  Viewed(1326)    Comment
Haiti´s Orphans
by E. Gay Schroff
Dear Editor: Just how many of the 33 children that the Idaho missionaries were trying to take out of ...more
FEB-12-2010  Viewed(1220)    Comment
Haiti fund raising
by Arlene Philpott
Dear Editor: I work for a nonprofit that serves men and women in crisis every day. Their need is not ...more
FEB-04-2010  Viewed(1292)    Comment
Magical Money
by Chris Day
Dear Editor: As a student who feels terribly for the losses in Haiti and has reached into the depths of ...more
FEB-07-2010  Viewed(1171)    Comment
Lesser people of Haiti!
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Thousands of people were killed in Haiti by the ?catastrophe of major proportions'. The ...more
JAN-30-2010  Viewed(1371)    Comment
Donations to Haiti
by Kaitlin Steed
Dear Editor: After this year?s massive earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, how many times have you been ...more
JAN-28-2010  Viewed(1340)    Comment
by D. Leslie Winter, Co-Founder, MicroAid International
Dear Editor: The immediate out-pouring of concern and funds directed to Haiti is heartening and will ...more
FEB-04-2010  Viewed(1270)    Comment
Haiti Reconstruction
by Richard A Muller
Dear Editor: My wife and I were having a discussion regarding what we could do for the people of ...more
JAN-27-2010  Viewed(1229)    Comment
Help For Haiti
by Jim Mitchell
Dear Editor:I am all for giving to help out for all the devastation in Haiti and I like that you can text ...more
JAN-26-2010  Viewed(1278)    Comment
by Mike Walsh
Dear Editor: How can the media justify the large number of reporters and ...more
JAN-25-2010  Viewed(1257)    Comment
My Poem for the Haitian People~
by Heidi Ram
Dear Editor: My Poem for the Haitian People~ I am not a Looter! I am still and now I see, I took ...more
JAN-22-2010  Viewed(1498)    Comment
by Jerry Rich,
Dear Editor: I don't understand why the most powerful nation on the planet, US, the United States, can't ...more
JAN-21-2010  Viewed(1169)    Comment
by Carl B Downey
Dear Editor: What If What if there had been an earthquake With fatalities unbelievably high; With ...more
JAN-19-2010  Viewed(1180)    Comment
Haiti disaster relief
by Charlene Moore
Dear Editor: The U.S. must take lessons from Israel on disaster relief. They are thousands of miles ...more
JAN-19-2010  Viewed(1196)    Comment
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