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by Angela Elling
Dear Editor: It is with absolute disgust that I read the article about Nurses and their pay-Rod Liddle ...more
JUL-24-2017  Viewed(5)    Comment
Sen. John McCain
by Anh Lê
Dear Editor: Re "McCain Learns Brain Cancer Is Behind Clot" (Front Page, The New York Times, July 20, ...more
JUL-21-2017  Viewed(233)    Comment
upcoming vote on Obamacare
by William N. Barbat
Dear Editor: In opposing a reform bill, a few Republican Senators will perpetuate Obamacare and speed ...more
JUL-19-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
The Three Musketeers
by martin ortiz
Dear Editor: Three Musketeers--Meet Your Equals The three Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis are ...more
JUL-19-2017  Viewed(34)    Comment
U.S. Politcians Hunt Mythical Beast
by Lange Winckler
Dear Editor: Britain?s national coat of arms features a mythical beast - a unicorn rearing, hooves ...more
JUL-17-2017  Viewed(25)    Comment
AHCA Death Panels
by Martin Ortiz
Dear Editor: AHCA Death Panels. Why is McConnell working so hard to pass a lousy bill that will ...more
JUL-15-2017  Viewed(55)    Comment
Senate Health Bill
by Jason Chertoff MD, MPH
To the Editor: Recently, the newest version of the Senate Health Bill with its proposed ?lockout ...more
JUL-19-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Do members and fighters of Islamic State suffer PTSD,or because they apparently have no ...more
JUL-11-2017  Viewed(46)    Comment
Importance of Physiotherapy & WRMSD
by Dr. Fenny Shah
Dear Editor: Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Dr. Fenny Shah, working as a consultant ...more
JUL-01-2017  Viewed(50)    Comment
by Bill Boyd
Dear Editor: I know this may not be the most popular opinion here in Montgomery County but I personally ...more
JUN-28-2017  Viewed(64)    Comment
Doctors day- Time for introspection
by Dr.Krutarth R. Brahmbhatt (M.D,PDCR,PDMJ)
Dear Editor:As ?Doctors day" is round the corner; I would like to discuss the issue of violence towards ...more
JUN-27-2017  Viewed(83)    Comment
Health article in today´s DT
by Stephen Jenkins
Dear Editor: I think it is time to point out that Dr. Aseem Malhotra is not a leading cardiologist,if ...more
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(76)    Comment
by mark durward fisher jr
Dear Editor: Eight years ago we did not have Obamacare. Cancel it 12-31-2018. Allow time for carriers ...more
JUL-02-2017  Viewed(55)    Comment
Diabetic cure and prevent
by Sharmeen Farid
Dear Editor: I wish to submit few lines through publication in your news paper, the number of diabetic ...more
JUN-24-2017  Viewed(70)    Comment
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