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Letters to the Editor - Health Care

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American Health Care Costs
by Carol Y. Godsave
Dear Editor: Our esteemed Secretary of Health, Kathleen Sebelius, has said: "We pay 2 1/2 times what ...more
APR-04-2011  Viewed(1201)    Comment
Healthcare Reform
by Sean P. Dugan
Dear Editor: It?s not surprising that 176 million American have group health insurance coverage ...more
MAR-29-2011  Viewed(1439)    Comment
Health Care in the US
by John O'Donnell
Dear Editor: Some of us foreigner sometimes have problems understanding our US cousins. The image I have ...more
MAR-19-2011  Viewed(1291)    Comment
Blue Shield Hikes Could Reach 86.5%
by Pearl Munak
Dear Editor:re: your story "Blue Shield Hikes Could Reach 86.5%", March 12, 2011 Like most people, I ...more
MAR-19-2011  Viewed(864)    Comment
Medicaid Budget Restraints
by Wannita Thesier-Hendricks
Dear Editor: I am a 52 year old Alabama resident that is in need of an Insulin Pump. I have been on ...more
MAR-02-2011  Viewed(1420)    Comment
Swap health coverage for cash
by Art Ammermuller
Dear Editor: I am a health insurance broker in Red Bank. I have a lot of small business owners who are ...more
MAR-08-2011  Viewed(1073)    Comment
Healthcare and Politics
by Julia G. Myers
Dear Editor: I was just wondering if anyone has figured out what politicians have managed to do? That ...more
MAR-01-2011  Viewed(1139)    Comment
Have we not any compassion left?
by Suzanne Villarico
Dear Editor: I come from a medical family. My grand-father, my father, my husband and my daughter are ...more
FEB-17-2011  Viewed(1146)    Comment
Anthem/Core Insurance Stand-off
by Jan Kelley
Dear Editor: I empathize with Ms. Macinnes caught in the middle of the Anthem mess . I had to change my ...more
FEB-15-2011  Viewed(1045)    Comment
Marriage education bill
by Natty Bumppo
Dear Editor: I must presume that State Rep. Cindy Noe, the sponsor of the coerced marriage education ...more
FEB-17-2011  Viewed(1002)    Comment
Health Care Bill & Job Creation
by Joseph A. Rihn, Jr
Dear Editor: I believe the Universal Health Care passes by the last Congress will be one of the greatest ...more
FEB-15-2011  Viewed(1096)    Comment
Mandatory Health Insurance
by Ed Hansen
Dear Editor: I am amazed at all the talk about 26 states filing a law suit over the mandate to buy ...more
FEB-11-2011  Viewed(1126)    Comment
tort reform
by roy e rood
Dear Editor: Yes, the President DID mention tort reform in passing, and until we have a revival of ...more
JAN-29-2011  Viewed(1282)    Comment
Cost of Prisoner Health Care - Dola
by Jack Reilley
Dear Editor: Why can't California purchase health care insurance for each prisoner? If society must ...more
JAN-27-2011  Viewed(992)    Comment
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