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Letters to the Editor - Israeli Attack

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Israeli Attack
Friends of Israel
by Peter Brown
Dear Editor: How can we fight back and be heard when we are being ignored? National Governments are ...more
JUN-14-2010  Viewed(1113)    Comment
Applying the Helen Thomas Standard
by Bryan Wither
Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with Leonard Pitts' analysis of Helen Thomas' remarks and their ...more
JUN-13-2010  Viewed(1157)    Comment
Friends of Israel
by Peter Brown
Dear Editor: Following the worldwide condemnation of the Israeli hi-jacking of the Gaza Aid Flotilla ...more
JUN-13-2010  Viewed(1137)    Comment
Israel Must Defend Itself
by Harold Warren
Dear Editor: Fred Nagel in today?s Journal said Israel has committed war crimes using American money, ...more
JUN-10-2010  Viewed(1252)    Comment
Helen Thomas/Anti-Semitism
by Janet Stollman
Dear Editor: Watching Helen Thomas's distorted face, condemning all Jews and banishing them ...more
JUN-08-2010  Viewed(1298)    Comment
Helen Thomas Pushed out
by Stephania Widger
Dear Editor: After being an integral part of the Whitehouse Press Corp for 5 presidents, Helen ...more
JUN-07-2010  Viewed(1182)    Comment
Helen Thomas
by Jordan David Soffer
Dear Editor, For many people around the world the recent incidents occurring off the coast of Gaza have ...more
JUN-14-2010  Viewed(1073)    Comment
Israel acts cautiously - 6/6/10 Article
by Diana Hanson
Dear Editor: In the article "Israel acts cautiously in Round 2," you publish a partial list of items ...more
JUN-06-2010  Viewed(1082)    Comment
by Professor Dixie Dean
Dear Sirs Like many others I supported Israel for decades but that support has steadily been eroded. ...more
JUN-06-2010  Viewed(1191)    Comment
Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
by J. Mandel
Dear Editor: If the world is so concerned about providing humanitarian aid to Gaza, why is it that ...more
JUN-06-2010  Viewed(1142)    Comment
Helen Thomas
by Fred Kallet
Dear Editor: The anti Israel and anti-Semitic remarks by Helen Thomas is an outrage and complete ...more
JUN-12-2010  Viewed(1024)    Comment
by Sylvia Gruber
Dear Editor: Isn't it interesting that almost all the talk about making things better in Gaza focuses on ...more
JUN-03-2010  Viewed(1271)    Comment
Israel ...
by Tara Laxer
Dear Editor: When she is attacked by mortal missiles, she defends her people When she is attacked by ...more
JUN-02-2010  Viewed(1467)    Comment
Aid to Gaza
by I Morton Schindler
Dear Editor: Does anyone wonder why there were over 600 passengers on the ship to Gaza. Were they there ...more
JUN-01-2010  Viewed(1089)    Comment
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