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Letters to the Editor - Japan

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Building Japans Reactors Here
by Leslie Moravcik
Dear Editor: How many nuclear disasters are needed to foresee our future in the building of them? ...more
MAR-20-2011  Viewed(1290)    Comment
Japan will rebuild in no time.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The Japan Tsunami was terrible. The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan ...more
MAR-18-2011  Viewed(1234)    Comment
Japan Disaster
by Robert Berger
Dear Editor: I have several concerns about obvious errors in the design of the nuclear plants in Japan ...more
MAR-17-2011  Viewed(1408)    Comment
Golfing and NCAA Bracket Picks?
by Katie Ferrara
Dear Editor: The death toll is rising; there is fear of a meltdown; thousands and thousands are ...more
MAR-17-2011  Viewed(1082)    Comment
Towards A Nuclear Free World
by Ranjani.K.Murthy. Researcher and activist
Dear Editor: As the crisis in Japan unfolds, we are well aware that it could happen elsewhere too. ...more
MAR-16-2011  Viewed(1482)    Comment
The Sun Will Rise Again-Japan
by Raj
Dear Editor: The Chosen One Whenever man is in pain, he seeks God?s help and whenever God is in pain, ...more
MAR-16-2011  Viewed(1090)    Comment
Order in Japan
by John Moore
Dear Editor: What a great example the people of Japan have been in an ongoing effort for survival ...more
MAR-16-2011  Viewed(1205)    Comment
Nuclear fission
by Sudheindra Shidleepur
Dear Editor: Is nuclear fission safe, clean and cheap as claimed by protagonists of nuclear regime? ...more
MAR-15-2011  Viewed(1217)    Comment
Japan Proof! Renewables, Not Nukes!
by Andrea Cuccaro, 1Sky Florida Organizer, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Dear Editor: We at Southern Alliance for Clean Energy oppose any and all plans for new nuclear- none ...more
MAR-14-2011  Viewed(1101)    Comment
Tragedy in Japan
by Jim Heinlein
Dear Editor: My heart aches for the people of Japan. Though they are no strangers to disaster, the ...more
MAR-14-2011  Viewed(1242)    Comment
Help Japan Now
by Stan Hall
Dear Editor: Stephen Harper promises Aid to Japan; Let's start a relief train from eastern Canada ...more
MAR-13-2011  Viewed(1059)    Comment
Earthquake in Japan
by D.V Ramesh
Dear Editor: Japan, by far one of the world?s most peace loving nation, has literally been shook. The ...more
MAR-20-2011  Viewed(1337)    Comment
The NFL and Japan
by Lois Leineke
Dear Editor: How is this for an episode of Polar Opposites - The east coast of the US is drowning in too ...more
MAR-13-2011  Viewed(1469)    Comment
Fury of nature
Dear Editor: We wish to solemnly empathise with Japan in this hour of great tragedy and devastation ...more
MAR-13-2011  Viewed(1138)    Comment
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