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Encouraging acts of violence
by Mr J T Calton
Dear Editor:Dear Sir, The front page of today?s Telegraph showed how low its standard of ...more
MAR-23-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Lack of obituary
by Paul A. Recht
Dear Editor: I have been disappointed that no mention of the passing of Dr. Thomas Starzl on March 4, ...more
MAR-23-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Re.ToI report on K.G.F dt.9,10.3.17
by Sugumar
Dear Editor: Re: ToI Network news appeared on page 5, issue dt.10.3.2017 Apropos ToI?S News Network on ...more
MAR-10-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
objectivity in reporting the news
by Doris Smith
Dear Editor: I have never written before to a newspaper but I felt compelled. I saw that you put in ...more
MAR-07-2017  Viewed(59)    Comment
Media must dig deeper
by Fiona Hamilton
Dear Editor: We may be teetering on the edge of the last verifiable truths of our age, as experienced ...more
MAR-13-2017  Viewed(19)    Comment
Front page on Monday 6th March
by Ann Kitts
Dear Editor: As a long time reader I felt I had to comment on today's front page. Susanna Reid!!! As ...more
MAR-06-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Dont Take It for Granted
by J Lakshmanan
Dear Editor: I am reading the Hindu since last 30 years and today I noticed, todays paper costing Rs. ...more
MAR-04-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Disappoint with Cheers/Tears Column
by Rev. James E. Sauer
Dear Editor: No doubt the items chosen for each week's Saturday column "Tears" and "Cheers" are up to ...more
MAR-11-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
On the Job training
by Alisha S. Sinha
Dear Editor: When students pursuing their Bachelors or their Masters come to the newspaper houses for ...more
MAR-03-2017  Viewed(30)    Comment
BBC News
by Dave Williams
Dear Editor: Today's edition of the BBC News at Six provided the ultimate example of a national ...more
FEB-27-2017  Viewed(31)    Comment
Ludovic Kennedy´s wife
by Carolyn Russell
Dear Editor: Ludovic Kennedy was married to Moira Shearer NOT Norma as caption read under picture ...more
FEB-27-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Bridge and chess columns
by R.Shankar
Dear Editor: I was pleasantly surprised to see a bridge column in your sunday magazine dt 26th Feb.There ...more
FEB-26-2017  Viewed(44)    Comment
BBC at White House Press Briefings
by Mark Sadler
Dear Editor: If President Trump thinks it's ok to exclude the BBC from White House Press Briefings, ...more
MAR-04-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
News conference at White House
by Philip Herschenfeld
Dear Editor: Your cowardly behavior in now walking out of the news conference in which NYT and CNN ...more
FEB-25-2017  Viewed(149)    Comment
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