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Repitition of Times Trends in Patna
by Mrs Krishna Banerjee
Dear Editor: TOI, Patna Today?s TOI news, 12/05/2017 Times Trends page no 13 Is ditto same as ...more
MAY-12-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
by R.Bhaskaran
Dear Editor: You were publishing the schedule of the sports events of the day in ...more
MAY-06-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
editing mistake
by Vishnu Sunil
Dear Editor: my name is Vishnu Sunil. I am writing this letter to inform you that there's an editing ...more
APR-29-2017  Viewed(41)    Comment
Bret Stephens
by Randy Becker
Dear Editor: Bret Stephens received his punishment for being a Trump hater: He's now working for the ...more
APR-29-2017  Viewed(105)    Comment
Slipping down a dangerous slope
by Shahed Sadullah
Dear Editor: I am struggling to find the editorial reasoning behind putting a picture of Marine Le Pen ...more
MAY-01-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Bryony Gordon
by Laura Evans
Dear Editor: I stop buying the Sunday Telegraph so that I wouldn't have to read Bryony Gordon's ...more
MAY-01-2017  Viewed(21)    Comment
Photograph and caption page 2.
by Stewart Hamon.
Dear Editor: Saturdays Telegraph (15th) . The photograph and caption are in fact to do with a retired ...more
APR-15-2017  Viewed(56)    Comment
Peggy Noonanīs Pulitzer
by Richard J. Stenquist (spell it right)
Dear Editor: Congratulations to Peggy Noonan for her Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. I have enjoyed Ms. ...more
APR-12-2017  Viewed(84)    Comment
Role of newspaper
by Adnan Akhtar
Dear Editor:The newspaper is the watchdog of human rights, often called the fourth pillar of a State. It ...more
APR-06-2017  Viewed(86)    Comment
As a Journalist be Impartial
by Hemant Dixit
Dear Editor: Sir, This has reference to editorial ?New Priorities in UP? by Mr. Manoj Joshi (TOI 1st ...more
APR-02-2017  Viewed(78)    Comment
Featured home with animals on walls
by Sally gould
Dear Editor: Your featured article today about a family in Texas with walls covered with killed wild ...more
APR-01-2017  Viewed(94)    Comment
Disgusted by Trophy Room article
by Ian Bishop
Dear Editor: The decision to profile a hunter on the cover of your Mansion section today is repulsive ...more
MAR-31-2017  Viewed(136)    Comment
Technology page in daily news sheet
by Syed qassem hasan
Dear Editor: I wish there must be a page dedicated especially towards Technology (Mobiles, tablets, ...more
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(65)    Comment
by Stephen Bondy
Sirs: A note to tell you that your weekend review section is most striking and good enough to be a ...more
MAR-31-2017  Viewed(54)    Comment
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