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street crimes
by Hamza Ali
Dear Editor: A crime, for example mugging and pick-pocketing, that is carried out in a public place ...more
APR-22-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
Excessive Zeal Police of US Police
by Michael Mathew
Dear Editor: Sir, The news of the recent United Airlines? treatment of one of their passengers by the ...more
APR-14-2017  Viewed(27)    Comment
Late Hit on Neil Gorsuch
by Elizabeth Pleck
Dear Editor: A retired Oxford thesis advisor, it turns out, is ignorant of the rules of plagiarism. ...more
APR-13-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Judiciary´s ego clash
by E.S. Chandrasekaran
Dear Editor:The legal wrangle between a seven-judge Bench of the SC and the defiant Justice C.S. Karnan ...more
APR-05-2017  Viewed(29)    Comment
Ban on drugs
by Adnan akhtar
Dear Editor:It is a well-known fact that drug is like cancer which is destroying our nation. It is a ...more
APR-05-2017  Viewed(40)    Comment
Cruelty against Husband
by Pavitra. Vinod
Dear Editor:Sir, In India where marriage is the union between man and woman to get social status in the ...more
APR-05-2017  Viewed(27)    Comment
America´s Supreme Court Nominee
by Reed Markham
Dear Editor: The United State Senate will vote this week on the replacement for Justice Antonin ...more
APR-04-2017  Viewed(51)    Comment
Policemen violating rules
by Krishna
Dear Editor: We found 3 policemen Tripleseat, without helmet & wrong side on a motorcycle near ...more
MAR-30-2017  Viewed(36)    Comment
Stone throwers -Kashmir
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: The Supreme Court is totally wrong in its decision that security forces should not shoot ...more
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment
by Philip stanley
Dear Editor: As an older firearms trainer, I do hope that the officer who shot that coward is kept on ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(42)    Comment
Judicial Appointment Issue
by Nihit Kishore
Dear Editor: With the continuous delay in the judicial appointments due to the deadlock between ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(100)    Comment
George Osborne
by Stephen de la Bédoy?re
Dear Editor: Napoleon was able to unite the judicial reform of France with, at the same time, ...more
MAR-19-2017  Viewed(52)    Comment
About triple talaq
by Ashish Shukla
Dear Editor: On triple talaq issue.;Muslim personal law board has given very irrelevant evidences.As ...more
MAR-17-2017  Viewed(63)    Comment
Dear Editor: With the help from PMO office , I had some success in shifting the seized vehicle kept ...more
MAR-16-2017  Viewed(50)    Comment
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