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Letters to the Editor - MP expenses

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MP expenses
mp expenses
by lawman
Dear Editor: why is it that when an mp makes a false claim they have only broke a rule but when someone ...more
MAY-30-2010  Viewed(1165)    Comment
The Cost of īHonestī MPīs
by Kenneth E Stacey
Dear Editor: So Ipsa is to have 80 employees, one for every 8 MP's, and cost the taxpayer ?6M per annum. ...more
FEB-11-2010  Viewed(1027)    Comment
by Kenneth E Stacey
Dear Editor: WINNERS, Sir Thomas Legg ?142K, Sir Paul Kennedy, (MP's appeals), Sir Ian Kennedy, (Ipsa) ...more
FEB-05-2010  Viewed(1157)    Comment
MPīs ?100K+, surely not.
by Kenneth E Stacey
Dear Editor: I listened to Dame Shirley Williams and Sir John Major being interviewed on the 'Today' ...more
JAN-02-2010  Viewed(1092)    Comment
MPs claims
by Mr J Saunders-Singer
Dear Editor:Sir, I am in two minds about ministers expenses claims. On the one hand I believe that, on ...more
OCT-21-2009  Viewed(1096)    Comment
Exposing MP hypocracy
by Ray Pooley
Dear Editor: You couldn't put this example of hypocrisy on the front page could you? Go on. Do me a ...more
JUL-23-2009  Viewed(1339)    Comment
MPs expenses
by Anthony Warren
Dear Editor: Give it a rest!....you've got your extra circulation and in best Red Top fashion, your ...more
JUL-22-2009  Viewed(1244)    Comment
Interest on repayments by M.Ps.
by Bryn Holloway
Dear Editor, why, I wonder, has no interest been charged on the monies by which MPs, of all parties, ...more
JUN-25-2009  Viewed(1422)    Comment
Soldiers and Members of Parliament
by Barry Newman
Dear Editor: A British soldier with the rank of Private receives 16K PA after training. A Member of ...more
JUN-24-2009  Viewed(1111)    Comment
MP expences / the press
by H, Taylor
Dear Editor: Now that the Media ( & especially The Telegraph ) have made MP expenses more transparent, ...more
JUN-24-2009  Viewed(1305)    Comment
MPs expenses etcetera
by Helen Sarfas
Dear Editor: Like many of your readers, I applaud your campaign to expose those who have fraudulently ...more
JUN-22-2009  Viewed(1325)    Comment
MPs:Banks and British voters
by Hugh Edgar
Dear Editor: It is now OFFICIAL the British electorate is now the laughing stock of the world: MPs ...more
JUN-22-2009  Viewed(1245)    Comment
by Christopher Hale
Dear Editor, You report on the continuing scandal of MPs' expenses on your front page - yet you also ...more
JUN-26-2009  Viewed(1263)    Comment
Kitty Usher
by Peter Skeet
Dear Editor: Tackle The Block Kitty has been ushered out; What's it, what's it all ...more
JUN-17-2009  Viewed(1087)    Comment
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