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Letters to the Editor - Modi

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Modi ? Leadership Performance as PM
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Modi ? Leadership Performance as Prime Minister? Having reached the ultimate ...more
FEB-22-2015  Viewed(946)    Comment
an open letter to prime minister
by manoj sapra
Dear Editor:Dear prime minister How are you doing ?I hope ...more
FEB-19-2015  Viewed(777)    Comment
Dark side of
by Abhishek Jandial
Dear Editor: DARK SIDE OF 'MODI Wave' - Sir, No one today can neglect the fact that our Prime ...more
DEC-12-2014  Viewed(803)    Comment
Narendra Modi Government 6 months.
by Vishal Mishra
Dear Editor:My Heartiest Congratulations to Prime Minister for completing 2 Quarters. Prime Minister ...more
NOV-26-2014  Viewed(771)    Comment
Cut Throat Politics : BJP
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Cut Throat Politics: Self Destructive Course for ...more
NOV-16-2014  Viewed(868)    Comment
Modi?s Faulty Initiatives
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Modi?s Faulty Initiatives As a believer that India needs a strong ...more
NOV-11-2014  Viewed(970)    Comment
Do it by yourself for a better India
by Ruby sharma
Dear Editor: Modi's slogan 'Do it by yourself for a better India " is an encouraging step ahead in the ...more
NOV-15-2014  Viewed(716)    Comment
Induction of Suresh prabhu in minis
by PGKulkarni
Dear Editor: Narendra Modi's intention to induct Suresh prabhu in Cabinet ministry and Udhav Thakres ...more
NOV-07-2014  Viewed(784)    Comment
Modi Buzz vs Modi Hunt
by Rahul Aulak
Dear Editor: article for times of India Modi is a tough puzzle to break for Indian politician of all ...more
OCT-22-2014  Viewed(701)    Comment
Swachha Bharat campaign by PM Modi
by Aparna Jagannath
Dear Editor: It is heartening to see the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy taking up the ...more
OCT-08-2014  Viewed(1024)    Comment
Prime Minister Modi Speeches
by Dr. Kalburgi Srinivas
Dear Editor: India's new leader Narendra Modi's major speeches should be dubbed in Kannada and other ...more
OCT-06-2014  Viewed(798)    Comment
Modi Visit
by Mandeep Singh Randhawa
Dear Editor: Before Welcoming MR Narender Modi PM of India the US President should have told him in ...more
OCT-05-2014  Viewed(909)    Comment
Modi´s Great Betrayal Act
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Modi?s Great betrayal Act The ?Great Betrayal? Act by Modi and the BJP is ...more
JUL-23-2014  Viewed(1386)    Comment
acchi sarkar ke achche din
by Sharmila Kotnis
Dear Editor: Right now we have a pool of expectations from our beloved P.M..We ...more
JUL-18-2014  Viewed(940)    Comment
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