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by Charles Hudd
Dear Editor: Please find a copy of letter to Mrs May, Prime Minister I am happy for it to be ...more
JAN-16-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
The GP debate
by Peter O'Keeffe
Dear Editor: Dear Mrs May, I am not a Doctor, nor am I a British national, so I have no bias either ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(60)    Comment
Bed blocking
by Julie Harvey
Dear Editor: I'm writing regarding our Health Service. I was shocked on watching a programme which ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
by Mary Francis
Dear Editor: We all are aware of NHS problems. Surely some of the minor incidents concerning visits to ...more
JAN-13-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
saving the nhs
by matthew leigh
Dear Editor:Dear Sir It was first recognised during the Napoleonic wars that the most experienced ...more
JAN-13-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
Pressure on hospital beds
by Dr Nigel ? Cooke
Dear Editor:Sir There is nothing new in the pressure on hospital beds . When I was a hospital doctor in ...more
JAN-12-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
by P Rogers
Dear Editor: When Cyprus had their financial crisis, the government introduce a fee of ?10 for all ...more
JAN-11-2017  Viewed(12)    Comment
NHS Crisis
by Di Scott-Finch
Dear Editor: If the NHS is going to work then it?s about educating the public not penalising the ...more
JAN-11-2017  Viewed(17)    Comment
by Frank Cafferty
Dear Editor: Dear sir I haven't ...more
JAN-10-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
Care at A and E Cramlington
by Barbara Steel
Dear Editor: Having been admitted to A and E at Cramlington early on New Year's Day I would like to ...more
JAN-10-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
Convalescent homes
by Sue Cross
Dear Editor: Would it not be a sound investment for the NHS to reopen some recently closed cottage ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
by Lynette Davidson
Dear Editor: with so many horror stories and damming articles about the NHS....a small ray of ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(29)    Comment
Teaching Parenting Skills
by Michael Faunce-Brown
Dear Editor: Prisons are over full. Hospitals overflow. Mental Health is a fast growing problem. Yet ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Nhs identification
by Anne kendra
Dear Editor: dear sir Everyone born in UK is issued with a NHS number when their birth is registered. I ...more
DEC-05-2016  Viewed(51)    Comment
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