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Nobel Prize
Peace-Nobel-Price for everybody !
by dr. roger joe knightley
Dear Editor: Hasn?t there just recently somebody important been nominated for the Nobel Peace ...more
JAN-01-2010  Viewed(1243)    Comment
Nobel Lecture
by Norm Blanco
Dear Editor: Isn't amazing that other countries (Such as those in Europe) can recognize the value and ...more
DEC-10-2009  Viewed(1166)    Comment
Venky´s Tantrum
by N.Dharmeshwaran
Dear Editor: Nobel appears to have gone to his head beyond even before the formal investiture. Venky ...more
OCT-14-2009  Viewed(1300)    Comment
Peace Prize
by F. Coe Bumgarner
Dear Editor:Hussein wins Peace Prize! For what? Peace with Iraq, peace in Afganistan, peace with Iran, ...more
OCT-13-2009  Viewed(1180)    Comment
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009
by Jim Benvenuto
Dear Editor: The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009: ?For 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought ...more
OCT-18-2009  Viewed(1172)    Comment
Nobel to Obama
by Vivek
Dear Editor: Please forgive me for a slightly terse tone to be followed in this letter in response to ...more
OCT-12-2009  Viewed(1370)    Comment
Nobel Peace price for President Obama
by Robert Nguyen, MD
Dear Editor: President Obama well deserves the Nobel Peace Price. In a short time, he managed to make ...more
OCT-11-2009  Viewed(1258)    Comment
Obama and Nobel
by Robert Cooper
Dear Editor: What a joke the Nobel Peace Prize has turned out to be with the awarding of it going to ...more
OCT-17-2009  Viewed(1120)    Comment
Nobel Peace Prize
by Melisa R.Stewart
Dear Editor: It is sad when the world thinks you are doing a great job,but your own country does not. ...more
OCT-11-2009  Viewed(1188)    Comment
Open Letter To President Obama
by Eileen Penta
Dear Mr. President, I would like to congratulate you for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. In the pursuit ...more
OCT-10-2009  Viewed(1241)    Comment
Nobel Peace Prize
by Horst Adolph
Dear Editor: Awarding Nobel Prizes is not a democratic process. The man on the street, the media, and ...more
OCT-16-2009  Viewed(1258)    Comment
Neda´s Prize
by Elizabeth A. Connor
Dear Editor: A careful look at the current rules of the Nobel Prize selection process would have ...more
OCT-16-2009  Viewed(1150)    Comment
Nobel Prize for President Obama
by Dr. (Fr.) Ambrose Pinto SJ
Dear Editor: At the outset let me congratulate the President of America for winning the Nobel ...more
OCT-10-2009  Viewed(1432)    Comment
Kudos to President Obama
by Hari K Das
Dear Editor: Kudos to President Obama. I am delighted to read the news items that President Obama has ...more
OCT-10-2009  Viewed(1195)    Comment
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