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Letters to the Editor - Olympics

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G4S - Olympics
by Pat McGillycuddy
Dear Editor: I totally disagree with the findings of the Keith Vaz enquiry of the security debacle at ...more
SEP-21-2012  Viewed(1068)    Comment
Games and the ailing nation
by Paul Hicks
Dear Editor: Inadvertently I caught a glimpse on TV of Mr Cameron speaking outside Buckingham Palace ...more
SEP-10-2012  Viewed(854)    Comment
The Olympic ceremonies
by Richard Durrans
Dear Editor: Having watched both the Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies on ...more
SEP-09-2012  Viewed(1251)    Comment
Our legacy
by Diana Gray
Dear Editor: Following the outstanding summer in Britain the legacy must be positivity. By comparison ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(722)    Comment
by William Hill
Dear Editor: A few words to describe the ...more
SEP-06-2012  Viewed(922)    Comment
sport for the elderly
by David McAulay
Dear Editor: After watching the Olympics, there is probably only one sport where if you stay reasonably ...more
SEP-04-2012  Viewed(1108)    Comment
College Football Preview
by Jim Strain
Dear Editor: I just spent only an hour reading the 2012 College Football Preview. I am dissapointed that ...more
AUG-17-2012  Viewed(2757)    Comment
Role Models
by Brian Kennedy
Dear Editor: Isn't it time we recognised that it is the Olympians who are role models for our children ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(748)    Comment
Response to a letter
by Jiri Adler
Dear Editor: Mr. Atkins from Vernon has quite rightfully pointed out in his letter ?Pay to play? that ...more
AUG-14-2012  Viewed(912)    Comment
Britain, not Great Britain
by Stella Evans
Dear Editor: Following the spectacular and widely acclaimed success of the London Olympics, would it not ...more
JAN-08-2013  Viewed(710)    Comment
Running out of excuses
by Ankit Upadhyaya
Dear Editor: Indian field hockey team coach Michael Nobbs apologizes for the team?s embarrassing ...more
AUG-13-2012  Viewed(842)    Comment
by Carolyn White
Dear Editor: After the joy, excitement and overall feelings of wellbeing created during the last two ...more
AUG-13-2012  Viewed(1016)    Comment
Stewart Lee´s Article
by Mrs Jane Browne
Dear Editor: I was so shocked and disgusted by Stewart Lee's article in the New Review yesterday that ...more
AUG-13-2012  Viewed(793)    Comment
Olympic closing ceremony
by Chris Brooksbank
Dear Editor: After watching what was in the majority an amazing spectacle the absence of any public ...more
AUG-13-2012  Viewed(960)    Comment
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