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Letters to the Editor - Paris Terror

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Paris Terror
Boko Haram
by nephtalie mondestin
Dear Editor: The beginning of the new year has been one of horror for France , 17 people were killed by ...more
JAN-29-2015  Viewed(593)    Comment
by Len Jones
Dear Editor: I was taught elementary French and Philosophy at school and that 'no man was an island' To ...more
JAN-21-2015  Viewed(429)    Comment
Problems with radicalised Muslims
by J. Walker
Dear Editor: I have just watched with interest a mother complaining on television that her traumatised ...more
JAN-19-2015  Viewed(520)    Comment
Patrick Sawer Victoria Wasteney
by Richard Betts
Dear Sir, Patrick Sawer's article about Victoria Wasteney's case on Saturday demonstrates some ...more
JAN-25-2015  Viewed(477)    Comment
Terrorism and Barbarism
by Allan Benfield
Dear Editor: The situation regarding Terrorism and Barbarism is now totally out of control and is a ...more
JAN-17-2015  Viewed(435)    Comment
Pitter Patter, Letīs Get At Er!
by Ron Whitehorne
Dear Editor: Enough with this feel good hand holding political photo- op nonsense,  let's have some ...more
JAN-16-2015  Viewed(479)    Comment
response to Charlie
by Carla Guggenheim, D.O., F.A.C.P.
Dear Editor: Hate speech is never funny. ...more
JAN-23-2015  Viewed(429)    Comment
Three kinds of revenges
by C S Balakrishnan Iyer
Dear Editor: Recently we saw three kinds of revenges - medieval, modern and post-modern. Let's start ...more
JAN-15-2015  Viewed(503)    Comment
Weasels of free speech
by Jim Armstrong
Dear Editor: How refreshing to read David Aaronovitch today defending free speech. I'm ashamed at the ...more
JAN-15-2015  Viewed(423)    Comment
Charlie Hebdo Attack
by Ray Draper
Dear Editor: I am appalled that most Muslim leaders I have seen on TV are using the attacks in France ...more
JAN-21-2015  Viewed(436)    Comment
Maya the killer and the killed
by Dr.Arun AC
Dear Editor: The article- "in Maya the killer and the killed" Davdutt Pattanaik, the writer ...more
JAN-21-2015  Viewed(453)    Comment
The after affect of France attack
by Calm Qi
Dear Editor: The incident that happened in France is a cowardly move and is the weakest action to shut ...more
JAN-13-2015  Viewed(634)    Comment
Obamaīs absence from Paris Freedom
by Barbara Way Walsh
Dear Editor: Shame on our president for not going to France to show unity with other free nations. ...more
JAN-13-2015  Viewed(553)    Comment
Justifying Terror-National Security
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Justifying Terror Attacks ? Contra National Security ...more
JAN-13-2015  Viewed(506)    Comment
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