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Letters to the Editor - Paris attacks

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Paris attacks
by Chris Green
Dear Sir, You will be familiar with the current rhetoric regarding cuts in defence and police spending ...more
NOV-30-2015  Viewed(356)    Comment
Shame on them all
by Neil Randall
Dear Editor: We have all heard the phrases: Prevention is better than cure & Stable door & horses. Well ...more
NOV-18-2015  Viewed(446)    Comment
Paris attacks
by John Manion
Sir, As usual, after such an atrocity, out sweep the self appointed experts from politics, the law ...more
NOV-17-2015  Viewed(486)    Comment
The war on terror
by Sarah Jenkins
Dear Editor: I consider Mr Blair and Mr Bush to be largely responsible for the Middle East crisis,is ...more
NOV-17-2015  Viewed(409)    Comment
Crush ISIS
Dear Editor: It's really heart breaking the brutal massacre of innocent people including children and ...more
NOV-17-2015  Viewed(364)    Comment
Call terrorism idiocy?
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Perhaps we should call terrorists,idiots,conducting idiot attacks? In short,we would face a ...more
NOV-16-2015  Viewed(322)    Comment
Does France have empathy forSyria
by Joseph DuPont
Dear Editor, General Wesley Clark stated publicly that prior to the 9/11 attack in 2001 the US had plans ...more
NOV-16-2015  Viewed(292)    Comment
Jeremy Corbyn
by Keith Davies
Dear Editor: I have just read an item on the BBC News website wherein Jeremy Corbyn stated that our ...more
NOV-16-2015  Viewed(252)    Comment
After Paris
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
TO THE EDITOR: Here is my post to the NYT editorial "What Will Come After Paris?" (NYT ...more
NOV-16-2015  Viewed(310)    Comment
Terrorism -- The Actions of a Few
by Stormie Conway
Dear Editor: It is acceptable, reasonable and natural to be more than a little angry at those who ...more
NOV-15-2015  Viewed(496)    Comment
Terrorist attrocities
by Ted Wilson
Dear Editor: Like most people, I've been struggling to understand the motivation of the brutal thugs ...more
NOV-15-2015  Viewed(300)    Comment
Immigrants and Terrorism
by James Stoodley
Dear Editor: When will our leaders learn? armed police at border controls and airports, etc will not ...more
NOV-15-2015  Viewed(489)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: For attacking soft targets and being unable to safely extract their militants,Islamic ...more
NOV-15-2015  Viewed(282)    Comment
Why humans canīt make peace.
by Glenn Adkins
Dear Editor: On an individual level each human being is beautiful and most precious. Each human can ...more
NOV-15-2015  Viewed(378)    Comment
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