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Absurd laws in India
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: The BJP Rajya Sabha member, Mr Subramanyan Swamy is a joker in the Indian ...more
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(11)    Comment
Step down Donald
by Allan Ira Bass
Dear Editor: Trump is way in over his head. He should appoint himself director of infrastructure ...more
MAR-26-2017  Viewed(44)    Comment
trump on health care defeat
by Ed Stone
Dear Editor : At the end of the White House bullpen sits the so-called closer who had repeatedly bragged ...more
MAR-26-2017  Viewed(17)    Comment
Sanctuary Cities
by Laszlo Repay
Dear Editor: I wish to offer my gratitude to West coast sanctuary cities for drawing illegal felons, ...more
MAR-26-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
by Gerald D.W. North
Dear Editor: I am a retired antitrust trial lawyer and I view the GOP gridlock on health care ...more
MAR-25-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Our politicians
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor Our politicians should learn from the politician from England who instead of running for ...more
MAR-23-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
by Abby Schwartz
Dear Editor: Secretary of State Tillerson?s decision to skip a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, on top ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
My Taxes, Your Taxes, and Mr. Trump
by Robert Paul Weiner
Dear Editor: As I sit here organizing my receipts and documents to file my taxes, my anger builds -- ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(47)    Comment
Terrorist attack
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: We must learn from the attitude of security persons ,opposition parties and general public ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
Congressman Faso and the AHCA
by Andrew D. Crispell
Dear Editor: To the people of New York Congressional District 19: I did a search for John Faso on the ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(35)    Comment
Representative Faso and the AHCA
by Andrew D. Crispell
Dear Editor: To the people of New York Congressional District 19: Congressman Faso on Tuesday March 21 ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(36)    Comment
Scottish Referendum
by Bob Graham
Dear Editor: The majority of the Scottish Nation clearly do not want another referendum. But if we are ...more
MAR-22-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Martin McGuinness
by Paul Miller
Dear Editor:If the late politician enjoyed a pint, the following headstone inscription suggests itself : ...more
MAR-21-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
New World Order
by terence grant
Dear Editor: FOOD FOR THOUGHT/POINT TO PONDER I am saddenned to hear of the death this morning of the ...more
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment