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Post Christian Country
by Frank Head
Dear Editor: We used to live in what was described as a Christian country. We moved from this to a ...more
JUL-08-2017  Viewed(38)    Comment
by Tehmina Mubarak
Dear Editor:Ramadan: The Blessed Month Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims ...more
JUN-24-2017  Viewed(116)    Comment
On God
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the opinion piece "Is Your God Dead?" by George Yancy (NYT, JUNE ...more
JUN-19-2017  Viewed(97)    Comment
Time For Muslims To Protest
by Sana Ghouri
Dear Editor, Following the recent terror attack that took place in Manchester, IS has claimed the ...more
JUN-05-2017  Viewed(60)    Comment
Condeming Manchester attacks
by Sajid Zahid
Dear Editor: I was awoken by a constant stream of messages on my phone on the night of 22nd May to ...more
MAY-26-2017  Viewed(137)    Comment
Christians suffering in India
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: There is too much of hatred for Christianity in India ever since Narendra Modi ...more
MAY-26-2017  Viewed(102)    Comment
Terrorism masquerading as religion
by Terry Maywood
Dear Editor: Terror in the name of religion is not new. The IRA, Provisional IRA and the UVF & UDA ...more
MAY-24-2017  Viewed(157)    Comment
Episcopal Ordination in Newcastle
by The Reverend Patrick Tuft
Dear Editor: It is interesting, though dispiriting, to see that the ancient custom of ordaining ...more
MAY-11-2017  Viewed(92)    Comment
Letter to the Editor
by Jerome McCollom
Dear Editor: Many conservative Christians want to use the government to promote Christian beliefs. But ...more
MAY-09-2017  Viewed(117)    Comment
Police hand-in hand with goondas
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: Christians in Mumbai are protesting against the demolition of crosses by the BMC and ...more
APR-29-2017  Viewed(104)    Comment
Persecution of Christians
by R K Hyatt
Dear Editor: On 18 November 2016 the National Assembly of Vietnam passed a new law on Belief and ...more
APR-26-2017  Viewed(99)    Comment
Cathedrals may charge for entry
by Helen Nunn
Dear Editor: In the Daily Telegraph of Monday 24 April, page 2, an article highlighted the plight of ...more
APR-25-2017  Viewed(103)    Comment
subscriber survey
by Douglas Waddell.
Dear Editor: I have today received a request from the Telegraph under the heading "Subscription ...more
APR-25-2017  Viewed(91)    Comment
A view about Religion
by Giriraj prajapati
Dear Editor:""Man is not for Religion but Religion is for Man" April 18, 2017 Giriraj ...more
APR-19-2017  Viewed(158)    Comment
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