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Letters to the Editor - Same-sex

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by Richard Merrrell
Dear Editor: In this latter day it is expedient that anyone who opposes same sex marriage must be very ...more
AUG-26-2015  Viewed(1364)    Comment
by Derek Craven
Dear Editor: Will David Cameron's call to be intollerant of intollerance apply to supporters of Gay ...more
JUL-03-2015  Viewed(831)    Comment
Donīt Mess with Marriage
by R. Read
Dear Editor: No prejudice, no vitriol against people of faith or no faith.... simply FACTS. And I ...more
JUL-01-2015  Viewed(1079)    Comment
On rainbow movement in USA
by Mansi tyagi
Dear Editor: After allowing the same sex marriage by supreme Court of USA people of India also have ...more
JUL-01-2015  Viewed(823)    Comment
Rainbow moment
by D. Sreedharan
Dear Editor: It is shocking,to say the least,to see The Hindu supporting and advocating same sex ...more
JUL-01-2015  Viewed(833)    Comment
Homosexual marriage
by Tom Kennedy
Dear Editor: Dear Editors, Homosexuality is a sin against God! Those who practice sin will not go to ...more
JUN-30-2015  Viewed(1551)    Comment
latest supreme ruling
by Dean Dunning
Dear Editor: I was in the USNavy from 1965 till June 1986 but with the latest ruling from the supreme ...more
JUL-03-2015  Viewed(668)    Comment
A new old life style.
by Leslie Jacobs
Dear Editor: The Bible tells us that many beloved prophets in the Old Testament had many wives, ...more
JUN-10-2014  Viewed(1222)    Comment
Polygamy vs Gay Life styles.
by Leslie Jacobs
Dear Editor: Looking at world history, and especially biblical history, you will find Gay Marriages ...more
MAY-31-2014  Viewed(1467)    Comment
African American Pastors Decry Gay
by Brian Coleman
Dear Editor: Earlier this week an alliance of African-American Pastors, and other supporters gathered ...more
MAY-15-2014  Viewed(1272)    Comment
Male and Female ONLY
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: The High Court of Australia might rule that there is a third sex; but God created man in ...more
APR-03-2014  Viewed(1298)    Comment
Response to Mr. Hart
by James Augustine
Dear Editor: Recently you published a letter from Mr. Tim Hart of Bellevue, MI in which he stated that ...more
APR-09-2014  Viewed(982)    Comment
Gay Marriage in the C of E
by Susan Honnor
Dear Editor: As a struggling church organist, I would welcome the prospect of gay marriages taking ...more
APR-01-2014  Viewed(1234)    Comment
Parade Snubs Gay-Friendly Group Again
by Randy Vandegrift
Dear Editor: So the St. Patrick's Day Parade left the homosexuals out again. That is their right! ...more
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(1027)    Comment
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