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real complaints
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When you see people coming together and complaining on a regular basis this ...more
JAN-19-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: I'll now earn the accusation of racist, bigot, discriminator after saying this. Australia ...more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
Redistribution of wealth
by Paul ratcliffe
Dear Editor: I understand that six of the world's richest individuals own as much wealth as half the ...more
JAN-18-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
To cover the cruel genocide happening in Madurai, Tamilnadu - regarding
by Manavala Perumal
Respected Times of India, I am a 23 year youngster from Tamilnadu. I request you to cover what's ...more
JAN-16-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Great Harappan Civilization
by Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: Great Harappan Civilization There is a lot of misconception and prejudices for the ancient ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Sahayaks and Grievances
by Brigadier S Sreeramulu (Retd)
Dear Editor: At the outset, I wish to plead that people must understand the Rule of "All and Some" All ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(23)    Comment
Credit Card Charges
Dear Editor: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is so strongly advocating the 'The Digital India ...more
JAN-14-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Facebook Angst
by Stormie Conway
Dear Editor: I think of Sartre's play, "No Exit," a depiction of hell's tortures, not those of fire ...more
JAN-11-2017  Viewed(33)    Comment
recent mass molestation in bangalor
by Jennifer Hanna Charles
Dear Editor: I think the society at large has to blamed for what happened on New Year?s Eve in ...more
JAN-10-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
Women are safe no where
by Reega Mariya Issac
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter regarding the issue published in the newspaperwhere a teacher was ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Violence against woman
by Reega Mariya Issac
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in response to the article written by CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat, ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(25)    Comment
Clash of Identities
by Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: Clash of Identities Do some people with vested interest, who are also citizens of India ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
A Citizenīs Cry for Change.
by Priya Bhat
Dear Editor: As a citizen of India and resident of Bangalore, I am deeply ashamed by the recent events ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Bengaluruīs Shame
by Shilpa SB
Dear Editor: I m an Indian but i wont celebrate "INDEPENDENCE DAY" because i m a "WOMAN"...!!! Because ...more
JAN-09-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
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